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First  what time of day>/?
Dutch Loaf, Braunsweiger,,Inexpensive Ham and cheese, Egg salad, Tuna salad, Ham salad etc  . So you are aware you are giving to much food with a large pasta and salad and dessert besides
They tend to cook everything well done . That applies to many countries and cultures  Asiatic, The Islands,etc, Italy, Greece.
I have a Mr. Coffee that makes coffee into a sealed metal insulated carafe . It has no heating element to keep it hot, yet stays hot for hours without cooking or loosing taste or aroma. The water that comes out of it is boiling hot. I have had it 2 years and use 2 times a day. Clean it once a month with white vinegar and water. Then rinse it with water and baking soda then clear water. Never had a problem yet. I would buy it again.
Very nice, I do with a turnip. Rutabagga and beet but don't fry use for cold garnish.
Great Idea A Reuben Pizza.
Real old fashioned Irish Lamb Stew.
Today I don't know what they call them. Example I went into my local market and saw a Mom And Pop steak? Also saw a piece of chuck marked London Broil, also saw a piece of the rib (we used to call them points) called a steak tender? These places all seem to make up there own names. I go by the government book on meat cuts(Primal and sub primal) which I still have and is over 30 years old.
Sonny ! Between Chef Bubba and I you have at least 70 years of CHEF D' CUISINE experience, not sous chef not line cooks, nor Garde" Manger I don't think Chef Bubba  needs more experience. You asked him, he told you, if your way works for you then by all means use it and don't bother asking.
Try blanching veges.,  in boiling water ,ice down until service then you can stir fry all together a lot easier. Do broccoli stems the longest with carrots
New Posts  All Forums: