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in a culinary rut, i feel like work has become stale all my knowladge is dead and gone i thought my transfer was going to be ok. i didnt know it would kill my motivation. any help  on how  i can get out of this?
hey everyone i live on a balconey so i don't have much room but as of right now i have sheppard peppers, 'sicilian' eggplant, cherry tomatoes, and chives.. i wanna get more i just dunno what....
hey man congrats i just got a job here in Burlington, at Earls its awsome work man :)
hey is that all you have i am looking for kitchen knives mostly a chefs knife
i use to label balsamic dressing as dirty balls water hahahah, the chef asked who did that and i said i did and he goes, ;;thats awsome,''
yeah but i dont have a credit card so its depressing :(
hey guys i live in burlington, ontario  and i was wondering if there is anyone close who is selling there check pants i am looking to buy a pair..... do u guys have any places around here or even toronto that would b a help :)
thanks guys i am def gonna just buy it
hi i live in Canada.  toronto area and i was wondering if it was possible to grow saffron as it is way expensive
chef Ramsey Usually Screams HarshBREAD
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