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Thank you so much chefpeon for your prompt response!
Hi all -   It has been quite some time since I had to make Brioche.  The recipe I have uses instant yeast and is mixed and refrigerated overnight.   I seem to recall that the butter needs to be kept cold but be pliable.  My question is about the milk and eggs used - are these also to be kept COLD or do I bring them to room temperature before incorporating?     Thank you in advance for any help (and Tips!) you could provide!
Thank you Fablesable for your prompt reply! The ones at bakedeco.com are just what we are looking for. I knew they carried those type of containers, but was not aware that they also have lids for them. Thank you for pointing me back to this site !
Hello -   We are looking to do some layered desserts in our bakery.  Does anyone know of a source for inexpensive, small mason jars?   Thank you for any help you could provide.
My research into trying to find a basic POS system for my upcoming, small, bakery-cafe has left me confused and frustrated.  My experience is mostly BOH in bakeries, so my knowledge of these systems is minimal and I'm not even sure what the right questions are to ask.  As a result, everyone is trying to sell me the "kitchen sink".  My menu includes bakery, as well as some savory items (soups, salads, chilis).  Is there anyone out there running a similar operation that...
Hi ChefBillyB -  These are great too!  Thanks.  
Hi Momandchef! Yes, I loved FREEdom bakery also, but I found out its copyrighted.   
 Hello Swinne - Yes, its possible, but the #1 biggest concern is cross-contamination issues between the regular and the GF products.  I plan on having separate equipment, utensils, storage, and displays.  Staff training is also KEY. 
Hi Ashley -   Wow - I just read through all the response you received to your initial post.  Here's my 2 cents.  I was a career changer who decided to pursue my passion in baking and went to culinary school (The CIA) for a degree in baking and pastry arts, with no prior hands-on or bakery experience.   Although I made the right decision to go to school, I watched many others start with the same dreams and passion as you expressed, only to drop out after they...
I agree with everyone else about the sugar, but have a few more suggestions for you.  I make marshmallows all the time.  Be sure you whip the mixture until the bottom of the bowl is room temperature.  Once you get the mixture into the pan, cover it with the cornstarch/10X mixture and let it set overnight at room temp before attempting to cut them.  Once cut, keep dusted with the cornstarch/10X mixture to prevent them from sticking together. 
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