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In a majority of cases the tainted product has already been distributed by the plant or source , or evemn consummed before FDA even sends recall.  They are  inefficient, as everything else in volved in Government beauracracy
You mean roast chicken  . Make sure bird is dry, season inside the cavity place on an upside down pie plate in a roasting pan so it does not sit in juices and grease and they run off. cook till internal temp just barely hits 162-65 take out lt rest before carving.  Enjoy
Pete is 100% correct . Chickens today are slaughtered so young that even if you cook them internally to 170 they will still be pink. The bone structure never gets a chance to mature. Keep in mind if cooked till 165 most harmful things are killed . to cook mere simply does nothing except dry it out. After you take it out of oven to sit  the temp will go up slightly. Such is te nature of cooking.
They are so small , that they should be cooked a la minute i possible
If you threw away the meat in a restaurant setting, the  boss would throw you out.
You can even make a meatloaf wellington style
X-ray or radiation changes matter . Microwave energy is kinetic energy and therefore can't change matter. Mor radiation comes out sittiung in front of a color TV for hours.
Really not good for cooking but good for heating
I would have to ed the lease and conditions of it.
A La Kiev is butter and chive,  /Corden Bleu is  Ham and usually Swiss./  Cordon Rouge is Gruyer and Canadian Bacon/   Then there is Brie and Apples. PS I don''t think anyone in NY could do an all you can eat buffet and certainly not for 11.95  (cost up their and rents to high.
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