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Is milk bad for you? Is coffee bad for you? How about potato chips, Big Macs, Popcorn?Chocolate candy bars, Green peppers.   Anything and everything is bad for you ,if done in excess.     If we worry to much about all of these things, we would probably die from stress.
Chef Bubba "" I have a great brownie  recipe""
I worked for a wealthy couple for years. They were always open for experimental dishes. They also liked rabbit, duck, squab, stone crabs. escargots, lobster main only . Loved their Vodka and upscale wines  reds only. Not into health foods or diet so much even though he should have been (diebetic). Both past away but were extremely nice Palm Beach Island people
Try and plan a menu that many things are in sauces, meatballs  sausage and peppers, chicken piccata  as these are  easier to keep hot with the equipment that you mention.
Chef Bubba came up with that from experience
Yes !   2 little  girls  same litter  KALI and KAMI
Freezer still dehydrates  plus you must put in oven again to reheat roasting in oven dries out  it out even more(roasting is dry heat)
Soft salami is bigger, cheaper and cooked. Like a huge frankfurter.
You can do this but careful that it is not to hot as egg will scramble, Also if reheated care must be taken to stop egg from cooking. You cannot bring soup up to a reboil
s    Me and my kittens
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