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Hey Golden one,! Don't let your name or ego  go to your head.      Heed the advise of ChefBubba.Listen and learn.  All those certificates really mean zilch when it comes to cooking and knocking it out. I must have had  over 20 awards and things like that.   I used  them to hide holes in my garage walls
If you are a serious cook and are going to spend this much for these 2 brand. Why not add a few dollars and buy a real restaurant range, it will outlast your lifetime if kept clean.
I would imagine he same. Also brush the bottom inside crust with slightly beaten egg white as this forms a barrier between crust and filling and will keep crust from getting soggy. Its almost like putting a layer of shellac on wood.
We do not use stems, they are to  bitter. We save  them for stocks.
I am 72 and they have not worn out yet and another retired chef I know is 86 and still is pretty spry.
I have always found that one should leave on good terms. You promised the season, stick to your promise. Never know when you may need a reference.  Good Luck
I really have never found any machine that works as well as 2 good knives in your hands  Buffalo and other machines break down the cells of the parsley and therefore all the juice and liquid runs out and turns the whole thing into one big mess.  There has never been a machine made that can replace Gods,  giving us hands> They can do multiple things where a machine in most cases can do 1 or maybe 2and they can last for 70 to 90 years
I went to a few years ago. All it was were propaganda and products shown by purveyors, little else.
Between you bleaching them and the  sanitizer you stand in which is probably hypochloride based, your lucky they did no rot in 6 months. Bleach will make them  smell worse.
180 not hot enough 325  to 375 F   better.  pan can be covered then cover off last 10 minutes or so
New Posts  All Forums: