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At first glance I thought it was a miter box ... awesome job!!!!!!!!  
Tell me about it, I was one of those guys ... I was out of work for over 13 months, luckily my wife works and about the only bills we have is a mortgage, car payment and utilities, so I am definately grateful.
Thanks guys I really appreciate it   @Marcata, I can use all of the luck I can get and with some extra luck I will be back to visit your part of the world within the next year or two .... well Barcelona anyways  :)
FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!     I just got a call from the manager with the company I was hoping to hear back from and they want me to come in the morning to look over the paper work for the proposal ........ I'm finally back in the workforce!!!!!!!
Well Santa didn't get me a thing ..... I however bought myself 2 Matfer Bourgeat black carbon steel pans a  8.5" and a 12" if I remember the sizes right and so far I am absolutely loving them.
I'm not sure but I do agree with BDL .... toss it and sterilize everything that the butter has come into contact with.   It could be anything from enzymatic browning maybe?   To bacterial contamination
To be honest if you hadn't mentioned it I probably would haven't noticed it but yes the butterfly is upside down and is missing it's antennae but like I said before if you hadn't mentioned it I probably wouldn't have really noticed that the wings are attached to the bottom of the body and not the top ..... I MIGHT have noticed the antennae on my own.   But those two things to me in no way take anything away from the cake ... it's absolutely beautiful!!!!
Sorry to hear about your loss man I really am ... to be honest two out of the three I can understand, I have worked with people like the one that never stays in one place to long ... they work all day long as if they were fighting a brush fire and then one day for what ever reason their gone, the one that got her dream apprenticeship, to be honest you and I both would have probably done the same thing. The one that sent the SMS, now to me that was just wrong.   You...
I think what KY was meaning is that it's on the main page of this site set up on a random picture rotation ... meaning click on the home tab at the top of the page and on the home page there is a rotating set of pics (carousel) at the top
Your time and temperature should still be good with a slightly larger pan ( you might need a few more minutes )   One thing that could make a difference is what material the new pan is made out of versus the old pan and as you already know darker pans heat up faster.
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