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i had a pretty nice omlet yesturday it was filled with smoked salmon, sourcream and chives, spinach and some kind of cheese. you can do whatever some different kind of sausages or different vegis, add some heat to them.if u have flavor bible or culinary artistry it list a bunch of things are good with.
oh man my favorite. we just made linguini last nite at work, dried it out and put it in fridge. same recipe as Fl Italian stated 1 egg and 100g of flour. we do have the "00" flour too, gnocci comes out real nice too. and makes good dough for ravioli aswell. i dont like adding semoline to mine as some may. we made some sweet potato, ricotta, carmalized onions and sundried tom. ravioli the other day too.fresh is definatly better and yeah better eaten the day of.
lemon sorbet sounds like a good clenser and maybe mint. KY i like the direction u are going. dolmas are delicious, maybe put ground meat and rice and some seasoning.
i like tea, especially with honey and lemon. im make a cranberry apple and herb mint tea with honey at work and its awsome. lemon too, cant forget that.
both of my job and internship is closed. but a friend of mine at his intership they are expecting 500+
nice im gonna get a snap tom. but at the restuarant that im doing my internship has windows. pretty nice too. chefbuba, i like that kitchen.
definatly knife cuts are important. knowing how to hande a knife is the key. get you a steel and hone it everytime, you use it and it will stay sharp for a while. get u a good knife and practice. and then the best part comes, cooking what you just cut up.
my favorite,a chef at my schol made one and its top notch. he was telling me its a certain number ratios of meeats that make it traditional t. pork, duck or other meats. i have the recipe ill post it tom,if u want. definatly good.
not a fan of big portions as well, i always try explain to servers that more sauce on the cake is not needed. it grinds my gears when they tell me i need to add more to it, even though i know im giving a good portion. in my opinion it depends on what type a place is, i work in fine dinning and they usually have few courses besides the salad or dessert so giving big portions is a waste because it ends up going in the trash. i think in finine dinning one doesnt go to pig out...
I'm in the same situation as you I'm not sure whether to stay in US or got to Europe, even though my plans of leaving have failed me and turned down one of the opportunities, I'm not even sure how I'm gonna do after school. its kind of weird. i don't suggest job hopping, at least a year or until you have learned everything you wanted and done all the stations in my the type of person that switching jobs just doesnt suite me or what my parents taught me.  i enjoy...
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