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You list 4 pans potato salad/? what size pans?  Don't charge for the diseased. If you are a professional caterer and can't figure this out Lord help you
I do mine like Chef Layne, I brush beaten  EGG WHITE on the lower crust and then prebake my shells. This has the same effect as poring polyurethane or shellac  on an object, it stops moisture  from getting through. You can even use a can of dried albumin sold in a lot of markets. Do Not Use  Whole Egg as yolks do not repel as well when in the mix plus sour fast.
Chicken A La King/Chicken Tetrazinni,/ Chicken Jeanettes/ Stir fry/Boneless Caccatorre/ Chicken Oscar/Chicken Crepes
You can buy any kind of cookie put it in a robot cou grind it into crumbs and use them Example  Lemon cookies ,Vanilla wafers, choco  chip ,oreo,oatmeal you name it.
Wolf ovens are made by one company and it's stoves and broilers by another. My humble opinion they are junk
                                                                                                                                                                     _   _ No place down here bets a NY pizza, Down here the places are to clean for the pizza to be good.. 0_ 0                                                                                                                                                                        ---
Wife and I had to go out and have taxes done, no time to cook today so we had Krystal Hamburgers and Onion Rings, and a Dunkin Jelly Donut (Across the street from Krystal's)
Chef Layne is on the money. The other thing you should know is that most of the macaroni and cheese commercial products is made from powdered cheese and whey powder.   And I always add a pinch of Nutmeg to Béchamel Sauce> When I served my apprenticeship in Europe that's the way I was taught(over 50 years ago)
In any event the pot being on the floor is no good , it should be put in The Freezer  on top of a dishwashing rack so that cold air circulates around and under. Don't let health dept. see you put the pot on the floor it has to be 6 inches off the floor.
Fill a gallon plastic jug with H20 freeze it and its same thing, and you don't have to wash it throw it out
New Posts  All Forums: