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Give the wait staff tablets, let them punch in order at table to kitchen(They don't have to go to a computer station) By doing it this way not only faster but waiter can handle more covers.
Hollandaise and Bernaise  Daily  all others figure at least 5 day shelf life at 39 degrees.  Some can be frozen as also the stocks
Where in South Florida  I was there many years. Everglades Club, St. Andrews, Ballen Isles, Hunters Run etc. all mostly Palm Beach area
Get yourself an Iranian cook book. They use it in a lot of things. Me ,I don't like flavor
Don't buy rom them anymore and tell your friends not to
Make another dish
Depends n your volume  Store in stainless  steel, covered and dated.
In order to make big $ you have to put in your time like we all did. When I got out of school it was $1.00 an hour. When  I retired it was about  $40.00.   A good Pastry chef today in hotel or country club setting in Florida  Minimum  55,000. =+benefits  tops 80,000. Keep in mind I said Good. Job Is  NOT  40 hours  if that's what your looking for.
RMEMBER one thing, They wok for you  you  are the  boss.. They are  cooks only and I a small operation you don't need all sous'
I had a deuce order blackened  fish. Sent it out they sent it back and said color was to dark?   Years ago had a wed. reception, note  on my sheets from banquet office says  "No MSG in foods otherwise groom could die"" Tortollini ,Raviloli and most foods come with MSG in them I do not add! ??????? THATS THE PUBLIC !!!!  LOVE EM
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