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Cryovac or Visking is good but it has its bad points. If kept to long the meat sits in its own blood, turns green and smells. Lamb has a shorter exp. date and shelf life then some other meats. After removing from cry wash thoroughly and keep ice cold. If you notice the cryovac product getting a lot of blood in it, and loosening open it up wash and cook or freeze.(assuming it has not been frozen already)
Logic of the whole fast food industry is "" There are lets say 5 million people in a given state you are only one , therefore they have another 4 million 999 thousand 999 to chose from""  You are expendable my friend to say the least.
No one is forcing you to stay there. Your salary is probably double a server and GUARANTEED  every week, a server is not. If place is slow you still get paid he or she makes nothing. Legally you have no rights. In fact management may fireyou as an example to the others. Be extremely careful and thank God you have a job.
Hey sonny,boy for someone on here a few hours you don't have the right to call anyone anything. Maybe you should try and learn half of what Old School knows. Today everything comes out of a box or bag in his day it was ALL scratch.  Our culinary schools were REAL WORKING KITCHENS.
86 ricotta  to much water content, and 0 flavor. Phatch formula is on button. Yolks however will give you a richer product. Try Asiago cheese don't need much for great flavor. Good Luck
Any brand that you feel comfortable with   You need 2   a flexible boner and a stiff one each has different applications 6 inch blade minimum, non slip handle
This is Belgian Endive not green cabbage . I think he was chopping cabbage. If  endive were put in machine 95% chance it would turn dark.
This looks like it was chopped in a Buffalo type machine
Perfectly safe , After browning spread out on sheet pan to cool then refried. Peppers and onions can also be blanched, that is ct  then dipped in boiling water for a minute or so  shocked in ice water then refrigerated . Makes it quicker next day to brown
$15.00 an hour for McDonald or Wendy's  ?Insanity  Your burger and their families burgers will sell for $4.95.  In my dealings with them I find a good 1/2 of them don't understand The English language . I ordered a thick shake at Wendy' the guy said They don't have any ,People on the line looked at each other? The kid said all we have is thick frosties???I also ordered 2 cheese burgers and he asked me if I wanted cheese???  Lord help us.    If this $15 is pushed the...
New Posts  All Forums: