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Reqires extensive cleanin and sanitizing after each use.
Yes that will work, add some white pepper and numeg the eggs or corn starch, it is not required, and if heated to high eggs will curdle and break.
cook down over low heat. By adding wine, alcohol tends to break down any starches or thickeners, so add wine then cook down
Slice and cook on top of stove in an army rectangle pan. Put a drop of sugar which makes them brown quicker. If you want you can finish in the oven.
For years I have figured a  25lb bird will feed 25 guest. using both dark and white meat,  In other words 1 pound of raw meat per person. With the ham you have enough for 35 or more. Figure out how to use leftovrs. and have a happy.
At 70 hours "They are making money using  your back" Hope you are compansated well.
You would have to build a box inside frig that has a doopr that closes, and put in a dehumidafyer.  The fridge itself is to wet, plus door opens and closes therefore no uniformity of temps.
Anchovy paste also will work
Big difference between commercial and home mixers . To start home mixers use bands in motors and commercial use gears. Most home mixers are plastic inside wher as commercial are metal or a much better fiber type plastic.   Bottom line ""You get what you pay for'''
New Posts  All Forums: