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An Intermezzo is normally served before the entree to clear the palatt  It could be lemon sourbet sered in a hollowed out lemon with a live daisy in it. or aice of some flavor served in a cordial glass.
When you are ready to cut dismantle the layers and cut straigh across the round layers like you are going to cut a brownie  but  at angles cross cut
Yes they can and they can also be use for making O Brian potatoes, hashed in cream, scalloped au gratin. but peel first.
Commercial grade plastic wrap and then heavy weight aluminum foil works for me plus you don't have to carry it back to commissary .
Old school, YOU SAID IT ALL
Average run of the mill ones are dying or dead. Good ones survive and are busy a least in Georgia.
Flip Flop what about adding some almond paste?(I am not a baker)
If you are asked to do a wedding affair and you screw it up by Practicing, by trial and error  you can't do it over again so its better you turn it down. If doing for yourself in your own home that's ok.
You got that right Chef.!
What kind of meat  Beef, Veal, Lamb, Pork  Then what cut and what do you want to make.????
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