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Went to a Xmas Party  Buffet, Dessert table and candy store.
I once worked in the Everglades Club. I did all the meat cutting there. It is better then any school The Chef is from the Greenbriar Hotel In Virginia  which was a top shelf operation. If you can get in there it would be great. They also have living accomedations. available
Keep in mind you will most likely have to join a union. The union sets a pay=scale in most cases. You will be getting an education far better then any culinary school can offer at any price . Consider these factors,
How  many people per table?
Freeze it raw as freezing tends to dehydrate and it will take a lot of moisture out of cooked one Whereas raw one contains more moisture. When you thaw it give it 2 days in fridge to thaw completely.
You can do a spiral by butterflying twice  split down center for first butterfly  then butterfly each side then cover with plastic wrap and pound with a mallet. Make sure you tie it well or wrap it in foil and roll it.. Remove foil about 1/2 hour before completion  Good Luck
Food  Cost + Labor cost + Overhead + Transportation +Linen Rentals+ Equipment Rentals == YOUR TOTAL COST=  Now    start  from  there
Have some more confidence in yourself. Develop an I CAN DO IT ATTITUDE.  Owners would not hire you if they thought you could not do it. Most of all learn from your mistakes we all did.
Minimum $39.00 pp  plust tax and tp
Want to save $  go to a place that sells used equipment.
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