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Pete is right.  It was one of the classics along with Baked Alaska, Cherries Jubilee and Crepe Suzettes. But now they have an imported mix for soufflés  it's  not bad either just add milk or water. It is not cheap but neither is a real soufflé  from scratch.
Nicko   Why not have a separate forum for knives only  ChefEdB
Start with everything raw with proper seasonings. Why do triple work>?
Stay 5 orders ahead at all times, they are cheap enough
What type of cuisine and what type of service??
I have always favored Blodget or Vulcan  or Southbend
Went to a Christmas Party    All the traditional Italian foods served  on platters  family style. Done very well.
Health Dept reg   No street clothes allowed behind line in kitchen and no kitchen uniforms worn outside (change jackets)
New one comes with a warrantee old one is buyer beware unless you know of someone looking to sell one. The fan motor could be burned out  the thermostat could be bad insulation burned up etc.
If you used a good cheddar it will break and throw out oil or butterfat when boiled.  Real cheap cheddar wont because there are stabilizers and food starches added.
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