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Phatch  is correct They cook birds in pressure fryers with a flour. corn-flour batter with seasonings and a touch of starch. The pressure fryers cook much faster and save on cost of oil quite a bit.
Welcome to the fold. I lived in Palm Beach County for about 20 years. Did gigs mostly in high end golf clubs .
Smoked Bratwurst, warm Potato Salad, side salad home made ranch dressing, Dijon Grain Mustard
I have a cast iron skillet that I grill in. It has slats in the bottom so it makes grill marks. You can buy them at many places but they are not cheap but consider that they last a lifetime
Let them out to shovel snow Also have a couple of cans of sterno handy for cooking and some flashlight from the dollar store with xtra batteries
Since sausage patties are sold frozen, you can freeze your fresh ones. just take out what you think you will need for todays business. You can hold in a fridge at 39F for about 5 days. Use regular salt  70%Pork  Butt   30% fat ( 8-to 10 % H20 .based on weight of entire batch.
As far as I know eggs or forms of do not compromise vegetarian cooking.
I was there 25 years ago. Make sure you try Skeer, there version of yogurt, Also go up to the mountains and see the hot geysers which blow off every 15 or 20 minutes . also the seat of parliament cut into rocks. The outdoor swimming pools when its 30 degrees outside , Everything is thermal heated from the hot water generated from under ground. Its quite a country. Catch the BEAR at the airport  biggest I have ever seen.  Enjoy your trip   PS  Not one tree in the...
Granite cleaner from home depot
I use egg whites
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