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Pete!  I have been in this same situation many times throughout my life. I know the feeling. I put the word out that I was looking around and about 1 month after the feelers went out I landed a better position. What I did do was write th president of the company telling hi why I was leaving. I told him that I refused to lower my standards after being in this business so long.
Cut it into pie shape portions cover with damp towel on sprayed sheet pan hold at 200degrees after getting it hot get a spray bottle of water to mist the towels if they should become dry.
What's the purpose? I can carry 4 on my arm and hand now?
A good waiter or waitress carries the tray on their fingertips  a newbie carries it on the flat of their hand.
Chris I believe Sauce Chaud Froid starts with a béchamel of soughts ith either chicken, veal or fish stock( called Veloute) and is used cold.. I make mine like yours except I use a studed whole onion or half of one with a bay leaf and a clove holding it. I do not use veal cubes
Go to a restaurant supply store or company. Try on line Edward Don and co.
Sorry chef  a true Béchamel contains no  stock of any kind.
NO WAY A POUND OF BUTTER TO A QT OF LIQUID AFTER THE FLOUR WAS PUT IN  YOU WOULD HAVE A MESS. I have worked with chefs that add nutmeg or mace and white pepper., and have worked with some who do not . Depends on its use
If they can afford to operate a camp then charge them a decent amount for your time and services. You will kill yourself doing this plus you don't even get paid travel time. They may be non profit you are not. They will try to take advantage of you. Been there, done that, learned  fast.
 1. Do you speak Spanish? If you don't forget it.   2. In Florida you need a car, or motorcycle or bike. Public trans does not run at night in most towns. 3. Florida pays less then Chicago, New York etc. Very few cash jobs except as extra in catering.  Northern Florida is better paying..  All of Florida is very seasonal for both customers and staff. Most guys I know used to follow the sun seasonally. Northern states in summer  south Florida in winter. Good Luck  Another...
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