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  Joey.....that quote was just for you!  I gathered from your earlier post you were a Peter Sellers fan. It is one of ..if not THE  all time quotes by this amazingly talented man ...who I miss. I gotta get back to the Rumble thread and partake of BDL's Delicious martini I spyed upon earlier.   Gypsy is heading for the Rumble Bar  
I have no idea where we are at .....so here's mine     "I thought you said your dog does not bite." " That is not my dog."
I am surprised at the responses to this thread. My friends ,neighbors , customers.....etc  consider healthy eating a privilege....oh that is so sad that others feel that healthy eating is deprivation. I have never considered it that way. Oh dear ......
We have an over adundance of tomatoes coming in from the garden and salsa has been on the menu as of late.   Salsa is all about freshness.   6 large  ripe Tomatoes.... med dice 1 med  Red Onion ....fine dice 2  Jalepinos......fine dice 1/2  sweet Red Pepper...... small dice 1/2  sweet Green Pepper .....small dice 1/2 cup coarsly chopped Cilantro 2 cloves Garlic .....minced Juice of 2 small Limes 1 tsp Kosher Salt 2 tsp olive oil   I like a...
Oh great here goes........   "Waiter there is too much Pepper in my Paperkash, but I would be proud partake of your Pecan Pie"
Scarface Shame of a Nation 1932 ,,,,,,,seriously do not tell me that is the quote...I asked my dad and that is what he came up with....... and he cannot even remember black and white...mom says Gone with the Wind.....lolololol!!!!!!   I thought Princess Bride was an amaaaaaazing guess as it is one of the alltime  favourite comedys   O.k I have a quote pending if you would like to take a gander ......unless BDL has not approved these black and whites.....  
Many good quotes by our famous Peter Sellers ...I love his movies ...but no   Hint....Meg Ryan  &   Billy Crystal
The original post by Cori never implied a question of any problem with her employers or the parents of the vegan children. I do understand from your posts that you do. I did state in my post I would as a parent want to meet with the chef to discuss my childrens nutritional needs. Maybe Cori has met with the parents and  is just here at Chef Talk to get some creative vegan kids recipes......I am pretty sure that was the intent of the original post.   peace   Gypsy
Cori.....there are more kids these days growing up vegan then we would suspect.   Some Chefs cannot wrap their brain around that fact. We have to conform to this reality.  Vegan lifestyle is becoming larger than we know. We are ever changing beings...and we have to accept all into our culinary expertise...as people look to us for answers....I have a few friends who are raising their children vegan and they have come to me for recipes. Mainly, they are well educated...
Well Congrats on your new position ! .... we are all chefs at heart ....no?  A very good friend of mine is a Refridgeration Engineer .....I'm not sure if that is the same ...but according to him the jobs are scarce in that feild of expertise. Well being back on the clock is always a good feeling.... the economy is supposed to be on an up swing. Maybe we all might be getting a little boost in our wallets!   Stay cool Yeti!............ I could not resist     Gypsy
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