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I lived in a bad neighborhood in NY City(hells kitchen) The local church had a summer camp so mom sent me there to keep me off streets. When I got to old to go as a camper, they put me in as a bakers helper. That started it all That was 1955 doing it since then. I was lucky I learned from the good old timers from Europe that did all from scratch  not celebrity chefs.
How many sides does it have?   Turn till the whole thing is uniformly brown.
Purple label rum at one time was 180 proof. It was used to flambé wedding cakes(flaming cake ceremony) and desserts but then got to expensive so most places  started  to use lemon    xtract
This is not a burger. this is a form of Salisbury Steak
No new recipe will work. I would suggest  an air conditioned room for making and storing' When displaying try a glass cabinet wit a dummy bottom filled with powdered chemical l lyme which will help absorb moisture
a light creamy sauce
If you are talking Blue claw, or hard shell  pack in seaweed or damp paper and keep very cold
Cremeux Is French for creamy. It could be anything but in a lot of cases is used in reference to like a velvety chocolate sauce., But it could be raspberry, vanilla or hazelnut. It is a typical misused word that many think means it must be chocolate
This  arrangmentt barely works, you become enemies quick
It's Greek version of eggplant parmagianna
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