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Ed's right on about Pitt rare -- sizzle pan and no oil needed. Pitt goes quick.   NEVER leave oil in a pan over fire unattended! There is NO excuse for this -- it's a serious error regardless of anybody else in the kitchen.   BH
I always kept something called BurnGel in my kitchen first aid kit. Still have some for home use. It comes in small packets, or saturated into larger dressings. Put immediately on the burn it cools, removes the pain, and promotes healing. It's used with blanket sized dressings to wrap serious burn victims.   BH
G-n-G -- lots of places out of business or struggling. If you want POS there are several used equipment outlets. As a startup I'd use a manual method. POS is nice, but not necessary. That said, there have been several POS units on craigslist here in Tallahassee, and really great bargains.
Try this site. My only experience is Lauderee. Good pastries. Being a touron didn't help with service.
I use Golden Boy from Thailand. Light golden color, not too strong of an odor, a little sweet, a little bitter. Tiparos is also good -- a bit more assertiver flavor and aroma. Having said that, I like most of the fish sauces I've tasted.
While this is NOT the preferred method, I have used gelatin (gelatine down under) to help a stock. Unflavored gelatine is used in all kinds of products. Comes in sheets and granules. You may recognize the names Alba Gold or Gelita Gold. Use agar-agar if you're vegetarian. Again, making your own stock is much preferred, but sometimes a dish needs some help.   BH
Try strip malls -- big enclosed malls are dinosaurs to the real estate market. Landlords could give a rat's a** about your food/labor/utility costs -- they just want the rent money. Look at strip malls in decent locations -- they're way overbuilt/underutilized. And find a commercial rental/leasing agent -- they can put you on some decent deals.Finally, don't hesitate to make an aggressive offer. Landlords aren't used to being told this is what you'll pay. Don't just ask...
I'm from the South and we do something called a "pig-pickin" -- just what it sounds like. Split a whole pig and slow roast/smoke it. Guests can "pick" the meat right off the pig. For a less heathen approach, you can pull the meat and offer it from pans. Never fails to get the attention at a catering.Know your inspector! They can be your biggest friend or biggest PITA.Other equipment -- big ice chests and lots of ice. One friend takes a generator to power an old chest...
Hey now -- don't laugh too hard! Anti Monkey Butt powder WORKS! Comes in male and female, I think. I get mine at the local Ace hardware.BH
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