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Since sausage patties are sold frozen, you can freeze your fresh ones. just take out what you think you will need for todays business. You can hold in a fridge at 39F for about 5 days. Use regular salt  70%Pork  Butt   30% fat ( 8-to 10 % H20 .based on weight of entire batch.
As far as I know eggs or forms of do not compromise vegetarian cooking.
I was there 25 years ago. Make sure you try Skeer, there version of yogurt, Also go up to the mountains and see the hot geysers which blow off every 15 or 20 minutes . also the seat of parliament cut into rocks. The outdoor swimming pools when its 30 degrees outside , Everything is thermal heated from the hot water generated from under ground. Its quite a country. Catch the BEAR at the airport  biggest I have ever seen.  Enjoy your trip   PS  Not one tree in the...
Granite cleaner from home depot
I use egg whites
yes but it will cook out if made right
Phatch  is correct you did not cook long enough let it cool in same water you cooked it in to retain juiciness(like corned beef)
Stuffed Fresh Bartlett pear/ vanilla whiskey sauce
Stick with pastry chef they are more in demand . Also consider a community college. Plus you will get a degree AAS
First  why don't you buy some boneless/ skinless thighs. Today the way chickend are bred they almost appear like white meat. Pound them lightly. They are more moist then breast and are less money.
New Posts  All Forums: