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Then you have either never eaten good saffron or  purchased real old stuff., because it has a very distinct flavor and aroma as well as color
There are many different grades of saffron
I use mineral oil because it is tastless
Hunts diced are good but San Marzano  was the best they have changed  Red Pack is good also
Its called SAFFRON
Should be equal parts of fat to flour ratio
Quiche Lorraine with a  frizzy ,,arugala,   raddichio   & pear tomato salad
Dirty Onions,    Red Onion Marmalade    . Potatoes O Brian    , Baked Stuffed  Potato    , Creamed Spinach,     Stuffed Tomato Mont Blanc, Deep Fried Mushrooms.    , Roast Fingerling  Potatoes with  Shallots,  Ragin  Cajin Onion Rings,,Zuchinni Pancakes. .Roast Yellow Beets   To Name A Few that  I have served with steak.
Try SYSCO Food Service they can get anything
If it is foaming and bubbleing it is going sour If its left from the day before did you bring it to a boil then put in steamtable or did you attempt to heat it in steamtable from the fridge? Don't use milk, use a non dairy creamer. Make your rough with flour and bacon fat then add cold liquid and stir well with wire whip. Do not keep in steamtable if its to hot.  The brands you are using have nothing to do with the problem.
New Posts  All Forums: