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Do part time workers get the same wages and benefits in the union as a full time union member?
Does anyone know how it is to work for a union hotel in NYC?  How different is it from non union hotels? (Work environment,pay scale,positions etc...)
The problem is I never even signed the union paper work or got any guides.  The nly thing I signed was the offer letter and regular paper work so I cant really see the union contract.
So once those are filled will I have to apply again?
Hello, After several months of interviews and a cooking test I was offered a job at a very high end Union hotel in NYC.  I had put in my 2 weeks notice at my previous employer and finished a couple of days ago.  I got a call saying that some people had been laid off and that since its a union property those positions had to be filled within union im guessing.  So what could have happened and has this ever happened to any of you before?  I'm really upset because this was...
So what would a high end union hotel pay for someone with 4 -5 years experience?
Hello,   I am curious as to what the pay scale is for New York hotel Cooks.  Is it usually higher than other states?  Are unions better to be in?  What would a top hotel pay a person with 2-4 years experience?
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My old hotel was a smaller kitchen so the line guys always helped out with banquet,but the new Hilton is much bigger so I've volunteered to help when my restaurant wasn't busy,but they have allot of man power and rarely call other people beyond banquets to help. Thats awesome.  I've heard unions are really good to work for in this industry.  
yes, the Hilton I am at has a Cafe a Italian restaurant and  a steak house,and a lounge bar and a sports bar.  I am cooking for the Italian and steak house behind the line.  
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