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No new recipe will work. I would suggest  an air conditioned room for making and storing' When displaying try a glass cabinet wit a dummy bottom filled with powdered chemical l lyme which will help absorb moisture
a light creamy sauce
If you are talking Blue claw, or hard shell  pack in seaweed or damp paper and keep very cold
Cremeux Is French for creamy. It could be anything but in a lot of cases is used in reference to like a velvety chocolate sauce., But it could be raspberry, vanilla or hazelnut. It is a typical misused word that many think means it must be chocolate
This  arrangmentt barely works, you become enemies quick
It's Greek version of eggplant parmagianna
Glass chips and breaks.  Get Stainless Steel It  imparts  no flavor and is safe to use either hand or elec. mixers.  In a commercial place a glass bowl is not allowed, if it chipped, customer would own our restaurant from lawsuit.
That's a real small roll but  love em  plus they are high priced,  I go 1/3 cooked weight per person. which means approx. doubled In  raw weight s (I figure 50% shrink rate from shoulders) If you serve it premixed with sauce  you save because it is heavier. If you serve sos you will use more .. Sauce on side 166 lbs  mixed with sauce  about  150 -156 lbs.. Men eat more then woman as do kids.  People eat les at lunch time then dinner time.  You serve it DO NOT let them...
I know of a Thai dish made like this but unnamed. But no cream  coconut milk
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