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Welcome to the site, I hope you enjoy yourself here there is a lot of great info and knowledge to be found here!!!!  
hash, pot pies, po boys, turkey and dumplings
Water in the morning instead of at night ... are they in a well drainable pot or do the pots hold water? Other than that just make sure the dirt in the pot is damp not wet (put your finger into the soil up to the first joint to test) and that they get plenty of sun
I second the trick with the paper bag ...works great with plaintains too!!!
At first glance I thought it was a miter box ... awesome job!!!!!!!!  
Tell me about it, I was one of those guys ... I was out of work for over 13 months, luckily my wife works and about the only bills we have is a mortgage, car payment and utilities, so I am definately grateful.
Thanks guys I really appreciate it   @Marcata, I can use all of the luck I can get and with some extra luck I will be back to visit your part of the world within the next year or two .... well Barcelona anyways  :)
FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!     I just got a call from the manager with the company I was hoping to hear back from and they want me to come in the morning to look over the paper work for the proposal ........ I'm finally back in the workforce!!!!!!!
Well Santa didn't get me a thing ..... I however bought myself 2 Matfer Bourgeat black carbon steel pans a  8.5" and a 12" if I remember the sizes right and so far I am absolutely loving them.
I'm not sure but I do agree with BDL .... toss it and sterilize everything that the butter has come into contact with.   It could be anything from enzymatic browning maybe?   To bacterial contamination
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