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works on some people not others. Did not work on me. Try cortossone shot first.
Most of our dumb society tip regardless if service is good or bad, and waitstaff knows this . So why should they try and improve? they will ge some sought of gratuity anyway.
You can tenderize using Papain ,or  a Jackard machine or aa tenderizing mallet.
I would say it an be learned, However you must have some artistic ability and be organized and clean. It's all in the hands.
Most French resturants
Microwave is a form of  Kinetic energy which causes food to vibrate so fast that it creates heat. Like rubbing to stcks together . There is no x-ray or changing radiation waves involved.  It is more dngerous to stand in front of a large scrren cathoid ray tube TV then a micro oven.
Just purchased a 2013 Nissan JUKE  bright red. I love it.
I do not  find that it is watered down, plus it is one of the few that is brewed. When I make a recipe from years ago again today it still comes out and taste the same.
Tell the Pastor to cook if he can do better then you.!  He should concern himself with feeding their souls and you on feeding their bodies
I like all Kikoman products. Ponzu,Hoisen, Soy,Teriaki etc all are good and most consistant every time.
New Posts  All Forums: