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Between you bleaching them and the  sanitizer you stand in which is probably hypochloride based, your lucky they did no rot in 6 months. Bleach will make them  smell worse.
180 not hot enough 325  to 375 F   better.  pan can be covered then cover off last 10 minutes or so
Flash freeze is best(Actually in many cases done at sea by factory ships) but yes you can do at 20 but be sure fish is extremely fresh to start.
It is good ,it shows how all his contributions can live on
If you are making a True Alfredo  No it cant be held in crock pot it has egg yolk in it . The US style can be held but careful it could  break or even go sour if not done correctly. I have put quantities in a thread above
A buffalo from Hobart I does just about everything
I agree with Chef Bubba use a water bath until you make it a few times. Then you can use a blender and hot butter if you lioke
Chef Layne is 100% correct. Plus I never have had a grad  who could order  or new quantities. Like order for a party of 250 all foods required..  They don't teach that.. Sorry they teach it at  HKU= Hard Knocks University
probably a non stick coating
no secret recipes but I d0 have some secret procedures!
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