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Ummmm in my defense and I seriously plead the 5th or the 1st, 2nd or what have you, I promise I didn't tell your hubby a thing!!!!!!! It wasn't the "Don't forget the cannoli" type of look was it?     On a serious note is this pickled bell peppers that your looking for here are they spicy or roasted or anything ... crunchy, soft, salty canned in pickling solution or oil maybe?
Are you talking about a regular bell pepper or the long italian cooking peppers ... I can't remember the exact name ... cubanele or something like that?   Plus you have to remember your competing with a memory and I'm willing to bet the memory of what they tasted like will win more times than the actual taste ... plus with most people no body cooks better than mama ..... except grandma or in your husbands case nonna!!!!!
I need ideas for things I can grow in the garden this late in the year now that the weather is starting to cool off ... I know I can plant mustard greens but I really don't know that much about what to grow for late summer and fall weather .... I grew up in a family that grew a garden every year until the time I was about 13 and due to a loss in the family we stopped growing a garden so I am clueless as to what I can grow late in the year.   Any and all...
Mmmmm bacon ... I really like the sound of that ... the only problem now is I'm pretty sure that I just used the last of what I had for the season :(   I guess I could use some from the grocery store though.
I have been wondering how this would turn out so I am wondering if anyone has tried this and what the results were ... I'm sure somewhere and sometime it's been done before.   Any input is greatly appreciated.   Thanks in advance
Being from (and still there) the southeast U.S. I have always called it que - men So more or less that's close enough to que man   :)
Welcome to the forums I for one hope you enjoy your stay!!!!!
I have an enameled Lodge dutch oven and it works great ... granted the Le Creuset is much prettier but I think I would rather scuff up a lodge (much cheaper and by all accounts the same)
It's sad really but these among other culinary professions/arts are becoming extinct the world over and from my travels the U.S. is one of the worst there is. It seems like the world over has gotten caught up in such a whirlwind of fast food and convenience foods that the hand crafted culinary arts are getting left in the past and to me that is an absolute shame.   For example I can almost guarantee that the majority of the people if asked on the street if they...
In our profile section where we can select our culinary background is there any particular reason that "Baker" isn't one of the options?   There are choices like Butcher, Pastry Chef and so on but not baker ... nothing against anyone being a butcher but I would think the option of baker would be just as popular if not more so than being a butcher ... in all honesty I wish there were more butcher shops in my area (there might actually be a decent selection if there...
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