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Mario, welcome to Cheftalk.I hope my colleagues didn't chase you away with their humor. You didn't provide us with much to go on.Are you a line cook? Yes prawns can be overcooked. They become rubbery to the mouth.
A Chef friend turned me on to "Schmoo." At least that's what HE called it.   Equal parts Dijon mustard and smashed roasted garlic in the food processor.   I make a large batch and put it in plastic in the cooler. It has a great shelf life. Now....as to its' use. Smear it all over a chicken and roast it uncovered. Smear it on a inside round and roast. Smear it on a Steamship Round of beef and roast. It's great on steaks, whole roasted beef tenderloin, even tossed...
When I worked in Banquets on hot summer days, the kitchen easily reached 115. The Mexicans would peel and slice cucumbers, squeeze fresh lime juice over them and sprinkle heavily with cayenne pepper. It takes getting used to but it is refreshing and helps cool you off.
ChefBillyB QUOTE:   "I posted this not for people to agree or disagree with what I posted. I think it's a good discussion typic on how each Chef will look at their own kitchen or business. In this business labor cost control has always been a big factor. I feel the min wage increase will make every operator to rethink again how their kitchen will operate. To take this a bit farther just think of how fast-food chains will approach this. It's going to be interesting on how...
 This is SPOT ON Foodpump. While in Chicago running the banquet place I did not allow Sysco in the building from day 1.I used Kraft and US Foods. My reps were excellent and kept me abreast of any changes that might happen.They even delivered stuff the driver or I forgot personally.
Yes I see what you are saying and your example of Mother's Day is something that does happen from time to time. By and large though, the process of picking the product in the wee hours of the morning is done, not by your rep, but by someone else. That person reads off a computer generated list.They take that list into the cooler to retrieve those strawberries. They guy scratches his head and says to himself...."I've got thirty-six flats of strawberries but I need to fill...
How can we expect our employees to observe cell phone restrictions while on the clock, when our elected officials "tweet" and FB from their seats while in session doing their elected duties?
Sounds like you've had some pretty bad experiences. To use your venacular: DE GUSTIBUS NON EST DISPARTATUM
Even in small town America, you'll find the pierced, tattooed, and colorful hair. Things is, in these places people stare at you and refuse to be served by you. Server with her nose, and eyebrow piercings comes to your table with her 8 month old baby in her arms, and her enlarged breasts staring at you to take your order. Nothing new here.
Morel spores are hard to figure out. I have a buddy who has morels by the 100's in his backyard after a good rain. This season has been dry so far but we are expecting some rain to come in by tomorrow.....Here's hoping for a good harvest.
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