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I feel you should be able to taste a blend of all . not one predominant
Sure some Sysco products are cheaper up front., but when you figure the final yield they cost more. Example if a recipe calls for a gal. of Mayo and you use Hellmans or Kraft or Best . Its perfect if you use Reliant  you will probably need a gal and a half, and it still wont taste the same
Since both pieces could be from a different animal. I would rely  on a meat thermometer .for rare 120 degrees let sit a while   for well 150
Reliance is pure garbage. They  try and substitute their labels in all the time. because they make more on them. Their mayo Imperial they try and tell you its the same as Hellmans , believe me its a far cry from it They also have 3 different prices for every product that they have., and try  to charge you a delivery charge. BS don't pay it refuse the order.
Skate is extremely expensive that's if you can get it. You must use it quick because in the cartilage or the inner parts of the fish  their is  a substance that  makes it go bad quick  and you will smell it.  It smells like a cleaning solution. I pan fried it. It used to be considered a gourmet item years ago in a lot of upscale places but popularity has dwindled because it was hit and miss to get it and it is so quick to go bad..It must constantly be kept n ice that you...
Try Food and Beverage Manager in a hotel
Was cold here in the 30s so I made a big pot of real thick and hearty Chicken and corn chowder, with already made Pillsbury Grande rolls
Try a good German or Swiss product like Forchner  or Gustav emil urn
I notice you are all Home Cooks. Let me clue you in, don't try and impress everyone with the most expensive knife. No matter which one you buy they will all cut. The trick is to get the one that feels best in your hand. It could very well be none of these overpriced  knives, Only you can decide.
Make sure you read all the questions before you even start putting in answers. Take your time and review your answers when you finish the whole test. Don't rush to be the first one finished.
New Posts  All Forums: