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For an attorney, he knew his foods , and being an attorney that is why his style was dominant    EDB
This has been here before. I believe you used the wrong cut of meat plus  you should never really boil a brisket.       Many markets sell you a bottom round which becomes shoeleather.    Most supermarket delis use  already cooked cb s  and are bottom round, but are pretreated to be tender .   A brisket is the best cut whether you pickle it or store bought is the best.  With the one you have I would make corned beef hash.
Another empty bottle and a funnel for mixing
What  cut of m eat are you using and how are you cutting it(size)?
Go into a rest supply and buy a Tevlar  glove, many places use them for mandolin work  (same material bullet proof vest made of)   I have an older model made out of flex steel mesh.
Chef  Phatch  said it all.
First  all pans and pots should be stored upside down under the work table. The storage you do have organize better.  If you have a walk in fridge some bowls and pans can be sored in there. Get a rubber mat and stand on it for your feet sake   Good Luck to you.
Every Sunday early AM we would poach  90 dozen eggs. We served Benedict,, Salmon, Tournadoes, and home made sausage cake, either on English  muffin  or buttermilk biscuit. With either Hollandaise, or   Dill/caper Hollandaise. If there was a lot of poached left over we would cook them hard for egg salad.(  No Waste)
Cranberry/Orange roast chicken/ stuffing for wife and I  . Plain chicken  off the wings and neck for the cats
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