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I have acheived the Red Seal and on the Certificate of Qualification and it states "This is certify that ..... ...... having complied with the Apprentiship and Certification Act, 1998, and regulations is issued  this Certificate of Qualification.     Cook Br. 2.    Interprovincial Red Seal stamp and Gold Provincial stamp.   A "Chef" is the person in charge of the kitchen.   Hope this helps   Gypsy
Carrot Ginger Soup with Baby Spinach garnished with Sriracha & Lentil crackers
Thanks Petals! All the dinners look delicious on this thread.....
  Osso Bucco
WINES   Whiney Imp Needs Extra Shifts   SHIFT
Seconds to Greek Yogurt!!!!   Hey Petals and Joey!!!! Happy New Year girls!!!!   Gypsy
OLIVE   Oil Lubricates Intense Vertebrae ....Enjoy!!!!!   GOOSE
FORDHAM   Forever Orders Ram Down Hard Amongst Mayhem     PEARL   BTW......5 LETTERS    
My Birks from Germany were only $30 Canadian .... they are six times the price up here in Canada!!!!!! Still last me three or more years of hard time......makes sence to invest for me. My feet mold right into them....which means I'm stuck with them for the duration of my cooking career....lol
There are people who MAKE things happen There are people who WATCH things happen   and then there are people who say "What the HELL happened?"   Julia MADE things happen!   I love that woman for her drive and  her spirit......
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