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I have Pellaprats cook book, I have been using it for over 40 years Modern French Culinary Art  Great Book
Remoulade is not Tartar Sauce it is a specific recip e or formula which has been around for a long time and is in all classic cook books
I refuse to pay fuel surcharge. That is or should be included in price. Once Sysco pulled up with an order for about 5200.00 there was a surcharge on bill, I refused to accept order. Salesman called up and said"I will absorb surcharge''   In other words play hardball.
Home made Chicken Croquets, mashed, brussel sprouts/ bacon
you are 100%correct
Peanut butter,Pumpkin soup serve in a small pumpkin with creme fraiche . or Puree of Green Pea St. Germaine. or Chicken a la reine, Roasted Beets and potato, Goulash soup.
Real remoulade is a classic preperation and not just anything thrown together
I have them every March 17 (St Pats day) I love them.(Don't like Corned Beef)  And used to sell 100s of orders with carrot and pea puree, sauteed onionson top of mashed bangers on top of that then spinach one side carrot other  YUM YUM
For a student, you did quite well''. ''You have it in the hands as I always stay''. Just try to make your plates a little less crowded.  Keep in mind when you do these things that for A La Carte service you may have to make 50 a night where banquet you may have to make 800.
Respect and no micro manager hanging over me.  The buck ends with me so to speak so I call the shots in the kitchen. After  50 years I can almost walk into a place that is going to open, talk to manager or owner and pretty much tell if the place will be in busines in  3 monthes. So far I have been wrong three times out of God knows how many.
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