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On another note, flavor comes from searing, and to that end a frozen piece of meat will not impart its flavor in this way. Say, you have a chuck roast and it is thawed. You place it on a screaming hot pan and it sizzles, creating the fond you need to make a sauce. If it is frozen you cannot do this.
"P.s. I've never seen any chef work harder then a dishwasher. More hours?; sure of course, but not harder."   Unless, of course, the Chef is in the dish pit, at the end of a long day, helping the crew, creating a team like setting, and encouraging the help to work faster and more organized.
I understand now what you mean.But here's thing.... We all work in this industry for varying reasons. Some are here to make money and think of it as just a job.Some are here because they are dedicated to the food business and want to leave their mark. From the stand point of job motivation, willingness to do the job, I see no difference in the 2 examples. You are at a job to work and make money both for yourself and the company you work for.It doesn't matter what industry...
So in this way, you decide who gets your motivation, caring, creativity, and work ethic?You don't work hard when you feel the place is not deserving of your efforts?If you feel that way, then how do you manage to deal with management when they ask for more of you?
Warring has a nice table top fryer that is 120V. It has 1 large basket or 2 small ones, holds a gallon of oil and cleans easily.
I used to make that frosted ribbon thing when I worked at Marriott in the 70"s. It was masked in yellow colored cream cheese. Gross is an understatement.
That's wonderful but I hope your feeding a crowd.
Curious Mike............I noticed you didn't remove the silverskin from the roast in the picture. How did this cook up for you? I always remove it so that the meat isn't tough. Is this necessary?
I would be forever grateful if someone here could offer me a great fish supplier where I could get scampi. Not easy to find.
Interesting topic and timely too. Unless you're a fine dining venue where you cook from scratch, it's very difficult to create menus that are healthy and nutritious while using pre-made products. Many of the items used in fast food, chains, and even many "Mom and Pops" contains high levels of sodium, sugars, and preservatives, simply because these items are used to cut costs and simplify preparation. I'm not saying that healthy menu items can not be made with...
New Posts  All Forums: