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i like vegetarian food - when its done properly... soups are good examples of satisfying non meat meals! i think sometimes we need to look away from changing our food from western culture and look toward cuisines that were built on vegetarianism - theyre used to making their meals satisfying without meat... indian is a good example! curries and dahl can be great with no meat!
man i looooove beetroot! i love it pickled.. on burgers, sandwiches, straight from the can, cubed in salad with fetta... yummmm!!i just accept the juice as part of the beety experience, not too worried about the purple stains!
every now n again if i get an awesome meal, i ask the waitress who was on pans/larder whatever, and i tell them to add a beer to my bill for them at the end of the night. one time i did that, the head chef sent me out a free dessert and came out and said that the chef very much appreciated my gesture, and that he was glad that ppl were happy to dish out praise as easily as they can dish out a complaint!
lol dylan, not sure if you noticed that im actually using YOUR recipe for the french loaf? I didnt know you were on here... but yeah a sourdough was pretty much what i was going for, just have to find a recipe to tell me exactly what to do :) have a book coming telling me pretty much how to do all this, but am curious as to whether or not you guys have tried it and if so, how it all works out and the flavour etc.
my first thoughts would be to treat it like venison? however ive only ever eaten elk salami, and it was horrible lol so i can advise you not to make that ;-)
oh, no its the french loaf recipe i was using! that foccacia was a bit time consuming, didnt have that much time!!but yeah i have a book on order thats about making a base dough a nd then having it in the fridge and every day you take out what you nee and bake it fresh, each day the flavour develops further, getting closer to a sourdough by the end of the week... i dont think ill freeze it though...so if i let it prove once, and then give it a quick knead then stick it in...
How well does bread dough keep?? id love to have fresh bread most days, but id really rather not have to physically make it, let ir prove, knead it etc every  morning (im not a morning person, its hard enough to brew my coffee!) so im wondering if i could make up a batch on the weekend form it, then freeze/refrigerate it so that i can take the dough out and throw it in the oven in the morning?im following this recipe...
heya DC, yeah margs is a great place, would be awesome to be able to work down there at some stage! fab wine down there and its beautiful as well... pretty hard to beat wine country!!and yeah, i figure that while i have the drive now, i should plan to get on board! i think its just taken me this long to realise that cooking is actually what i love, and that its a bit more than a hobby. i always used to say that i loved to cook but didnt wanna be a chef cos the hours were...
just sent you an email too! hope its not lost in the junk mail folder!
soups are good to make, theyre often cheap and you can make loads and freeze them for later... on a weekend just dedicate the afternoon to cooking a soup and a stew/chili and portion it out and freeze it.google some recipes - dont be scared to give some things a try! something like cauliflower soup isnt likely something high up on your "i must try this" list, but when you make it well its delicious, same as potato, bacon and leek soup... or pumpkin soup...
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