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Chef Ross is right Example  way back in the early 60s I worked at a very exclusive hotel in New York. It was around St .Patrick's day and my job for the day was to cook the corned beefs. They were simmering away in 2 of the huge steam kettles and I decided to test them for doneness. I proceeded to get the huge pitchfork that was standing by the kettle. All of a sudden the chef a famous Frenchman ran up to me from the other side of the kitchen screaming"":Never stab the...
Most wholesale food distributors handle KOJELL brand.
Enough about knives already this is not a cutlery site.
I agree with Chef Bubba   Buy 2 more steaks and don't be so frugal.
Today took wife to local Sports bar  even though neither of us drink. We both had junk food sampler     Chicken tenders Honey Mustard sauce,/   Wings in a mild sauce. with bleu cheese /   Mozzerella Stix. Marinara   /Potato skins bacon cheddar  sour cream.      Been years since I ate like this  it was very good, and all served HOT
The salmon could have been marinated or injected . Then done using Sous Vide method.
Cook and mark them prior before leaving for event(transport to event)3/4 cooked put on sheet pan and reheat at site  slice to order but stay about 3 ahead
I agree. I am old enough to have visited and met with Mrs. Roth and Joe Amendola  from the C.I.A which was located across the street from Yale University in Hartford. It was a place where G.I s coming home from the war went to school and learned how to cook . It started under the old G.I. bill . For an outlet they fed the Yale Football Team daily. Nothing came already made everything was scratch. There was no fast food. It started out as a storefront.  I attended a few...
Try a slice of John Taylor(Taylor Ham)Pork Roll  the one in the burlap bag it's a lot tastier
add an egg
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