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Depends on what you want to do with the stock?
The alcohol in the Liquors tend to break down the gelatin. Try flaming them first to get out the alcohol.
Chris  instead of mortaring try putting them into a food processor  or pepper mill.  Maybe some Tumeric.
As I said   "it is all a matter of  INDIVIDUAL  taste, likes and dislikes"     Our own heritage and ethnic backgrounds also comes in to it, as was how we were brought up.
I toast all my spices and nuts in the oven. This way they all toast evenly. Your  Curry looks very nice.
French cuisine rated by a French magazine is not as believable as an American magazine. I was trained in French cuisine and worked in France . It is still the basis of most cuisines. It is varied but for todays patrons slightly to heavy. Italian is mostly tomatoes and garlic, Mexican is cheap so people like it . It depends on the individual taste. My opinion is French is the forerunner of all cooking.
Everyones  taste differs    . Manufacturers try and make their product to appeal to the masses. Southern style slaw is chopped on the sweet side, northern not as sweet and not chopped ,just shredded. Northern potato salad has no mustard  Southern does.. I make slaw dressing with cider vinegar, sugar, celery seed and mayo I sometime add crushed pineapple and no sugar.        Food as well as cooking is a matter of individual taste. No one is right and no one is wrong. 
You seem to know what you want to do and have the right attitude.     Opening a food facility is a valuable learning experience. It requires patience, understanding human nature, labor management and control, purchasing, food prep, engineering, sanitation. You have to be a little bit of everything. Oh Yes if the toilet breaks you should know how to fix that too.  Keep your menu simple, Things that you can't hold or serve correctly don't make. Do what you are best...
You can either charge by the piece or by the person. On a gig like this I would do it by the piece that way the host or hostess order how many they want and if they run out you don't get the blame.
Cooked the day before cannot possibly be good, only mediocre at best. KUANs method is the same way I have been doing  it for 35 years and hardly any complaints. Whole roast only not presliced.which is only suitable for a school lunch program if that. Pot Roast yes pre sliced is ok..  You could use an Alto Sham which are fantastic or even Hot mag lights providing you get distance right. But sliced ahead anything is not good quality food prep. Neither is cooking it the day...
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