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blanch for sure
you can engrave it or make a mark, i seen kids at school put tape on the handle to mark theirs and some like me put rubber bands on the handle for asparagus or something else. i know how it is, this is my third knife. they all have been switched out. 1st time was actually cool cause its was scratched from when i was trying to shrpen it, so its cool. just keep close eye on it and odnt let anyone use it. i have lost zesters and peelers and pearing knife. and dont let people...
their is alot of info i odnt know how u can get bs. its devided into tree regions each with their own kind of food and style of preparing dishes. you obviously need to search alot more i could probably write two pages just off top of my head, but then again i love italian cuisine.
from personal observations at my school most girls are baking and pastry(some dont even know how to use a knife), some that are in culinary dont like to touch meat or hate to clean up or work slow. a few are alright and will actually make good cooks. not to say that some of the guys i went to school with are not, some are slow too and cant think quick on their feet. also what make it even worse is when they never worked in a kitchen, meaning they work slow and dont realize...
i dont know depends on what you want  you can crush some pistachios and put in bread crums, or just put some herbs in bread crubs and sear it maybe brush with some mustard. or my favorite just salt and pepper grilled. a good sauce would be a lamb sauce, maybe use the trimmings to make a sauce then finish it with some rosmerry compound butter or a nice gastrique with red wine. or you could pan sear and deglaze the pan and make sauce like that.
oh man i love beets. in borsht or just boiling and eating them, especialy if they are the red aand sweet. i like to put them in salads too. i usually boil at home but have roasted them and my intership has beets golden ones though. they roast them.beets are good for you too
i dont mind the beans b ut i think the real question is with noddles or without. i personally love chili with noodles.
i could care less i dont like subways as is, so they can do whatever. and i agree the original  posters subject is misleading.
experience is what is needed i too have about 5 years of kitchen experience and im about to graduate culinary school but its not enough skill ofr me yet. if you feel like you want to challenge yourself and not hurt yourself financially then move and to another state or place. just make sure you get a job 1st before you make the change. that is something i need t de aswell and really just want to leave louisville but as above pster suggested working with the right chef or...
yeah sounds like a flea market or something along the lines. i went to a few famers markets here and they just sell food fruits and vegis. except last time when i was their i went with one of my chefs and we were handing out food that the lady who was in charge of the farmers market had given us. this is when i was hoooked on farmers markets and will hopefully do more. but sometime as stated she will give the chefs produce and they will make food and hand them out when...
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