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Which subforum should I use? I am very interested in hearing food writers talk about food writing.
I too am acquiring a new motley assortment of pans. I just ordered this dutch oven from Amazon.The cover is a frying pan/baking dishI'm going to try and use the cover as a bread pan and preheat the pot and place it over the cover when baking the bread.I got a huge, nonstick chef pan, with glass cover from BB&B that is like a wok, for just $9.99, that is just going to have to be good enough for now, for the acid foods.
Does this have to do with advertisers? These are not fancy, but they are frequently used items in cooking and the producers sell cookbooks trying to get people to cook with them more often.Dannon and Stonyfield Farms yogurtHershey's cocoaQuaker oatsSplenda
Hunger got me interested in cooking. I was poor and needed to learn improvisational style cooking if I wanted to live.I've gotten interested in chef type cooking, since I developed Anorexia Nervosa. A low body weight makes the brain obsessed with food...all types...any kind. So now I have irresistible urges to hack up a carcass and eat strange things :-0 And my doctor wants me to engage in as many "normal" food activities as possible. So here I am :-) Wanting to learn all...
The Encyclopedia of Country Living by Carla are homesteading/poverty recipes.
Hi everyone. What a great forum! I am interested in maybe pursuing a career in food writing, so lately I am researching journalism and cooking textbooks and trying to spend more time writing and cooking.
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