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I use stone crab formula to . Never had a problem serve  it atop of raspberry coulli, whipped cream and slice of candied lime.
Graham crumbs s the only traditional pie.   Pretzels??
They are not trying to buy whole company. They are trying outbid for a specific location.
In some states and they vary.      Host of party can purchase liquor  for themselves and can serve it to friends. You are not selling it.  Check local liquor laws
Nice plating
Good in baklava.  And when used as a component with a lemon or  lime juice based prep.
Yes in a cool dark place if possible. With little temperature fluctuation
I have owned 3 restaurants and 1 banquet  facility. I have been on both sides of the range as employer and employee, sorry but that is what I have found. Rest business is like no other as far as employment contracts.
My Marinade   Kikomin Terriaki sauce, Ginger, crushed garlic ,shallots, Sesame oil, Tiger sauce, drop red color   at least 1 hour in plastic bage
First  Most contracts favor management.   Most state that   YOU have to give a set time  notice before leaving.   Managements part does not. You can be dumped for a variety of reasons   Don't think it protects you ironclad because they do not   You have to have an attorney read it, you are not a lawyer and it will cost you.   If  u think they are crazy, Why would you  even want to work for them?
New Posts  All Forums: