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It's  Cheap. It's Quick. and it Fills you up ..You are not eating it to stay healthy.     That's why it sells
Moisture from first batch of meat has seeped into the oil and diluted it down. Plus you are using wrong type of pan
There are different kinds of slicers with different shapes  Bread/ Ham? Beef ? Serrated or not. all different prices
You can' break it, it will outlast you. It is easier to clean. It cost more but well worth it   The best brands are   Vulcan, Southbend, Garland, Blogget   You can get some in great shape used or at a bankgrupt  auction.
Thank You but I am retired
They should practice  what they preach. For tables rinse with 05. Clorox solution. I even add bleach to my home dishwasher things come out sparkling and 00 grease.        When someone gets sick, they will probably act     . Don't use towels use paper ones as wipes. Rubber gloves should be used when mixing or handling any foods raw or cooked.  The black on the pans  is built up carbon because the stoves are not regulated correctly plus cooking at to high a temp.   THIS...
Add some dill. thyme ,bay  leaf,
Ge is less prone to break down . Why not investigate a professional range?
Neither are that great but GE best of 2 evils.. Less service repairs and easier to service
Penne Pasta with lobster, shrimp  clam and mushrooms, Tossed salad
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