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What are you using them for?
Wood is porous and therefore not approved by many Health Departments
Are you for real? this has been proven to be an old wives tale   Hey all you  guys do not let any health dept. know you are not cooking egg fully, I don't care what state you are in.
Med. area  Indian, Egypt etc.
I agree a mandolin is best and does more things.
Both of you MUST  sit her down and tell her you cannot work under these conditions for this amt. of compensation and are leaving. What can she do? Sometimes you have to play hardball.  Good Luck
Hey Golden one,! Don't let your name or ego  go to your head.      Heed the advise of ChefBubba.Listen and learn.  All those certificates really mean zilch when it comes to cooking and knocking it out. I must have had  over 20 awards and things like that.   I used  them to hide holes in my garage walls
If you are a serious cook and are going to spend this much for these 2 brand. Why not add a few dollars and buy a real restaurant range, it will outlast your lifetime if kept clean.
I would imagine he same. Also brush the bottom inside crust with slightly beaten egg white as this forms a barrier between crust and filling and will keep crust from getting soggy. Its almost like putting a layer of shellac on wood.
We do not use stems, they are to  bitter. We save  them for stocks.
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