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I wouldn't touch Safari for Windows with a 10 foot pole :)
Anyone interested in watching Iron Chef America (April 23-25)? I'm not the biggest Iron Chef fan, but I have to admit, the hype is drawing me in :)
I can't say anything bad about mints :)
Click for full story When I first got my braces in 6th grade, I had to give up chewing gum. Since I never really learned how to blow bubbles, it wasn't a big deal for me. After I got my braces off, I never really got back into the habit. Every now and then, I'll chomp on some chewing gum, but that's about it. How important is gum to your life these days? :D
Over the weekend on Ebert and Roper, both gave the film thumbs up. Ebert was surprisingly emphatic about the film and the overall meaning. (Audio of the review can be found here) Ebert's Sun Times review can be found here. Of note is the way he prefaces his review:Do I think Gibson would have edited it if the film had been given an NC-17 rating? If Mel was a traditional Hollywood director, he would reedit the film to get an R rating. NC-17 is the kiss of death for...
Sprite Ice... otherwise known as Scope.
Hi Leslie... thanks so much for spending time here. Great to have the interaction. I was wondering if you have spent time traveling over the route taken by Lewis and Clark, and if so, did this have any effect in how you approached writing your book?
Looks like oranage Mountain Dew is coming. Have these "line extensions" of popular drinks gotten out of hand?
Has anyone seen or read anything about's new restaurant service? I see that it is in beta, and they are still tweeking it, but I just found it interesting.
I hate how people misinterpret this whole "separation of church and state" issue. Like it's in the constitution or something. Which it isn't. And if you really looked at the historical background on how this phrase came into meaning, you'd be amazed at how off-track this ruling really is.
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