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Depends n your volume  Store in stainless  steel, covered and dated.
In order to make big $ you have to put in your time like we all did. When I got out of school it was $1.00 an hour. When  I retired it was about  $40.00.   A good Pastry chef today in hotel or country club setting in Florida  Minimum  55,000. =+benefits  tops 80,000. Keep in mind I said Good. Job Is  NOT  40 hours  if that's what your looking for.
RMEMBER one thing, They wok for you  you  are the  boss.. They are  cooks only and I a small operation you don't need all sous'
I had a deuce order blackened  fish. Sent it out they sent it back and said color was to dark?   Years ago had a wed. reception, note  on my sheets from banquet office says  "No MSG in foods otherwise groom could die"" Tortollini ,Raviloli and most foods come with MSG in them I do not add! ??????? THATS THE PUBLIC !!!!  LOVE EM
This question has been on here many times. Check Archives
I have used mineral oil (food grade)  as well as pan spray wipe down well when applying
I prefer almost 2 parts flour to 1 part butter. Don't let it stick to pan constantly stir in a heavy pan. I use warm milk.  cook roux a bit for blond roux and for a brown roux I sometime start with browned flour done in oven.  or I take the pan of cooked roux and put in oven to finish. I store in air  tight containers not refrigerated. I make enough for 3 days production....  If you are on the line at service whip together prior a little manni butter prior for  ' a la...
You are flirting with danger, and so far you have been lucky. To cook a little an then allow to cool outside is a bad practice. These chix are loaded with bacteria an salmonella fall off.   Why not fully cook  right before service? You don't  have to put in fridge this way,Its fresher and certainly more  sanitary, and they wont be dried out. Estimate  what you will sell by checking back on customers purchases  over last 3 months.
To Date I have fostered  109 kittens, all but 5 were adopted. I do cat behavior problems for various shelters  It  started as a hobby. I like dogs ts        
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