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gobblygook,   nice of you to argue with me based on your vast lack of experience. excuses are like assholes, everyone has one. if you want to do it, you can. this thread is about those looking for a culinary career, if you want to learn for fun, that has nothing to do with this discussion.
Quote: the problem is they are misleading... this is not a career where you go to school and are guaranteed even a paying job. if you manage to get paid, the pay is horrible until you get to the top. some say its not even worth it.   i would not pay for a school like LCB because it is ridiculous. those who are rich and do it simply for fun, i can understand... but for those who actually need a career to come out of it, i feel sorry for them. i know many that struggle...
4 hours is the amount of time it takes for bacteria and virus' to multiply to dangerous levels in a perfect storm of bad conditions. of course, it may be ok to do it well before and leave it out, but that is certainly causing a potential hazard. say it got contaminated during that time, then it can really make someone sick. that is why we take many precautions to limit potential hazards... say it got contaminated and you cooked it right away after taking it out of the...
you have a time period of 4 hours before anything bad can happen, so sear it closer to service...   as for the quality, it should be fine. we sear it off an hour or so before service and hold it until popping it in the oven to finish. perfect every time.
i didn't bother to ask, but sounded a bit excessive to me... especially since he fired a cook earlier and made him cry.
just bringing this back because a friend of mine just had a bad experience in a kitchen... how far is too far? beating the staff with a stick probably isn't ok, right?
well if you are like me, you may want a new challenge... perhaps its time to do your own thing.
i have the kuhn rikon. mashed potatoes are a breeze now.  
i've been seriously sick at work, but i still made sure the food was good when it went out and cleaned up before passing out. i do not want to do that again, but you have to tough it out if people are hungry and you have to make them food.
its fine, i don't let people get to me. no matter what you do in life, there will always be haters. when i come into a kitchen with knives that makes the Exec Chef drool, it is expected.   i don't know, the options i gave Mark were Misono and Moritaka and I asked for any other recommendations and he told me Moritaka... i originally asked for the DT ITK, but that is sold out, so price-wise the Tadatsuna could have been an option. the Moritaka is certainly a great...
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