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I make a creamy balsammic dressing using mayo, olive oil and balsamic with fresh herbs and spices.. I put it all in a blender.
Ypu do not need an attorney to file a lien. You file it with a fee I paid $10.00 in Florida. With the county clerk at the courthouse and got what I was owed.
These are rib bones that have been roasted with  the Primal Rib then the plate is removed and they are individually cut and cooked further. The Plaza hotel as well as many other hotels use to have them on their menues. They were cooked with Escoffier Sauce Diavlo and called Ribs a la Diavlo.( they were served with a lobster type  bib on a huge platter  as they were huge. Then the hotels started to serve them cut in half.
When soaking beans (kidney,navy,white,peas, pea beans)  I have found that buy adding baking soda to the water  makes them softer faster.
And here in the NY, Florida and Georgia its called just plain pizza
I just went through my"" Guide Culinaire""circa 1969 Escoffier Cookbook. I looked under Pullet, Hens, Chickens, Squabs, Partridge, Turkeys and could find no such recipe for Chicken Eiizabeth  Sorry   This book also gives prep procedures
Hospitals are only good because they are 8 hours a day and  5 days a week. You will never learn cooking in a hospital .you will only learn assembling. Most raw thing you will cook is chicken , and more chicken  then everything into steam table or hot boxes. In many settings their roast beef comes cooked and their scrambled eggs come in a bag that gets thrown into boiling water.
White pizza in many places is called "" Margaritta""     I use a very light Alfredo type sauce with ,  3 Cheeses, fresh Basil, Parsley  and ,White Mushrooms, on a thin crust  only. I cut it smaller then regular slices as it is richer.
Put a lein on the place as fast as you can before he files chapter 11. This way you can always get some equipment out of there. Make up your mind to the fact that they are not going to pay you and treat it accordingly. You could send a visitor to collect?!!!!!
go to a loccal restaurant supply house and look at them. This will help you decide
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