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Bacula I think it's called in Italian?  Used to make fishcakes with it years ago. I have never fried it.
Don't waste your money  use the library it's free
Food pump you got that right!
Your first marinade looks very good. I will try it, but I will add fresh Rosemary.
Spring Rolls and Potstickers
They either trim them or invert them
Suggestion!  "Don't give up your present jobs."
Ever eat a day old Dunkin Donut, Ughh
There is already many on the market. Good housekeeping, Southern life, Cooks  and on and on. All have great tips and tried and good recipes
Do it like this   Your minimum lets say is 100 guest at 20.00 pp  that's 2000.00.   Now they have 70  divide $2000.00 by 70 and you get $28.50 pp that's the price per 70  if it were 80 divide 2000 by 80  which is $25.00 per person , that's  the price for 80 That's the way its done in New York.
New Posts  All Forums: