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Do whats best for you, but I would take position offered. Don't worry about cost just go in and do what they are doing now, then change gradually everything will fall into place.  Good Luck
Usually Steak Dianne and it is American based. Usually done Flambe style and finished at table  Real old fashioned like Steak Au Poive
Your menu as it reads is not gluten free(puff paste, tartlets, barquettes,tarts)  Price seems fair but not a great money maker.
Flip Flop  Do not add to much as color of sauce will darken
Publix Brand Coconut, Almond  Ice Cream
Do your job the best you can. Don't get involved in the politics of management, you will lose and be the labor that the  owner is trying to save. You can buy some real good pastries and cakes today already done and you don't pay unemployment ,  workmens  comp, social security , insurance or do the cakes and pastries get a paid vacation.
Only if he supplies the liquor and pays you to serve it(This is a gray area in some states but legal) In a public place no at their home yes
Butter imparts its own unique richness to most dishes. I would not say it releases flavors.
I would use 16 to 20   Tigers as they are more impressive;  Lay out 1/2 slices bacon on parchment, sprinkle with bread crumbs lightly this stops shrimp from sliding out and makes it easier to wrap 20 lbs should do it  that's about 360 shrimp . estouffee  and Jamba are heavy and fillingh and bothserved with rice  plain rice and dirty rice
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