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Hello Im doing baking/pastry too and I have been looking as well and cant really find anything. I found a list of organizations that offer culinary arts scholarships, but nothing really specifically for baking/pastry arts People call me Kat too. Where are you going to school at?
CIA is very well known as is J&WU. I think it depends on what you are looking to get out of the program. You should visit both campuses and talk to the heads of the program. I know a master chef and he told me that the name of the school matters when you get your first job, but then after that it doesnt matter where you went to school. What matters is your cooking talent/skill. Go wherever you feel like you would get the most valuable education. Most people would choose CIA.
Hi, I'm going to school for baking/pastry starting in August in Charleston, SC. I cannot wait to begin. I don't have a solid plan for when I graduate. I just know that I want to work under a highly skilled/talented pastry chef for a few years and soak up all the knowledge I can and work on my craft. I know it will not be easy and it will be hard work, but at least I will be learning and enjoying what I'm doing. I also want to eventually have my own bakery/cafe.  A chef...
I work with a chef and he told me that working at hotels would be a good idea. You would definitely see variety.
I agree with Pete McCraken. School is really just a foundation it does not make you a chef. Experience and skills/talent gets you places in the culinary world. Your work ethic and product speaks for itself. I start culinary school this fall and I know its a just a stepping stone. I know I need to do an apprenticeship under an excellent chef so I can learn, practice and work on my skill. If your looking for a career so you can make a lot of money I suggest you get a degree...
Hello chef! How is Spain? I have been thinking a lot about Spain these past few weeks. I wouldnt mind moving there in a few years. Is it hard for U.S citizens to get citizenship or visas over there?
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