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They give you a title to boost your ego and its better then giving you a higher salary.!!!!!
I have made 2 kinds  Jewish Beet Borscht  and Russian style made with duck carcasses and vegs.  Both were good ,although Russian style much more hearty.
Assorted herbs and spices should be used, to achieve different degrees of flavor.
This is not the reason for freezing in this manner. By freezing on a metal plate with parchment makes the steak freeze faster and therefore deters the destruction and or  expansion of cells of the meat. The expansion is what causes the meat to throw out so much blood when defrosted. This is how I.Q.F  started for shrimp and individual pieces of product. The parchment simply stops the steak from sticking to the tray when frozen, . In a quality upscale steakhouse meat is...
I may be fired but you could be put out of business
I dredge in flour and corn starch then egg and water then seasoned  crumbs.
Do not use lemon xtract it is far different. The high alcohol content will hamper the sauce from thickening and will help it to break down faster. Grate the rind it is better
A spoonful of sour cream whipped into the mix does the same thing without chemicals
Tell them you will speak to someone at Dept. Of Labor and Dept. of Internal Revenue
Cobb correctly done
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