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Is that all you did? 1500 pieces    Chefed laughing
only time they will bleed or run is if they are left in hi humidity or a wet refrigerator
Yes built his own showplace. Killed himself with shotgun in his room. Can't think of name
IF YOUR GOOD YOU DO NOT NEED A UNION they need you.  If its Hotel local 6 heaven help you. Good Luck
Keep in mind Sysco to a point is franchised each distributor is independent. Most of the sales people don't have a clue they are simply order takers. There are a very few who really know food.
Read any quality Indian cookbook.
My humble opinion it's Eric Rippert for any kind of fish
There are 100s of options for this dish. JUST PICK THE ONE YOU AND YOUR CUSTOMERS ENJOY BEST.
Put them both in a freezer    (ice cream type) then calabrate
The knives and the rolls that the culinary schools make the kids buy are a farce.
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