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See if you can get Georgia large peaches they are perfect now and for next week or 2
I have worked with them a lot. They are great and are big and powerful and dangerous.   I never saw a table model and yes they are hard to clean. They must and  should be broken down and hosed down sprayed with Clorox and dried good.  And yes a decent meat slicer can be used to cut boneless strips and rib yes.. Most precut steaks today commercially are cut with a laser.
Store them in sherry wine in a covered jar till you figure it out.
Sorry ! No such thing as a good cheap knife anymore.
I use a pinch of sugar to star process. No matter how you cut onions make sure all cut he same(uniform cutting means uniform cooking  cut by hand with sharp knife DO NOT BURN. look at picture above color is spot on.
Do whats best for you, but I would take position offered. Don't worry about cost just go in and do what they are doing now, then change gradually everything will fall into place.  Good Luck
Usually Steak Dianne and it is American based. Usually done Flambe style and finished at table  Real old fashioned like Steak Au Poive
Your menu as it reads is not gluten free(puff paste, tartlets, barquettes,tarts)  Price seems fair but not a great money maker.
Flip Flop  Do not add to much as color of sauce will darken
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