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Hi Oldschool1982! Thank you very much for the information. I am asking about the hotdogs for a greek sausage and hotdog producer who has a problem with soggy or rather not crisp hotdog skins. I will contact the company you mentioned above to ask for more details. It was very kind of you to help me. 
Does anyone know how to get the skin of a hotdog to 'snap'? When preparing hotdogs the skin remains soft- any ideas as to how to get the initial 'crunch' when you first bite into a hotdog? Thanks!
Thanks for the suggestions.  Yes, cupcakes are making their way as comfort food into this part of the world as well. Small gems of cakes for small pocket books. As I am trying to open a shop I think i'll keep away from silicone. I am concerned about uniform heating and at the volumes I am tending towards I wanted something sturdy. But thanks anyway.
Could anyone please tell me which cupcake tins I should buy for my new cupcake store?
Thank you Nicko very much. i will stick to the parchment paper.  
Thanks Huy BuiYes i am, i am making chocolate chip cookies (amongst others) with both baking soda and baking powder - as for the defrosting - I actually just pop them straight in the oven- do i have to get rid of the baking soda?  I am afraid they won't taste the same. Thank you so much for your pointing this out. I will try them w/out the soda as you suggest though.truth is I have a myriad of questions concerning freezing cookie dough:Is there maybe a particular type of...
 Does anyone know how long one can keep cookie dough in the freezer because i noticed that the cookies don't rise as well after one month and are far more delicate than when i made them originally.  Is there any way of preventing this? Thanks!
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