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Do not use lemon xtract it is far different. The high alcohol content will hamper the sauce from thickening and will help it to break down faster. Grate the rind it is better
A spoonful of sour cream whipped into the mix does the same thing without chemicals
Tell them you will speak to someone at Dept. Of Labor and Dept. of Internal Revenue
Cobb correctly done
I taught in a culinary school and quit because all they were interested in was showing a profit. 3 days spent on potato preparation only because potatoes were cheap to purchase. Get a job in a fairly good restaurant , you will learn how its really done and will get paid to learn.
The next step after becoming the manager is OUT THE DOOR.
I would like to see Flay or any of his cohorts  run a place that does 10 Bar Mitsvahs , 6 weddings every Saturday and on Sunday  10 more . Then Banquets mid week of a total of about 4000 guest every week September through June. Only one who could do it would be Chef Robert Irvine, he may not be the fanciest but he can sure pump it out.   ( I would have loved to work with him) Chef Ed
I agree with Nick 199%. Anyone who would pay 60000  to go into something that pays upon graduation about $12.00 to 15,00 per hour is crazy.. Community colleges teach the same and are less expensive. Also keep in mind it is not the school as much as it is the student. I worked with grads from all he schools and they were all the same as far as knowledge and ability..Its up to the individual what they get out of the school.
They help keep you cleaner.
Put less in the pan and don't cook at so high a flame
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