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Chef Bubba says it all.. Also a question how do you define a sous chef?, and what are his responsabilities ?
Peel Kee wees with a teaspoon not a knife   clean burnt sheet pans and pots by making a paste of hydrogen peroxide and baking soda rub it in   wrap a bunch of celery in aluminum foil it will stay crisp for over 2 weeks   to make egg salad without  peeling eggs simply break the eggs into boiling water and let them hard poach, then put in cold water bath to cool then chop.
I volunteer for many shelters,  I am very sorry for your loss. Its like losing a member of the family. Now he is in doggy heaven and he is still watching over you.,
9 to 5 in the restaurant industry? Try getting a security job in a club or hotel
Don't worry they will teach you if they are pro's. Just be able to take a little scolding sometimes. That's part of the learning experience. Keep your eyes and ears open and learn at least one new thing every day. Good Luck
I have made tons of Shortribs, but never added a roux at beginning.      Shortribs  take quite awhile to cook. By the time they do,  the cooking liquid being now thick could burn and or drastically  change the flavor of the dish and it could burn .At the end make a roux and add the cooking liquid to it and correct the seasoning.
I have also used Pnut Butter, and a bit of cracker meal.
I was lucky, I had 3 real old timers as mentors. One in particular Mr. Ernest Meier who represented the USA in the Culinary Olympics in Lucerne n 1955 took me under his wing and forced knowledge into my young stupid head. I thank him till this day now that I am an old timer.
You do not need a contract, you need a release. Wherein you could still be sued if someone gets sick as you prepared the food. Make sure you have product liability insurance.
If you need a hand with quantities just ask. I was in catering business in Palm Beach and NY.
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