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This knife is truly incredible! It's a konosuke hd 270mm gyuto. I'm coming from a cheap set of henkels and this is a whole new realm of sharp. Many thanks to all especially BDL for his advise. Jon from JKI was a true pleasure to buy from. I got the rosewood octagon handle and onyx buffalo horn, very beautiful. Very comfortable handle as well. Dan
Wow, I just checked out that link and if Iranian is anywhere near or better the quality of Kashmiri than that's great. It's less than half the price at that site! Dan
Good advise, never thought of it that way. I am obsessive! So in the end you'd go with Iranian over Kashmiri? Either way go bulk.Dan
I was actually thinking the same thing as well. Doing a rice dish from Good Eats. From what I looked up there are about 20 threads per pinch and 23 "pinches" per gram. So the blister pack is looking more appealing as each blister seems to be a pinch. I wonder how difficult they would be to open as opposed to opening a little box and grabbing a pinch. Dan
Thank you for the response, as far as sources I just did research online and some cooking shows. I have heard Kashmiri is the best/better stuff. I have read that baby brand is the best quality. If I'm not going to tell much of a difference I can go with the cheaper Kashmiri. If a pinch is as much as you say it is then I would need a whole sheet of 10 blister packs to make one pinch. Which is weird as they say one blister is an average amount for single use. So maybe he...
Hello all, I wanting to purchase some saffron, as I have never used it but have found some good looking recipes that call for it. I am wanting to order online and was hoping to get some help on what exactly to get. I want the Kashmiri variety. Should I get the Baby Brand or Shahi-Kessar brand by Royal Saffron? If I go Baby Brand should I go with 5-1 gram pack, 1- 5 gram packs, or the blister pack containing 100- 50mg packs. I like the idea of the blister packs for...
If you can stretch your budget a little how about a Mac mighty, maybe step it down the the 8-1/2". Dan
I decided to take the plunge. I just got off the phone with Jon from Japanese knife imports (which was interesting as he is in the mountains of japan) and ordered the Konosuke HD gyuto in 270mm with rosewood octagon handle with marbled buffalo horn. I want to thank everyone for they're help especially BDL. I'll be posting pics as soon as I get it, which may be a little while. Dan
Thanks for the reply, I'm stuck! After reading BDLs review of the hd I'm thinking it may not be the knife for me, nor any laser. I'm worried about thin not having enough "heft". And now I'm hearing some are very difficult to sharpen. What do I do?!?!??!? What does the masamoto #2 white steel have over the konosuke #2. There seems to be a $100 difference. Dan
Thank you very much for the input, that is definitely a possibility! I think I'm going to hold off until I hear what BDL says about his new knife. The masamotos have a strong following. What benefits would the masamoto white steel #2 have over the tadatsuna white steel #2? That tadatsuna is considered a laser I know. The masamoto is a bit more expensive. Dan
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