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Be glad of it I got sent packing last month due to company wide position cuts after being with the company for 8.5 years.
For the holidays although I know Honduras isn't really known for it's food does anyone have any recommendations? I will be in Comayaua for 2 weeks and should be doing some light traveling (I hope) Any recommendations on foodstuffs that I should bring back? Breads, hots sauces, and Honduran butter ( I'm not even going to try to spell the correct name) is a couple of the things that I will definitely be bringing back any other suggestions would be greatly...
  AMEN my friend AMEN I do the majority of the cooking in my house in the beginning it was more survival mode than anything ( I got sick and tired of eating mac and cheese and romin noodles) now don't get me wrong my wife is an excellent cook she just doesn't like to do it, but she does do the cleaning around the house but one of my biggest pet peeves is when the pots and pans don't get put back where they belong, I know exactly where they are supposed to be and it...
Well depending on your oven if you cut your time by about I would think 10-15 minutes you should be OK, I don't know how criticizing the people are that will be enjoying your cheesecake but if  (heaven forbid) it cracks you could always cover the mistake with some type of fruit such as cherries, strawberries or something along those lines. Good luck and let us know how things turn out.    
Welcome to the site!!! I love French cuisine I will be checking out your site And again welcome to the site and I hope you enjoy!!!
Welcome to the site, come in take a rest check the forums and if you have any questions fire away!!!
  And to me that's a down right crying shame, I have noticed that my son's accent is nothing like my own and I have no problem with my heritage and anyone that thinks my accent sounds funny or "unsophisticated" can kiss my rump, I actually had a guy from Boston make fun of my accent one time ..... Are you frickin kidding me!!!!. I'm sorry but to me the Boston accent is a very thick accent just as much if not more than the southern/appalachian accent. And if I ever start...
Given I am from east Tn I have to go with Food Pump's Texan's definition  a "pee-can" is something you would pee in and the word pecan is pronounced like the letter "P" followed by cahn. But you also have to remember that the Tn. and Tx. accents are very similar also note that some of our families were cut off for a long time back in the day due to traveling difficulties and some of use still use some of the old english language terms such as ye and various others, and...
  Ya know that used to be my exact method of measuring as well    however as of this upcoming Monday I will have not touched a drop in an entire month ... I never realized just how much alcohol was used in pure vanilla extract but given how little it usually takes I don't think I really see a problem in using it now and again  
not sure you could call it an herb or spice but for American how about sassafras? Root and leaves can be used ... not sure about the bark.
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