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I only eat many frozen foods because I'm 15 years old, parents work all day until 6:30 p.m., and I don't get home until usually the same time or later.  I know thats no excuse, but I'm more of a baker than a cook :) and I've been a vegetarian for 1 1/2 years so I am starting to spend less time in the freezer and managing to make more fresh foods when I have time! (:
I am a vegetarian, so i find myself eating a lot of frozen foods and pastas.  But my family and I have found some delicious recipes:   -Eggplant (if you want them to be breaded, fry them first.  if unbreaded, cook them slightly to soften them and sprinkle with salt and pepper) on garlic bread, with a layer of tomato sauce and mozzarella... bake in over until gooey and delicious!   -Baguette or other flat italian bread, sprinkled with salt and pepper, with a thin...
Thank you everyone for all of your answers.... they are really helping me realize that this is my passion and I really couldnt imagine doing anything else.  And about that 4 year bachelors degree.. well, my parents will only let me become a pastry chef if I get one because it does involve at least a few business classes so I could wind up say managing or owning a business, and (this is my parents speaking) if I decide its not for me, at least I can say I have a bachelors...
The only college I found that offers a Bachelors degree in baking/pastry arts management outside of the U.S.A. is Dublin Institute of Technology.  I was wondering if anyone either 1) knows of another college not in the US that offers a bachelors in pastry arts, or 2) attended Dublin Institute of Tech. and could tell me about it?  Thank you!
Hey [: okay so I'm not a professional, I'm just a high school student.  But as a test, I went on craigslist for my area and there were many pastry chef job opportunities. BUT at least half of them REQUIRED a 4 year degree.  And, all of them based their pay on a certain amount + more depending on experience (a lot considered culinary school years as experience).  So based on what I saw, if you get a four year degree in pastry arts, youll have all of the jobs that require...
Hi, I'm really hoping to become a pastry chef.  My parents want me to get a four year bachelors degree in pastry arts/management.  THe only colleges I know of that offer this is the Culinary Institute of America and Johnson & Wales.  Does anyone know of any other colleges i can get a 4 year degree in the pastry arts at?   Thanks!
I was wondering where you're opening your cake shop? I'm just assuming its somewhere in new york from your username, and would love to visit it once its up and running if it is located in new york.
I really want to try to make a macaron for the first time.  there are so many recipes that claim to be best, but does anyone have a really delicious basic recipe?  (vanilla, chocolate, etc.)  Thank you ! 
I got my recipe for buttercream off the side of the box of confectionary sugar, and it came out tooth-achingly sweet.  So sweet, you really couldn't even have too much of it.  Filling the middle of the cake with more than a millimeter of this would be deadly.  Does anyone have any good buttercream recipes that will be sweet, but you'll actually be able to eat a decent amount of it in the cake? Thanks!
Could anyone tell me a little more about the chocolate and confections or baking books?  I'm an aspring pastry chef, and hope to be able to attend the CIA for a bachelors in baking and pastry arts in a few years when I graduate high school, so I thought I would try out these beforehand.  Thanks :]
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