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My comment has to do with your very first line:   I am transitioning from a short-order breakfast cook with experience cooking and prepping in campus settings, but never having worked on the line before i wanted to move into that fast paced environment.   If I'm not mistaken a short order cook IS working a line no?   If this be true you have some pretty good talents going for you, especially on a busy breakfast shift.   These are the things you teach to the line...
  Curious....I've made squirrel a few times but always as a stew, because I was under the impression that the meat required low heat for a long time to make it tender.Would the meat lend itself to a medium rare preparation?We have red, gray, and black squirrels here.
I'm so sorry that you got roped into this situation. I've been there myself.   I worked for a banquet house that expected the kitchen to grill the steaks while the guests ate their salads.   They went out and purchased 2 8' long lava rock gas grills. I took one look at them and told the owners the only way we can cook the steaks and serve the guest in a timely manner was to "mark" the steaks on the grill and finish them to medium rare in the oven.   You options are...
Eggplant The species of nightshade grown for its' edible fruit comes in as this month's food challenge. Give me your best shot!!!
Sweep and Hand service refer to serving styles like Russian and French, but are usually used in more fine dining venues.   The service people bring the plated and domed food from the kitchen to the room and stand behind the seated guest.   A dining room manager signals and the food is placed in front of the guest and the dome removed.   This action is choreographed so that each server does the same move at the same time.   It is quite dramatic.   For this style...
It's a lost art these days.   Back in the day I was Garde Manger for the Hyatt in Chicago's O'hare area. I started on Thursday for Sunday brunch and did the Chau Froid pieces, The chicken salad piled on mirrors with slices of chicken breast neatly shingled over the salads with wine aspic ladled over.   I worked inside the walk-in cooler. It was huge. I had to make one salmon, one chicken, and one ham mirror plus either a basket or horn of plenty ice carving.    I had...
French Laundry Chef Thomas Keller believes in salting meats 24 hours in advance.   From 2005 Check it out:   http://www.cheftalk.com/t/14211/when-to-salt-beef
So true so true. My story is much the same. Weekly banquet meetings (BEO) was supposed to be with all the department heads. It almost always turned into "he said she said" complaint time. Meetings lasted way too long and barely got anything accomplished.   That's why I've always referred to "them" as MANGLEMENT!
Figure 4 oz raw pasta per person. About 75 pounds
Depends on the lettuce. Usually one one head of romaine will fee 5-7 people. Head lettuce usually 6-8 people.
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