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Has anyone tried mixing chicory into their coffee?
Happy New Year from Tennessee -5 EST
I have been looking online but I haven't been able to really find much other than chestnut stuffing which I have never had, and to me roasted chestnuts by themselves aren't very appetizing so if anyone can help with some ideas I would greatly appreciate it.   Any dishes will be prepared at home not in a restaurant so I will be slightly limited as to what I will be able to do.
For making individual creme brulee, custards, flan and that type of thing?   I have only been able to find them online line and would prefer to buy them local instead of having to get them shipped.
Now that was a pretty awesome video
This year we decided to freeze our crop of tomatoes instead of the regular canning ... have any of you had much luck doing it this way?   We basically blanched them to remove the skins and then cored and vacuum sealed them, dehydrated some and juiced some Roma's and put everything into the freezer
Now that's how it gets done
I wanted to grow San Marzano's again this year but forgot to save some seeds and couldn't find any this year ... so I settled with Roma's, Better Boys and what I think is an heirloom yellow tomato. I have no idea what the name of it would be .. the seed was given to my dad years ago by an older lady  and she probably didn't know the name either ..... I have around 42 tomato plants for me the wife and son  ;-P Plus around two dozen each of eggplant and bell pepper...
Or any of his other books?   And if you have what do you think of him and his books?
Welcome to the site!!!!!   I know what you mean I basically did the same thing concerning food (bad thing is I could have gone into the ARMY as an airborne cook straight out of high school but at the time I laughed it off)
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