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Do it like this   Your minimum lets say is 100 guest at 20.00 pp  that's 2000.00.   Now they have 70  divide $2000.00 by 70 and you get $28.50 pp that's the price per 70  if it were 80 divide 2000 by 80  which is $25.00 per person , that's  the price for 80 That's the way its done in New York.
There is really no right or wrong way It' whatever you and your guest like and enjoy.
Years ago European cuisine was 10 times better then ours. Today I believe that the numbers have reversed. The only thing I say is still a bit better their is the service staff in the upscale places. Over their a waiter is a profession here  it is just  a job.(Oh yea their truffles are still better )
In my day what is pictured was not called a refiner . It was simply a large fitted fine sieve that sat on the mixing bowl of an old Hobart mixer and a double set of rollers was attached to the shaft of the machine. We used it to puree soups and sauces. And potatoes. You could buy different size sieves.
Can't close my hand anymore, and have numbness, hard picking up small things from floor, but then I am also diabetic and that does not help. I know some people who got surgery and 3 months later same condition came back. I wear a carpal brace. It does not hurt just annoying.
What time of day/young crowd or old/ ethnics? How much $ pp/  You must count all these first.
Are you sure it is fresh and not previously frozen??
Here is an old but dangerous way. Fill a sink up with cold water add bleach and ammonia (wear a mask) let them soak about 1/2 hour  they will come out like brand new.
I would not state that"I am the only paid employee on the books" in a public forum. I.R.S could be on here also.
If you are selling prepared foods check your local county , state health laws. If I were you I would have product liability insurance in case someone gets sick because THEY didn't handle food correctly. YOU are libel.
New Posts  All Forums: