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Traditionally you are lucky if they offer you 35 cents on the dollar. Sell on your own if possible
For the home cook you can save a lot by shopping at the right places Example a German Company called Aldee  is opening up all over the US Most of their products are the same and in fact some better  then national brands. Walmart is still 12 to 24% cheaper then most supermarkets. Costco is very good .If you want to go to a classy market and have them carry your groceries or wheel your cart out, you pay for that. Learn what you can do with different cts of meat. . I bought...
Pork Goulash with rosemary and garlic, Sautéed Broad Noodles
That's only $6.66 per person Apps yes meats  no unless they want Bologna and Liverwurst. and you are the only labor factor
Depends on clientel, location, price  allow 1hour 30 minutes for reservation.
Take the way you do it now lets say you figure their total amount of pans and racks and that figure comes to  $180.00 now divide that by 30  which is $6.00 per person and that's your price. Now add on for delivery and service and rentals if any
Always room temp
Hold for 2 weeks  ?  maybe in your house  u eat them.   I  make them and fill pastry bags and put in 2 inch pan in steamtable or under hot lights. I just make enough for service.
Oh Well??????     Does'nt  sound dumb, it is dumb
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