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BTW I just wanted to check how is the dishwasher doing did he manage to survive trying to eat that pepper? Doesn't enough capsaicin cause blistering?
OMG I am absolutely RFLMAO on this one!!!! I knew ghost peppers are hot but I had no idea they were that bad!!!   But the thing seriously burned her mouth even after she had washed the knife off and all she did was cut a smear a nobb of butter?!?!?!?   All I can saw is DAMN!!!!
Really Only Serious Eaters Slurp   KEFIR   I'm a bit confused ... I thought the answer and challenge had to be something about food or am I wrong?
Good Light Udon takeout every night.   UMAMI
The most common brand where I live is Ball Park and I get the all beef ones myself (I kinda like to know what's in my dog ... no snouts and whatnot) As far as toppings ohh man!!!! I like them topped with chili, jalapenos and cheese/ chili and coleslaw/ onions, mustard and jalapenos .... but then again I will put Jalapenos and/or hot sauce on just about anything  
cocoa   Charcoal only cooks ..... obviously anything!!!!!   BREAD
I have several of  James Peterson's books and IMO they are all great the only problem especially in Sauces you practically need a dictionary to understand what he's trying to teach. I prefer the second edition more so than the third ( I have never seen the first edition). Another book that I really have enjoyed is "Gastronomy of Italy" by Anna Del Conte. This is not a book with recipes but I really enjoyed the book "What Einstein told his cook".
Yes pigs have a very good sense of smell the reason they started using dogs is because the pigs were smart enough to realize that the truffles actually tasted good and they had the very bad habit of eating the truffles themselves 
I have to say yes grease traps are nasty, rotten potatoes are disgusting but one of the worst is when you go to grab a "tater" and your fingers kinda just go about half way into it 
I have found these rings online fairly cheap but I kept noticing something ... people kept mentioning using tuna cans, I guess this is my question ... how would you go about cutting off the bottom of the can and is it really worth the aggravation of doing it when the real deal is fairly cheap to begin with?
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