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Last night went to a Golden Coral Buffet. I must say it was very good the food was hot, plentiful and real.,and presented nicely. Well worth $11.95 a person. I would go back again
Chicken Breast Cordon Rouge, sautees Brussel sprouts and  bacon, Mashed with cheese, chipoltle and sour cream , chives mixed in, and I ate to much  Last night went out to a new  Golden Coral for Buffet Supper I must say it was well worth the money, hot and tasty and real, I would go again..
Choose any one that to you feels comforable and holds a decent edge as you are the one going to use it.
Is all the food served there Kosher?
I agree
Want to give them a hard time? Next time he goes to put thermometer in something tell him he can't its Kosher. Also between testings all they do is rinse it under water this could cause cross contaminaion. He should not be in the kitchen in street clothes(should have a butchers coat on) Anything he touches should be done with gloves on. He should not be allowed to put his book on any kitchen table either. Most of the health laws are good others are not practical. And...
Same cut in cold butter applies to a good flaky pie dough.
Thats the way I ws told by purveyors
Nice I like your method best of all  unless patron is wheat intollerant
Walmart has them as does target for about $6.00  they are royund and either cast aluminum or steel
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