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Unless you have some previous rest. or food service experience I would say you are just taking a gamble. Be very careful. Everyone thinks the food business is show business Well it is not  Even though self employed you have a boss  and that's the front door of your place. It has to be staffed, cleaned, insured, shopped for on a daily bases  the door is the true boss you work for it and it is unforgiving.
This is good stuffed and roasted. It used to be one of the cheapest cuts of most all meats.
Tater tot are made using the shreds from the krinkle cut potatoes, and other shreds.
Your food cost is approx. @20.00 pp x 12 = $240.00///  10 hours as you say equals 450.00   Equals 690.00 total divided by 12= $57.50 per person. That's good.
Do not figure your salary out of profit. Profit is something that is sometimes put back into the business, or in the bank  Figure yourself in as part of total labor cost. Then what is left after computing all expenses is profit
How about spinach and feta cheese     or   apple walnut
Your talking apples and oranges here.      You can't use gelatin as a thickener  for a hot sauce as it will turn into a thin liquid when reheated so will pectin. You best shot is making things that the sauces can be reduced naturally by cooking down.
Chef Ross  The 60 s chef was Scanlon he came from being sous at the Fountainbleu in Miami about 1964. He was an Irishman who was self taught French.  He later became  F&B  manager  and consultant. He lived near me In Forest Hills Queens.
Chef Do you remember who the Exec was . Was it Eugene Scanlon, When I worked there it was George Blanc. they put me in the butcher shop 1958, on apprentice program from Union Local 6
I agree alto sham is the best. Heat lamps with a piece of foil covering the rib and lamp not to low
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