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Go for upscale places or hotels. Good Luck
I grind chuck, sirloin and brisket  perfect every time
Every  good supermarket sells bags of dry broc-slaw and it is fairly reasonable. This is same recipe they recommend on the bag. Its good
The reason she picked you is probably because the caterers price was a lot higher. You made 300 mini pastries and the breads.  I would have charged 300.00 for the pastries and depending on the bread a minimum of 4.00 a loaf. You gave her a bargain.
Alcohol does not reduce, the heat burns it out.
Make a basic Potato Pancake mix shredded potato, onion ,egg, flour, s&p chopped parsley,instead of frying , put in an oiled 1/2 sheet  pan and bake till golden brown  cut into squares( sautéed mixed peppers may also be added as well as cheese)  24 squares  I call these Good Morning potato
Abe  why do you do it and then ask? You have been doing this for years.
Not only does it taste like chicken, it also cooks like chicken. I like it cut up in 8 s then dredged in seasoned flour, then sautéed in a heavy pan over medium fire. served with a brown pan demi with boysenberries .
Normally no form of pork is served raw. Although unlikely there is still the chance of a form of food poisoning present(Triginossses) in particular to wild  home hunted products.
There are many reasons so that all of the above are correct.   1 is alcohol tends to thin any sought of sauce, so by cooking you cook out the alcohol content. 2.For a more intense flavor. 3. So as all flavors combine evenly distributed  in the sauce. 4. To give body and thicken the sauce and to prevent separation between the cream and the naturally formed food acids 5. To remove any water.
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