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This looks like it was chopped in a Buffalo type machine
Perfectly safe , After browning spread out on sheet pan to cool then refried. Peppers and onions can also be blanched, that is ct  then dipped in boiling water for a minute or so  shocked in ice water then refrigerated . Makes it quicker next day to brown
$15.00 an hour for McDonald or Wendy's  ?Insanity  Your burger and their families burgers will sell for $4.95.  In my dealings with them I find a good 1/2 of them don't understand The English language . I ordered a thick shake at Wendy' the guy said They don't have any ,People on the line looked at each other? The kid said all we have is thick frosties???I also ordered 2 cheese burgers and he asked me if I wanted cheese???  Lord help us.    If this $15 is pushed the...
There are also scallops that are dry packed (no preservatives or liquids) and then there are the wet pack to which chemicals to preserve are added. The first one more $ but in my opinion far superior.  For the best  order DIVER scallops
First  DON"T knock your fellow students. Then start from there
Every item I have baked for the last twenty years has been double panned(resting on sheet pan)  My logic is heat in many ovens comes from  a bottom source, therefore bottom of pan will get the hottest. By double panning It generates more of any even heat  top, mid and bottom.
Tenderloins, sirloin, loin,. filets etc.  
Yes via  computer and every station gets a copy of what they are responsible for as well as quantities to make
I agree with Pete and Flip Flop girl.      Keep in mind you are in a home setting we are feeding the public and are opened to food poisoning and liability issues aside from conscience. . To me its not worth it., I would 86 it.         Home if you choose to play Russian roulette with it then that's your choice and the outcome your responsibility We Can't
Get  out now !
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