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Yes pigs have a very good sense of smell the reason they started using dogs is because the pigs were smart enough to realize that the truffles actually tasted good and they had the very bad habit of eating the truffles themselves 
I have to say yes grease traps are nasty, rotten potatoes are disgusting but one of the worst is when you go to grab a "tater" and your fingers kinda just go about half way into it 
I have found these rings online fairly cheap but I kept noticing something ... people kept mentioning using tuna cans, I guess this is my question ... how would you go about cutting off the bottom of the can and is it really worth the aggravation of doing it when the real deal is fairly cheap to begin with?
Find a local restaurant, not a chain and apply for a dish washer position and if you can handle that go in early a few days a week or just come in on a day off and ask the chef if you can help out off the clock.
Do you rinse before basically to just make sure it's clean or does it also get rid of excess starch?
Millers Crossing   "Here read this" "No thanks I don't do horror comics" "You'll want to read this one.... think of it as a survival guide
Given how much starch this rice puts out do you rinse your rice after cooking or leave it as is?
CHILL   Chilli Has Individual Love Layers     CREAM
When your talking about a disk bottomed pan are you talking about something like the allclad pans that have the big thick plate or what ever the heck it is on the bottom? If so I have never really cared for the look of them, I have a 9.5" pan and a 2 qt. saute pan from Viking that I absolutely love ... they have the same thickness on the bottom and sides.
Get a serrated knife with an offset handle that feels good in your hand ... less banging of the knuckles with the offset handle. You can probably get one at a used restaurant supply store.
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