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Cranberry/Orange roast chicken/ stuffing for wife and I  . Plain chicken  off the wings and neck for the cats
No one can or should answer this till they see a plan or layout of the space.
Attention all owners  ''  Would you hand a million dollar investment over to a person just out of culinary school'' ? I sure would not.
Some people think salt makes water a lot hotter. It actually raises the  temp. about 2 degrees only. Don't believe me test it with a thermometer. Only thing I can say is that its' habit.. As  Chef Bubba says'' butter in particular amount he uses in his potatoes would have to taste   good''
So what is the question?  What did you do for the place. Is it still in business?
I lived in a bad neighborhood in NY City(hells kitchen) The local church had a summer camp so mom sent me there to keep me off streets. When I got to old to go as a camper, they put me in as a bakers helper. That started it all That was 1955 doing it since then. I was lucky I learned from the good old timers from Europe that did all from scratch  not celebrity chefs.
How many sides does it have?   Turn till the whole thing is uniformly brown.
Purple label rum at one time was 180 proof. It was used to flambé wedding cakes(flaming cake ceremony) and desserts but then got to expensive so most places  started  to use lemon    xtract
This is not a burger. this is a form of Salisbury Steak
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