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I do not like it. Most of the ones you can get here are cut so much I would call them imitation
Explain  what you put in your soup and the procedure used in order to get a logical answer
I think I told someone this about 2 years ago. Maybe it was you?
Retired I was sleeping by 11.30.     47 New years eves in the past was enough. Let the young guys do it now.
You took on more then you can handle.  Try and buy as much already prepared foods that you can. You alone can't do 400 get some help. And get them to give you the money to buy all the things needed first.
It is a piece of junk. If you are going to spend this much buy a range that is made for restaurant use like southbend or blogett  or even garland
Use semolina flour and this wont happen>
Sorry you cannot fry without some sort of fat lubricant. If you do, it is not frying. When you do chicken thighs you are rendering fat from within , therefore you are cooking in it.. To cook in a little water is called pouling
Add some baking soda to milk powder
In the army we used to put a one pound pack of coffee in an apron, tie it and drop it into boiling water  let it steep take it out and wella  coffee for 60 cups.
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