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  French Fries... Is your suggestion of olives and capers related to the Spanish approach or to the meat (pork) pâté itself?   The pâté in case has: pork liverpork meat pork fatoniongarlicgingernutmegpepperthymebasil salt
  Yes! I want to use the pâté (better explain it as "Leberwüst") as a starter. We can call it a tapa. I can either leave it there to be used on the toast, or I can mix it with the artichoke bottom, this last one is really more Spanish. Wouldn´t the Spanish have any similar pork pâté? I can leave without the chutney and the red cabbage...     Leberwüst with: Schwein Leber Mager Schwein Fleish Schwein...
Hi all,   I got some meat pâté from my fathers-in-law, perfect home made German style with precise meat and spice combination. I would like to serve it on toast, as starter for a Spanish meal, but I thought of matching it with some other items. I´m not sure if they go well together or if that is just a "wrong" inspiration of mine... Would it match with: Sweet preserved red cabbage on top? Plums chutney? Artichoke bottoms (preserved on vinegar)? In...
  Thanks! I will start with the waldorf salad!
Hi,   I got a good amount of wheat whole grain. But except for using it (cooked) to enrich our bread, where else it can be used?   (The grain is the same used to make the wheat flour. I´ve seen many recipes using "bulghar wheat" but that is not the one.)   Thanks!!   Sirlene
  Another one who got me!!  I did a mess once using my brand new " german injection apparat" because I did not filtered my brine! But the result was better than without it, I agree. Thanks!!
Free range, frozen. Interesting this alternative of sprinkling the salt in advance. Seems to be my next attempt! Thanks!!
  I must try that! Thanks!
  You got me!! I did it only for the breast!
  What is your brine recipe?? I have tried many even with "cachaça"!
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