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Thanks for the good word.  I'm going back and forth about using the cabinet since i'll never be large volume.    john
I did that too Pete, until one time I responded too quickly.  It started downloading and that's how I got it.Here's how I beat it:Turn off the power- pull batt off of laptop; not nec in that order- just so computer turns off.Restart and as soon as you see your wallpaper screen where your icons reside, hit ctrl alt delete keys all at once- this brings up task manager.  When task manager comes up I grab the box and move it to the left side of screen so that I can see the...
I'm testing my proofer in order to know how to use it for bread,etc.I put hot water in the tray and started with the Temp dial at just under 1 and the Humidity dial at 10 (limited experience has taught me to start there).At 30 minutes the temp/hum indicator (I placed one on a tray in the box about 2/3 from floor) read 90deg and 81 hum.I then opened the box to pretend to place a few pans and closed up.Three minutes later: 90 deg and 69 hum.12 more minutes: 90 deg and 81...
Thanks for the input.  Here is "a" plan for my business concerning baked goods- make enough breads for paninis, dough for baked goods like cinn rolls, strombolis and a few more things.  I know that I'll need a stronger mixer.  WHich one?  I priced three used 20 qt Hobarts for $1000-1100 this week.  Might break out our home bread machine and do small batch stuff while I learn. Things are picking up thankfully.  My sales are up 23% for Mar/Apr compared to '09.  I'm feeling...
SInce extended fermentation in breads helps in the digestive process, I am wondering what other foods (like beans) cause you to perpare the foods a certain way; or foods you generally avoid serving with another food.john
thanks for the info; i guess i need a 20 qt mixer?
So I've taken over my kitchen (yeah, it's only a small coffeehouse with a present focus on panini, wraps and a few baked goods) and i'm getting this nervous/excited/wide-eyed feeling.  I'm nervous because I have to make this kitchen profitable and still manage my coffee related issues.  One of which is paying someone else to do my job at the coffee bar while I'm in the kitchen.  I'm excited since my construction will be done in 1-2 days and real dough work will begin...
more good infothanks
I was just reading Jim Berman's recipe for cinn rolls, which calls for 9 cups of bread flour.  My mixer is an old KA-5.  Is this recipe too large for the mixer?johnbtw, a couple of my books have a weight measurement in parentheses- measuring dry stuff.  will recipes on this site make distinctions when nec.?thanks
it hit me the other day- i cleaned it up.  but, the message has come back once since then.  there's something in my computer that's drawing it i think.  at malwarebytes cleaned most of it out.johni think that i'll do another scan too.
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