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Try to figure closer to what your daily consumption is.
To teach> Based on what schools charge students. My absolute minimum $30.00 per hour. They can well afford it.
Good to see some ""OLD SCHOOL Guys here. When good cooking with real foods was the agenda and not IQF or already prepared or fast foods ruled.
You get what you pay for .      A chicken fried steak is usually the cheapest cut of beef ,usually trim from the bottom round. Which is pounded or put in a jack machine to tenderize then dipped in flour and pan fried. Served with a floury cream type gravy .Its big in the south. served with grits or mashed taters and collard greens.and . Its a heart attack special
I had a patron order Blackened Redfish. When it was served she did not want it because she did not like the color?  What would you do????   I had one order fried onion rings. When served they did not want them because they were deep fried?????   I-had one order Manhattan Clam chowder, When served he refused it, claiming he had it in another place and it was white??   One customer asked if the jell'o on the menu was made with filtered spring water?/????   A customer...
$60,000.00 for the chance to get a job on completion for 15.00 or 16.00 per hour. You have to decide. I know guys in their early 40s  still paying it off.  I say go to a community college
I agree with Chef Lagom.
An easy way to do this is tell the host you will rent the tent but he pays that separate . Meanwhile most rental companies have 2 rates  caterers pay one  ,the other is retail off the street customers  . Rental company charges caterer 15% less  You charge guest price per retail> You can actually show them the rental companies invoice. He pays you that invoice you in turn pay rental company 15% less  You make clear 15% on the tent.
$10.95 per person plus tax and gratuities( this price depends on your market or  where you are)
Why should there be a labor cost if you do 0 breakfast and lunch. If there is no food served you should not have any labor.
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