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If they were water or wet packed they are treated with a preservative. Dry are not. Cook 1 and taste it . If  the fridge was real cold they should be alright.
One of the best pieces of equipment in kitchen. Braise-Saute-Poach-Boil-Steam Just about anything. They are fantastic. The best one I have used is GROEN. Only thing You can't do is Roast. Great for even cooking and controllable temperature. I one time used it to deep fry it worked. They are all workhorses and rarely break down. They let a little steam out (they all have a top vent that you can open or close, And they are easy to c lean. You must have a drain on floor...
LOOK AROUND try and find a place that IN YOUR OPINION appreciates your work effort, and your ambition, I am sure there are plenty around. Good Luck to you
Alligator tail to me has the consistency of cubed cooked veal. It's pretty good if served with some kinds of sauces
Yes , It's called time organization
Some will care and some wont. If you want them all to care  tie in raises and bonuses in with cost, and tell them that.
I worked with Chinese chefs. They buy the cheapest short grain rice they can and even broken rice if available. They are extremely thrifty.
The more gadgets on your oven, the more things that can go wrong, same thing as Micro waves. If I were you I would by a minimum size stove of 30 inches 2 shelf. this way you can do 2 or 3 things at once.
Pepper Grind    Here is some constructive thoughts. 1.   There is to much food on the plate.                 2. food goes to far up and over  to edge of plate,       3. Pepper garni is to large for the plate,                          4 if you do use a large pepper fill it with parsley or watercress guest should not see the veins of the pepper     . But keep on experimenting
You thawed it the right way, and based on your photo cooked it the correct way. ENJOY IT NOW
New Posts  All Forums: