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When your talking about a disk bottomed pan are you talking about something like the allclad pans that have the big thick plate or what ever the heck it is on the bottom? If so I have never really cared for the look of them, I have a 9.5" pan and a 2 qt. saute pan from Viking that I absolutely love ... they have the same thickness on the bottom and sides.
Get a serrated knife with an offset handle that feels good in your hand ... less banging of the knuckles with the offset handle. You can probably get one at a used restaurant supply store.
Man those things look awesome!!!!! But for me I just can't justify the price ... if I could make my own however .... well that's a different story all together 
"What Einstein told his cook" by Robert L. Wolke
  LoL Same here although now's not the right time of year to be killing rabbits as they just recently had their young plus it's to hot, you really only want to take wild rabbit during the winter months. Given that I grew up hunting and fishing I find threads like this one very interesting given that someone can eat beef, pork, chicken and fish and not think a thing about it but Bambi or Per Cottontail on a plate and that they have issues with. I have no problem at all...
It's already affecting the seafood industry right now I saw on the news this morning where a lot of fishermen are basically dry docked because of the oil leak and the 20 Billion? No one is seeing any of it as of yet. And the dispersal agent that they are using is more or less causing the oil to stay below the surface of the water and it's coming to shore anyway despite any and all so called efforts. The fact that this entire thing happened is a down right shame on...
Zane ... They sell the egg whites as a way to get rid of the cholesterol and fat that is in the yolk   I use my bare hands for separating eggs as well although I do have gloves next to the sink due to the fact that I love shrimp but have developed an allergic reaction to raw shrimp.
Try a local farmers market and if you can't find one the cukes in the store should be just fine as long as you wash them with some type of vegetable wash or you could probably just use plain soapy water as long as you rinse them very well. That's what we did growing up and we canned a lot of vegetables from our garden.
I'm sorry to hear about your friends son it really sucks to hear this kind of news ... about 2 years ago we found out that one of our neices has an incredibly rare type of leukemia ... she's still in the fight and taking medication but from what I understand she's in pain almost all of the time.
Totally Rightously Outrageous Umami Treats   BLOOD
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