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Oh Well??????     Does'nt  sound dumb, it is dumb
50 s food may have looked bad, but it was more natural then the processed  chemical laced stuff that they sell today.
Anything made in the style of French Style   is considered French Pastry(Rich with all butter) It's not so much the ingredients, it's what you do with them.!!
How about an old fashioned potato called Hashed in Cream
In a damp climate Twinkies will go green
Grilled local Bratwurst with vadalia onion marmalade. Home made baked beand tossed green salad with bacon chips, cranberries and French fried onions.
We do not make them like that, and use 1 egg per pound of mix with no celery, cracklins or mushrooms. We may serve them in a mushroom sauce. There are 100s of recipes for meat balls,  its whichever one you and your guest like. Our meatloaf is a different mixture, as is French roast and Salisbury steaks.
It does lose some flavor as does any food. The only food that will never go bad is HONEY
Saute the chicken first for better flavor then take it out put the veges .  in same pot so chicken fat helps cook them . Add herbs and spice at this point especially if they are dry. By doing this way all flavors and spices will combine. Why blackened chicken?? Recipe is to busy.
VELCRO  was invented by a Greek man living in Connecticut . While walking thru the woods all of these little things(stickers) stuck to his socks and pants legs. He went home and analyzed them and wella  Velcro was developed.     Microwave ovens. An engineer while walking into a lab owned by Ratheon (Radar Range the original) had a chocolate bar in his pocket , they were doing research for the government on microwaves for submarine applications , as he exited the lab the...
New Posts  All Forums: