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Your formula is very similar to Peter Rienhart's for simple white bread except he has 1 large egg in his, I actually use his formula all of the time for making bread using either a regular bread pan or pullman pan and I have been getting great results. There are a few things that I do different however ... 1) I don't use a bread machine ... or mixer for that matter, I do however use a scale and at a minimum I weigh my flour, butter and sugar 2) I use warm water not...
I didn't mean to come across quite so strong but you did ask the questions   Any parties up at the CIA? Hot girls? Night life?   Those are questions concerning the party life at CIA not the education.   But as it were,welcome to ChefTalk and by all means tell us a little about yourself ie... how long have you been in the culinary field, why did you chose CIA and which campus are you planning on attending?
If your going there to party I would suggest you do yourself a favor and find a cheaper school .... better yet skip the schools entirely and just go out and hit the clubs .... it would be a lot easier on your bank account and you wouldn't be wasting anyone's time other than your own.
Not sure just yet but I think that may have done it .. Thanks Phatch I really appreciate it.
It practically blocks the entire page and I have to close it to see anything, I am running FireFox 8.0   And as I said this isn't just a now and then thing ... this is every single time I go from one page to another here at ChefTalk
I hate to admit it but I have been trying to get back into the workforce for almost an entire year now and to say the least I'm at the point to where I'm wondering if I will ever get a job, ever place I go to says the same thing "We can take your application but we aren't really hiring right now".   I have been applying to a lot of places online ie.. sending E-Mails and faxing and for the most part never hear back from them or it turns out to be a scam, and the ones...
Is it worth using (does it really make that much of a difference in taste and texture?) and for those that do use it what types of bread to you bake using it?
ROFLMAO man am I glad I had already put my soda down when I read that!!!
Good looking crumb on your bread, did you score the bread just before baking it?   If your interested a very good book on baking is "Bread Bakers Apprentice" by Peter Reinhart (actually I'm a fan of every book of his that I have looked at) "Bread" by Jeffery Hamelman is another, if you have access to a public library you can check them out to see if it's something that you would like to buy sometime in the future.
I have to go with SherBel on this one I bake bread at home all the time and I pull mine at an internal temp of 190 and have pulled it when it was as low as 180 and it's always turned out great
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