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I agree with Nick 199%. Anyone who would pay 60000  to go into something that pays upon graduation about $12.00 to 15,00 per hour is crazy.. Community colleges teach the same and are less expensive. Also keep in mind it is not the school as much as it is the student. I worked with grads from all he schools and they were all the same as far as knowledge and ability..Its up to the individual what they get out of the school.
They help keep you cleaner.
Put less in the pan and don't cook at so high a flame
Stews, Ragouts,Goulashes  meat always cut first so it can be seared on all sides If left whole its pot roast or beef a la mode, or sauerbraten. seared whole cooked and sliced
I agree with Panini. Also grape jell-o has none or very little grape in it. Most  real grapes are treated with Sulfur Dioxide to stop spoiling or mold. Sulfur will retard the gelling  procedure.
Many commercial places use a brand called Red Pack  (So do I Home always consistent)
Oil resistant, non slip bottoms, comfortable  these are main issues.
Again Chef Ross nailed it. Another thing or fact to note re. food banks, if you give them food and they get sick, you are libel. In fact in some states if you throw food in dumpster and a homeless person should take and eat it and get sick  YOU are libel. Check your respective state and county laws.    It's a lawyers world.
Ireland??   Beef Stew  St. Pats day ?  Where's the Beef?  Only thing they have of this list is Guinness.. Lamb maybe there is very little beef .. I lived there for 2 months Almost none of the brands can be had there
Why take an item that for hundreds of years was good and try to change it?
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