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I've always loved cooking breakfast. Nicko. glad you're back in the saddle again.
Look it up!!
 Welcome to America.We wouldn't have to do that if eggs weren't washed first.Washing the eggs, destroys the eggs' natural defenses.
I used to watch his shows, but after it was discovered he falsified his resume I no longer have any respect for him.He may be a great cook but I have lost all credibility for him. 
Best advice so far....Been there and done that.I have always been a firm believer that EVERYONE get what's coming to them in the end.Always!!!
Pooled means cracking a whole lot of fresh eggs and mixing them together. The thought here is if one of those eggs is contaminated, it spoils the whole batch.
Meez....I don't know where you are but the health department forbids the pooling of eggs firstly, so fresh eggs are out of the question.   I have to use liquid eggs. To make them anywhere near tolerable, I have to add ingredients to them, not only for flavor but for stability in the chaffing dish. I'll use sour cream or a light Béchamel, sometimes, heavy cream, if I have it.   I personally will not allow the eggs to stay in the dish for more than an hour if buffet is...
Linked In has a huge data base for Chef's jobs
I feel your pain.   The facts are there. You are the F&B. Ultimately the buck stops with you. No Chef? Who's in charge of the kitchen?   If surveys are coming back with negative comments, well then,,,,,,that's a red flag no?   As a guest myself in hotels all across the country, I see this all the time. Those "improved" Continental breakfasts that hotel chains provide. Eggs are usually one massive chunk sitting in the chaffing dish or steam-table pan.   I also...
Yes welcome . Please stay in school.   What you are supposedly learning is invaluable. What you see going on in your job is what your instructors are trying to change.   The fact that one of your Chefs doesn't measure is just one of the many "problems" that exist in our industry today. How can a Chef keep a consistent food cost under control when they do not measure or keep recipes?    Really? You think being yelled at is okay, and or better than the professor...
New Posts  All Forums: