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anything you need help with  JUST ASK one of us can help you
If you want them roasted then cut side up if you want them slightly steamed  cut side down on a parchment covered sheet pan
Get yourself a sharp half round chisel and run against  the tendon
For competition use a framed mirror or piece of granite or marble  make aspic in shallpw trays the let it get firm then dice it or run it through a pastry bag as a bordure . Like Kuan says Chaud-Froid  are old fashioned and kind off heavy. If you brush with aspic and its hot it will run off. You have to work in refrig out mof refrige  many times to get a good coating.
3/4 lbs raw weight per person should fill   them up
I have always mixed the two
If your Doctor says it will help your condition  try it.  Many however will go on it because it gives them something to talk about and therefore make it a fad.
Impossible to price out because we do not know what you are paying for your ingredients in your part of country.         Mushrooms with cajun dipping sauce??  STRANGE MENU
Good going!
Bacula I think it's called in Italian?  Used to make fishcakes with it years ago. I have never fried it.
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