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Cook and mark them prior before leaving for event(transport to event)3/4 cooked put on sheet pan and reheat at site  slice to order but stay about 3 ahead
I agree. I am old enough to have visited and met with Mrs. Roth and Joe Amendola  from the C.I.A which was located across the street from Yale University in Hartford. It was a place where G.I s coming home from the war went to school and learned how to cook . It started under the old G.I. bill . For an outlet they fed the Yale Football Team daily. Nothing came already made everything was scratch. There was no fast food. It started out as a storefront.  I attended a few...
Try a slice of John Taylor(Taylor Ham)Pork Roll  the one in the burlap bag it's a lot tastier
add an egg
Good imagination!
Depending on the coffee blend it used to be 2 1/2 gallons water to 1 pound coffee.
Chef Jim ! I blame the schools for setting young peoples mindsets. Some of them tell them "Oh when you graduate you will be the chef at ?" They don't tell them that you have to put in your time first.
When hard cooking eggs .Peel wearing gloves, this cuts down possibility of contamination. To be EXTRA safe after peeling dip eggs in boiling water again for about 60 seconds. Then place in cold water.
You can't do it cheaper, by the time you buy all the separate ingredients required.
Go into a store try different knives the one that is most comfortable to you should be the one you purchase. Do not look at prices first. To pay 100.00 or more is insanity. I have about 40 assorted knives accumulating them over 50 years. Some of the cheaper ones I have are the best.
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