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my family can defiantly cook mom , dad, aunts and unless and defiantly grandparents etc. some of the friends i hang with can cook and some cant just depends but then if they cant cook then i can do the cooking, yay!
cream of salmon, i like salmon and dont get me started on smoked salmon but it doesnt sound appitizing. how did you make it?
defiantly you have to do what you have to do to make sure it comes out on time and tastes good. when i worked my first restaurant they had frozen ones(raw) and just put them in the fryer like that, they came out good but i always like to put blackening seasoning and put them in the broiler. at this other chicken place i worked it was raw chicken. i think it depends on your place and how much wings they sell like the previous poster explained
huh thats intersting, let us know how it tuns out jhunter
something really good they made yeasturday was sour cream with some mustard, he used whole/coarse mustard, put it on a sandwich and it looked delicious. i wanted a piece but im new intern so didnt want to.
its really hard i   sure your place has to be top nothc, i was talking to a chef of mine about it not long ago about it because we were talking aboiut this chef i had helped and he was telling me he  quit to get his michelin star. he said they critique you on everything and i mean everything.  when he had his kitchen build he spent like 40 or 50 grand to make sure the kitchen stays at like 60 degrees at all times becaus eof the type of food they do, fine dinning. its a...
one of my favorite soups is borscht but  many odnt appreciate it and dont realize the kind of color you get from beets. i love it cause the color form beets, and i love beets, is just awsome. nothing much to it, brown some meat add some carrots and onions seat and cut up the beets and cook them then half way add potatoes and then sourkrout. can be pureed  or just as is with a nice chive sour cream.i like lentil soups, never made one but im sure its just browining some ham...
sounds like confi, cooking in own fat except you want to use beef and oil, usually you wouldnt do tender meats such as tenderloin. in my opinion if you trim it right and make sure it even on both sides the tail will cook faster than the head of the tenderloin, just time it and cook each side for a certain time and do all the sides the same. im sure someone will chime in with a better option.
hahahaha oh man thats funny  french fries.
well it depends on the restaurant. the pace where I'm doing my internship the grill person also does burgers and the fries and he has to assemble it on a plate and send it out. at my job we do have different stations but no one really splits it up maybe sometimes, saute does their own thing and broiler and grill do theirs but they all assemble their own stuff and put it in the window, all saute has to do is put it in a pan which its already cooking in. grill and broiler...
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