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You are well over the recommended cooking temp for poultry. If I were you I would reheat this using the reheat prime rib method that I described in another post . plastic then foil
Wrap in PLASTIC WRAP FIRST  THEN WRAP IN HEAVY FOIL  . Meat will not brown any more then when you put it in, The wrap locks in the moisture and creates a damp moist heat instead of roasting, which is a dry heat. In actuality you are using part steam to reheat the rib. Never had a problem or a return with this method.
I had 2 or 3 alto shams plus cambros, portable stoves 1  4 burner 1 6 burner gas pastry stove portable ice cream freezers and so on , Everything on wheels , All dishes wrapped in plastic wrap 10 per package shipped in milk boxes
for $55.00 for 12 meals each =$4.58 per person  a 1/4 lb burger and fries with lettuce and tomato condiments, pickle and onion will cost approx. $2.25 to 2.50  so you figure if it pays to do this. I wouldn't waste my time. 1 decent frank and beans, cole slaw condiments =$1.50 cost
Thats the real thing I agree  .Those gentlemen are real chefs not celebrities. I get a kick out of the girl caterer from Baltimore on the chew show  she is awful. Jaques Pepin is one of the best.
This is called a reheat   Set oven at 250 wrap rib in plastic wrap then heavy aluminum foil 2 to 2 1/2 hours it will be perfect.
I handle reheats like this  I first cook in an alto sham till rare      ,During service I kept it under a heat lamp about 7 or 8 inches above.     When finished I rapidly cool in freezer then refrigerate till next day. Then  take it out wrap in plastic wrap  first ,then wrap in heavy weight  foil , Put in a 200-250 degree oven the next day for about  2 1/2 to 3 hours .It always  comes out perfect. every time.
Going to a party Christmas Eve and Dinner at Stepdaughters house Christmas day with 10 other people.
You my friend are 100% correct  . I was in this business for over 50 years and learned something new daily. Even  though I am retired I still experiment and learn. It keeps the brain active.
New Posts  All Forums: