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Butter, garlic, prawns -   a match made in heaven,   however on holiday once in Spain the flavour I shall never forget,  is  the taste  of the huge shell on prawns which were quickly and simply cooked on high heat in the olive oil of the region, it will be with me always - sheer bliss!!  
Hope this helps. I use this method as like using very fresh eggs,  once they are boiled and completely cooled as mentioned previously,   with the palm  of your hand roll them over the work surface pressing on them gently, until the shell cracks evenly all over, they will be ready to peel much more easily now.  
Good luck Justin,  safe journey back to  Seattle.
Neculae,  thankyou for your recipe, with regard to using as a rub for chicken or beef, would you leave this in a refridgerator overnight as you would a marinade, or use just before cooking? I am wondeering if left overnight, it could overpower  the chicken's delicate flavour, would it  depend on whether or not the skin is left on the chicken?    Many thanks. 
KYHeirloomer,  What a wonderful combination of spices, thank you so much, I look forward to grinding this together soon,   I found a recipe for G M. on the internet, but  it only contained 4 or 5 ingredients, this is much more like it!   thanks to you and of course Souvir  
I thoroughly dislike coffee, but used as a sort of "spice"  does works wonders in a way that adds depth of flavour, also in a beef Chilli,  trust me on this!   
Please could you point me in the right direction to find Souvir Saran's recipe, as I love the spices and have a good stock of dried roses for culinary use, thank you.
KYheirloomer,  yes courgette/zuchinni smell very unpleasant to me when heated,  I do have a very very sensitive nose.  The larger fruit a Marrow, so called  in the UK,  does not have that smell it is with the much  smaller zuchinni type that I have a problem with, overcook it too much and  to me it is rather slimy.       Chrislehrer  -  Ratatouille although a french word I have always mistakenly thought of as Greek, probably because of the use of the...
I hate them too, horrible slimy things, just the smell of them cooking makes me feel ill,the only way I am able to tolerate them is in a Greek? ratatouille - have I spelt that correctly the word sounds "al la francais"  to me, however I always think of it as a  Greek vegetable dish.   I think underdone, only just cooked, al dente, is best with them.
Had never heard of Julia Child until these past couple of months,  however I do own a copy  of Larousse Gastronomique, am quite in awe of this masterpiece,  and is handled by me with great reverence.
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