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Hi there Mr. Raichlen! Thanks for participating in this great Q&A. In your barbecuing travels, what's the strangest thing you've seen grilled? Have there been any techniques that surprised you in your travels?
Now that sounds like a dream come true for me (although I don't actually drink that much wine). We have a bakery in San Francisco which is exclusively a bakery but they bake their bread in the afternoon so when folks are on their way home from work they can pick up a loaf. I would certainly love to stop by for a loaf of bread and a little glass of wine after work.
I saw an interesting oven test in Cook's Illustrated a while back to get an idea of what your oven is doing. I don't know if it will help test how how the top of the oven is but it might! Basically the simple test was so take a loaf of slices bread (probably white as wheat had a bit more natural color) and put down a layer of slices, one next to the other. This forms a grid essentially. Then when you turn on your oven and the bread begins to toast, you'll be able to see...
Oh my! It's been a little while since I first asked my question (the holiday season was a busy one this year) but thank you for all the great info! I had no idea there were so many variations of paprika. Now what I have to do is a taste test! I'm thinking maybe I'll keep it basic and make a bunch of deviled eggs with the different paprikas sprinkled on top.
Hi all! I was making a dry rub the other day and it specifically called for sweet paprika. And I was sweet paprika different from other kinds of paprika? Thanks!
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