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I talked to the person that made the pickle quay and they are Armenian cucumbers that they grow themselves.  I was told that quay was what they were called for a very long time, but I couldn't find out why.   D. Clay 
I found a recipe online for pickled quays, but in the recipe it said to slice the quay and remove the seeds.  The pickled quays I got are green rings of some sort of vegetable.  They are the size of an old US silver dollar and look like gear cogs.  There are some pieces in there that are smaller, giving me the impression that it might have been some sort of cucumber or squash.  The customer dropped them off at my office then left, then someone in the office brought them...
A customer of mine sent over some pickled quays, and they were really good, but I have no idea what they are.  Anyone know?   Thanks,   D. Clay
We were extremely excited to see so many of you participate.  Congratulations to Hoser.  We hope you enjoy the knives.   D.Clay
I haven't heard of anyone having luck sharpening the Microplanes, but the Professional series is still available and is in our Microplane's current manufacturers catalog for retailers.   D. Clay
Anyone use Dynamic brand mixers (immersion blender), and have any feedback about the brand?  Of those that use hand mixers, are they used often and what brand do you prefer?   D Clay
My washing varies a little by what I have used the knives for, but most times, I cold or warm rinse, then warm soap bath (giving the soap time to release the debris), hot spray rinse (may use soft towel for scrubbing or soft toothbrush for crevices by handle), then dip in sanitizer of some sort--alternating the type of sanitizer every couple of weeks or so.  If I have used my knives on foods with high protein content, I make sure as to do most of the rinsing and cleaning...
I am involved with many different industries, food related to non-food related and it seems everyone is dealing with the exact same issues. Even in the retail and distribution industry like we are involved in, I experience the same problems.  It seems everyone wants tons of pay, but want to be able to work 25 hours a week to get it, and they must have every weekend off and come in and leave when they feel like it.  I am glad someone finally posted how it is.   D. Clay
Companies are beginning to add antimicrobial protection to their products for many reason--and it just isn't knife handles.  In the meat processing environment you see it added to the poly cutting boards, the meat belts that move product around the plant, in edible food tubs, and even some gloves.  Mundial adds protection to all of their food service and meat processing knives.  You can use chemicals such as what Victorinox and Mundial does, or metal ions that destroy...
The most popular bread knives that we sell to bakeries are the Victorinox 40547 10" curved, wide blade serrated slicer with the fibrox handle and the 46547 which has the wide 10" blade but has Microban protection added to the handle to reduce the growth of bacteria and mold--both are around $24 and feature stamped blades.  The F. Dick Sanigrip 10" blade utility is real popular.  It also features a wide curved blade and has antimicrobial protection to the handle as...
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