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Why take an item that for hundreds of years was good and try to change it?
Simplot changed the whole fry industry, there first blanch  is done with steam then chill,   then fry  saves a lot of oil  Many fries today are not cut from potatoes they are potato scraps chopped and formed into fries.  (no waste))
find the source first
Put a vaporizer in the room. Sometime outside casing of meet will show a bit of green mold. Don't worry about it just wash it off. But if black mold appears look out, maybe dump that item It could hurt you
needs an egg and maybe touch of flour to bind  To much butter and sweet things
I use olive oil, butter, clarified butter, and canola oil ( sometime sesame and pnut orierntal foods)  each for a different purpose.
Watch TV  Restaurant Impossible  with Chef Robert  Irvine   All different scenerios
Go to a reputable store look at all the knives. Don't look where they are from or how much . Pick them up and see how comfortable they feel. I feel a good 8 inch French knife for beginners is best. Don't try and keep up with the Joneses.re price. Some of the people on her spend fortunes for nothing. America and Germany are sometimes as good as the Japanese knives. Depends how you take care of it. Good Luck   PS  I have seen kids in first semester culinary schools spend...
In New York in large on premise caterers.  Deposit anything on signing in 2 weeks 50% of minimum guarantee. . Balance due day of function . Final guarantee as to # Guest night before. It must be above or same as original guarantee.   In event of cancelation, if room resold for same amount as function all back less 10% admin.fee If not sold  patron is libel for 50% of contract.(unless death or serious injury)   Keep in mind people that came in after them and...
Should be made as close to actual service as possible  Maybe ask your cook to eat a dish of them himself. Your in charge and buck stops at your door, you are responsible. If he does not listen , tell him there are 2 million people in your state, therefore you have 1 million and more to choose from for the job.
New Posts  All Forums: