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After making slaw  place in a strainer or colander then a bowl this will remove liquid /.Add a gel that is used by large manufacturers./ cut down on the use of salt or vinegar as this will only hurt the slaw.
Authentic Alfredo contains no flour.
How about a Dr. Browns Celery Tonic to wash it down?
Get yourself a heat lamp  they keep the rib perfect throughout service
No you are not  I agree. I'll take a good old rib steak anytime
Want real old fashioned Pastrami, coned beef, brisket, kreplach, chopped liver , stuffed cabbage,chicken soup with mondolin or matzo ball , stuffed derma (kishka) Latkas go downtown to the Jewish Deli's on Essex Street, or Delancey Street  in N.Y.CITY ,that stuff is real.. We used to call it Heart Attack Alley 
NOW   This is real Patrami
KUAN       That's because it s not the real plate pastrami that was made yers ago. The stuff today like fake turkey breast is either pressed and formed or made from a bottom round  It is really chopped pastrami. .Even the old fashioned Jewish style pastrami has changed.
I used to tell server that we were not responsible for outcome of same
Don't go to bars in fact don't even drink or smoke.(I like living longer) but I do over indulge in the eating catagory
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