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lower the temp of the oil you are frying it in. this will allow it to cook evenly
Thanks to all!   I'm sorry I started these arguments. I was wondering if the dough had to rise because it hadn't risen as fast as my other doughs. But in the end, it ended up rising in the oven. So thank you.   Erin   P.S. And yes, I did use yeast!
When I used a marshmellow fondant recipe, it didn't really give me a set amount to use. It was like, "about 2 cups of powdered sugar." But be careful not to put too much or else it wil start to crack and dry out.
more powdered sugar
does pizza dough have to rise?
Does the dough have to rise? Will it taste any different?
yea  but thats white chocolate. its completely different. but thanks
Keep everything else the same but add a little bit more oil and it will keep everything moist inside and out.
I think that using 1/4 cup of evoo will be a good substitute for the butter. Not only will this be nutritious but it will be a good healthy and tasty side that everyone can enjoy.Other than that,good recipe!-Camerin
You should subtract about half a cup from your recipe and try it out. If it's still too sugary take out more. Also, adding half a teaspoon of vanilla extract makes it have a really good full taste.
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