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I think what KY was meaning is that it's on the main page of this site set up on a random picture rotation ... meaning click on the home tab at the top of the page and on the home page there is a rotating set of pics (carousel) at the top
Your time and temperature should still be good with a slightly larger pan ( you might need a few more minutes )   One thing that could make a difference is what material the new pan is made out of versus the old pan and as you already know darker pans heat up faster.
Congratulations, mission accomplished!!
Yup he supposedly made a comment along the lines of "Turn me over for this side is cooked"   There are several saints for cooks, bakers, confectioners and pastry makers  
Welcome to the forum!!!!
Well to me soul food for the most part is not healthy food anyways ... it's what it is .. food for the soul ... which means this ... It's good for the soul not necessarily good for the heart and fried chicken is a mainstay in soul food.   And anyone that thinks that soul food is diet food should have their head examined.
Not a problem I am in a  constant state of confusion    Things are looking promising, I hadn't been back home more than an hour or two when the manager called me and asked if I would be able to do a ride along Monday morning and to be honest in the 15+ years that I have been doing this type of work with several different employers this is the first time that I have ever been asked to do something like this.   And I'm like you as well, I actually like to work and...
Thanks for the encouragement .... actually I wasn't going in for a restaurant position as I have been out of a kitchen for several years now but this was for a electronics technician position .... actually I wouldn't mind trying to get into a kitchen part time at least for the holidays.   I've never tried picturing an interviewer naked before but for some reason this place decided to have 3 people there to interview and ask me questions ... I have had 2 people interview...
I am finally going on a job interview this morning  .... I know it's a weird time of year for someone to be hiring but with any luck who knows?
I just tried to install RecipeFox and it stated that it wouldn't work with my version of FireFox ... and I use version 8 .. hmmm wierd
New Posts  All Forums: