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Find another whey
If you don't do a huge volume, you wont make it.
I would turn around and say " Sir Did you see a welcome mat outside with your name on it''? I would not tolerate a customer being nasty to staff as they are not nasty to them. Sorry thats the way I am.
C O F F E E   is a must everyday  everything else changes
Dawn pump spray degreasing detergent works good on pots and pans but it's pricey
Totaly overrated and overpriced
It must be old, put in oven if you can't smell it then, it is to old
If it or they were strictly Kosher ( OU) they would not use you as you are prepping in your home. Plus every product you use inparticular chichen has to be certified kosher.   IF THIS IS AROUND DINNER TIME THEY WILL EAT A LOT.
Problem with SS is that it does not conduct heat evenly and develops hot spots, where as aluminum does not. Where you got your medical info is beyond me. There has never medicaly been any connection made between aluminum and any disease. They also make pizza pans made from steel that couls be used with parchment paper.  Like in the beginning Micro wave ovens were linked to radiation exposure
A pinch of sugar will improve the color.
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