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What is your point for all of this?  Why not go after the preservative and chemical end and the thickeners.
Commercially some places bake a round cutout of Puff Pastry and just put it on top. Others use a pastry sort of dough on top with a slight overwrap on sides.    The frozen ones come with a bottom crust because they are sold by weight and flour and water to make a bottom crust is cheaper then chicken and veges.   I always make mine with potatoes  but never corn.
2  French knives in each hand works pretty good.
The thing today is roasted vegetables, any kind with a touch of balsamic.      Try roasting them and rolling cheeses in them., Or put them in filo dough and make strudel style then cut and garnish
Being in the business for 50 years I have to go with 4 brands of equipment South Bend, Viking, and Bloggett ,Vulcan these brands were the iron horses of the kitchen..  Wolf was the biggest hunk of junk I ever used pretty much tied with the ovens from Japan. The wolf broiler burned out and had little BTU recoup power . Wolf commercial was made by a different company that made the ones for the house but they to are the worst ,the pilots go every 6 months or so. Get them wet...
On  a dull knife the cutting edge is rounded so therefore does not hold the surface and tends to slide both inward and outward, therefore the easier to cut yourself.
Have you tried  Fantasy Land at Disney in Orlando or Anaheim.???????
They give you a title to boost your ego and its better then giving you a higher salary.!!!!!
I have made 2 kinds  Jewish Beet Borscht  and Russian style made with duck carcasses and vegs.  Both were good ,although Russian style much more hearty.
Assorted herbs and spices should be used, to achieve different degrees of flavor.
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