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If you are making a True Alfredo  No it cant be held in crock pot it has egg yolk in it . The US style can be held but careful it could  break or even go sour if not done correctly. I have put quantities in a thread above
A buffalo from Hobart I does just about everything
I agree with Chef Bubba use a water bath until you make it a few times. Then you can use a blender and hot butter if you lioke
Chef Layne is 100% correct. Plus I never have had a grad  who could order  or new quantities. Like order for a party of 250 all foods required..  They don't teach that.. Sorry they teach it at  HKU= Hard Knocks University
probably a non stick coating
no secret recipes but I d0 have some secret procedures!
Is that all you did? 1500 pieces    Chefed laughing
only time they will bleed or run is if they are left in hi humidity or a wet refrigerator
Yes built his own showplace. Killed himself with shotgun in his room. Can't think of name
IF YOUR GOOD YOU DO NOT NEED A UNION they need you.  If its Hotel local 6 heaven help you. Good Luck
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