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The knives and the rolls that the culinary schools make the kids buy are a farce.
Go to home depot buy yourself a good big plastic toolbox that you can lock. That's what many of the Pro's use. If it gets dirty  run through dishwasher.
medium weight Chinese cleaver is best.
I always use mayo and sour cream and I don't use it till net day to let all flavors marry.
There were books in the early  50s called food for 50 Quantity cooking. By Sidney Aptikar (US Navy) Sid wrote for Hugh Hefner of Playboy fame for years under the pen name of Thomas Mario he was a great chef and good guy. I was fortunate to have him as an instructor in the mid 50s
People have been on this site for the last 5 years asking about these books
In NY they are sometimes called Romanian Tenderloins. If not cooked and cut correctly you are better off with a  shoe sole. Jaquart them and marinate if possible. The one shown does not seem to be cut correctly.       P/S Or go to your local OUTACK and ask if you can buy some Pappain from them
I do almost same way only make strips in a lattice pattern  and use apricot or raspberry jams.
There are hundreds of recipes and formulas for Potato Salad out there.   Pick the one you like and that your guest and customers like, if you do this  you are a winner
ACA PRICING BOX LUNCHES TO VAGUE what are you giving them?
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