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What time of day/young crowd or old/ ethnics? How much $ pp/  You must count all these first.
Are you sure it is fresh and not previously frozen??
Here is an old but dangerous way. Fill a sink up with cold water add bleach and ammonia (wear a mask) let them soak about 1/2 hour  they will come out like brand new.
I would not state that"I am the only paid employee on the books" in a public forum. I.R.S could be on here also.
If you are selling prepared foods check your local county , state health laws. If I were you I would have product liability insurance in case someone gets sick because THEY didn't handle food correctly. YOU are libel.
All the guys that are good already have jobs. You have to offer more $$$ to steal them.
One never knows till one tries do they? Go for it you may be perfect for the job. When I was in my mid 20s  I had a great job running a large catering  facility.     A friend of mine a large meat wholesaler said a friend of his was going to open the largest catering facility in the US and he would like me to meet him I said ok. The day came and we met in the parking lot of the Old Worlds Fair in Queens NY. One question he  asked me was how much do I pay my waiters? I...
Chef Bubba says it all.. Also a question how do you define a sous chef?, and what are his responsabilities ?
Peel Kee wees with a teaspoon not a knife   clean burnt sheet pans and pots by making a paste of hydrogen peroxide and baking soda rub it in   wrap a bunch of celery in aluminum foil it will stay crisp for over 2 weeks   to make egg salad without  peeling eggs simply break the eggs into boiling water and let them hard poach, then put in cold water bath to cool then chop.
I volunteer for many shelters,  I am very sorry for your loss. Its like losing a member of the family. Now he is in doggy heaven and he is still watching over you.,
New Posts  All Forums: