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keep cooking a passion, not your occupation. I worked for many years cooking and am very happy I didnt turn it into a life long career. Food for me hasn't been tainted or ruined by the long long long hours on the line year after backbreaking year. rather, i get to be creative and still passionate about the craft at home without it being ruined by 12 hours in someone else's kitchen.    do your own thing. find some way to make food a part of your life without making it...
need i say more
thinking more white truffle oil than the real deal
if your two flavors are white truffes and (insert herb here) over say cannellini beans, what herb do you favor?    to add a twist... does that change if cauliflower is part of the dish?   thanks for your thoughts.   rick
everybody has their own version and their own method of preparation out in the back country. Most seem to tend towards the sweet rather than the savory. What do you do, and how?
what are you growing this year and what dishes are you dreaming your garden'll produce. KY? I'm drooling for late summer heirlooms
the bicuits look scrumptious!
if my shoulders could handle a cast iron dutch oven, I'd bring that too. KY, what do you carry if your out solo, our out in a group?
the two burner reference is obviously not for when I'm out alone, yet I still bring two. the wood burning stove sucks if you've been under a couple days of rain. What fits inside that little wood burner is my alchohol stove. it's less than 2 ounces in weight, made out of a heineken can, cost me 15$. It's by minibull designs. I love it. instead of snow peak canisters I can bring a few oz's of alchohol. it can be my burner number two or back up stove in unfriendly weather....
if no interest, why bother responding? Conversation with people not interested in the topic is lame. No offense intended, but of course you don't want to start wood fires where wood fires are banned. Also, no plugging involved in my post, if you read it, it said I was interested in TRYing it out in the backcountry. I don't live in Utah, it's green here and fires are a non issue, especially in a small contained "hobo stove". But thanks for the input.
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