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In NY they are sometimes called Romanian Tenderloins. If not cooked and cut correctly you are better off with a  shoe sole. Jaquart them and marinate if possible. The one shown does not seem to be cut correctly.       P/S Or go to your local OUTACK and ask if you can buy some Pappain from them
I do almost same way only make strips in a lattice pattern  and use apricot or raspberry jams.
There are hundreds of recipes and formulas for Potato Salad out there.   Pick the one you like and that your guest and customers like, if you do this  you are a winner
ACA PRICING BOX LUNCHES TO VAGUE what are you giving them?
Lagoom !600 miles with gas so expensive, your time at least 7 hours on road, prep time food cost . MAKE SURE YOUR MAKING GOOD  $
Looks nice, but eggs do not look quite done.
Scrape it with either plastic or metal scrapper then sanitize with ooo5 parts Clorox and cold water, and tell her to be more neat.
Email them, they don't know if you were ma customer or not. The correct way is to have plastic throwaway spoons available to all. If you do not complain and tell management, it will stay the same or even get worse . NIP IT IN THE BUD
Marinate Why?   On batter fried fish it is best to incorporate good flavor into the batter.  I soak my cod in milk for a short period then batter and fry.. If you must you can season fries with all kinds of things but again why? Fried in good clean oil and a speckle of salt will do fine let patron add catsup, hot sauce or whatever not you
See if you can get Georgia large peaches they are perfect now and for next week or 2
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