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Why should there be a labor cost if you do 0 breakfast and lunch. If there is no food served you should not have any labor.
Stations as you state should be in the 4 corners of the room . This is to stop lines from forming which is the last thing you want. It disperses the people. 259 guest arriving all at once will create havoc if they all congregate in 1 place.
You could prepare a gourmet dinner for 6 with only a two burner stove
Tell him to F    O  .
Pasta made any style
There is a program on TV that does this already
Chef Ross One night I took the wife and 2 friends out for dinner in a better type place in Florida . The food was good as was the service. But then the check, they tried to charge me $2.50 each for rolls. I told the waiter I refuse to pay that.  He said the manager would be over. When he came he advised me that it was the house policy to charge for rolls and butter. I asked him where on the menu it stated this or where was this posted or who was supposed to tell me of...
What is your point for all of this?  Why not go after the preservative and chemical end and the thickeners.
Commercially some places bake a round cutout of Puff Pastry and just put it on top. Others use a pastry sort of dough on top with a slight overwrap on sides.    The frozen ones come with a bottom crust because they are sold by weight and flour and water to make a bottom crust is cheaper then chicken and veges.   I always make mine with potatoes  but never corn.
2  French knives in each hand works pretty good.
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