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Sounds like they want you tp quit.
3 to 4 times your food cost. plus delivery charge plus 20% gratuities.
The more you learn=the more you know=the more you know  = the more you are worth.
Depends on size and volume of place, number hours per day or week expected of you? Do you have to cook? How experienced are you how many years in business? What city, town or state? What is the going rate. All of these are factors that you have to consider as well as your employer.
""Get out of the restaurant business and get into banquet catering"" That's where the $ is. I was told this in the early 60s by a Chef who represented the USA in the culinary Olympics in Lucerne in 1954  his name was Ernest Meir. I thanked him in my head everyday for the next 50 years. "" God bless you Uncle Ernie''
The primal rib'' as it falls'' is the term used when buying ribs the way it comes off the cow. Then there is export or 109s which are butchered with backstrap off top deckle off bone in, these are the most common. the rack of bones can be used as bar b q if wanted or stock or braised. You should average at least 15 good cuts from a boneless as is 40 pound rib after butchering, Doubles or with the bone only 8 cuts.. This is for roasting only   . To cut into steaks,...
Very hard to find good Romanian pastrami today  A lot of places are not using "plates'' which the cut of meat used was called years ago . Today they use bottom rounds cut to look like plates if not handled correctly and sliced paper thin its like shoeleather
I have to agree with Petals & coco on this topic. Most places I have worked and there are at least 25 or so. The dried herbs go in when sautéing the meat and left in.. Fresh herbs  oregano, thyme, basil etc.  are put in at the beginning, but taken out when the flavor that you want is achieved.
Start looking and when you have something fairly definite tell owners that this guy does not want to improve and is holding them back. See what they say then
I use flour, egg, cornstarch, s&p ,a little garlic powder, paprika, then cracker crumbs, or bread crumbs or panko.  But I mix the flour egg starch and seasoning together then dredge in crumbs set in refridge for 1/2 hour then sauté.
New Posts  All Forums: