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Chef  Minors is now owned by Nestle It is still good I have used it since the 60s. I believe it was developed by a man named Midland in Chicago
Because that is the requirements of the job. Lawyers and Doctors put in plenty of hours also , but are paid a lot more. .
Programs and schools are only as good as the faculty and students.    The good thing about Disney is you are almost guaranteed a position on completion and you are in a real food  service environment. Bad thing is you are almost working free.
I have found that most men not all will not order cold soups ,  Quiche , or Crepes. They seem to think these items are not for men..????
In my lifetime I have cooked 1000s of pounds of prime rib. about 250-300  weekly .      Best of all are the ones I both cooked and held in Alto Sham. Hardly any shrinkage, tender like butter and even using there directions comes out perfect every time      . I also do reheats in standard oven by wrapping rib in plastic wrap and then restaurant aluminum foil (its heavy grade ) 200 degrees about 2hours depending on rib size., also comes out perfect.
Try using Hagen Daz white choco ice cream  let it melt and its as good or better then any I have had, and is pure white
Try using the pasteurized eggs in the plastic bag  they hold up better then fresh craked. Don't get rubbery  and retain both color and flavor. Great for volume users.
If you have to use MINORS is good. However I only use it as a booster or enhance not as a primal stock.
20% is far to much. All of my catering life I always figured 5%   Never ran out because night before guest had to give us final guarantee. As far as leftovers  foods on the actual buffet Chef Ross is correct. Why take a chance for a few dollars?
Yes have 4 of them and use on the buffett
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