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Every item I have baked for the last twenty years has been double panned(resting on sheet pan)  My logic is heat in many ovens comes from  a bottom source, therefore bottom of pan will get the hottest. By double panning It generates more of any even heat  top, mid and bottom.
Tenderloins, sirloin, loin,. filets etc.  
Yes via  computer and every station gets a copy of what they are responsible for as well as quantities to make
I agree with Pete and Flip Flop girl.      Keep in mind you are in a home setting we are feeding the public and are opened to food poisoning and liability issues aside from conscience. . To me its not worth it., I would 86 it.         Home if you choose to play Russian roulette with it then that's your choice and the outcome your responsibility We Can't
Get  out now !
Vegetable or Seafood lasagna, Three cheese , Chicken etc.  And for dessert a fruit lasagna  using square crepe skins and layers of fruit and cottage or farmers cheese
You can buy purple, blue, green types  also buy  blue, and purple potatoes,. People will think you are using food colors plus manyu are allergic to some of the components of food color.
Tongues for majority of grill items provided you rinse them or dip them between foods.  Years ago in wholesale butcher houses we took our knives between various cuts or at lunch or break time and put them all on the bench in a strerilizing solution.   A meat fork for large roast, tongues will bend under weight.
If its going to be a good active business, then a limited liability corp is best. It protects your assets should you get sued for something . Food poisoning, breaking something , someone falls etc
Last time I made a galantine was about 5 years ago. It was coated in Chaud-froid and aspic with a medallion of he Flag of the French republic on it done with truffles and other food items .Surrounded by chicken Jeanette's  It was for a party at the UN.  It was served cold on buffet and served about 30. We charge for that platter alone $350.00. They didn't bat an eyelash.
New Posts  All Forums: