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I never understood the idea of clear stock. If I'm making chicken stock for example, there are definite ratios of meat to vegetable to herbs. The resulting stock is bland and has very little flavor. Now make a sauce from this stock, and it too is bland, irrespective of enhancements. If I'm making a chicken soup from this stock, I must now add chicken base to bring out the flavor. Why? Shouldn't beef or chicken stock taste strongly of beef or chicken?
Is there a indentation on the underside of the glass? If so your thumb goes there and your palm grasps the glass.
I agree with many of the comments in this thread so far. The words "fine dining" and "quality" are ambiguous and subjective. That's why so many people would not be able to tell the difference between authentic and Americanized. The overused comment about Mexican or Indian foods being cheap to make is a misnomer. Ingredients are as ingredients are needed. The cost is irrelevant. Food, labor, and overhead are configured for profit. What it takes to cook international...
I've never heard of baking a soufflé twice. Soufflé is very delicate. Would you please explain further.
The Food Lovers Dictionary
Spot on everything Cronker said.   I might add that banquet captains are in charge of all wait staff but you'll need a Stewart that co-ordinates between the BOH and the FOH. T he Stewart makes sure your plates are hot, that your holding boxes are turned on, that the room is set up according to the BEO sheets, that everything will be ready to go on time.   Every place is different.  
Welcome to ChefTalk Masseurchef......... We are a community of cooks and Chefs here. We are made up of people from all walks of life and different ages. It is not uncommon to find guys (and gals)in their 40's and 50's still working the line. Truth is restaurant life is what you make it. Do not compare your self to others. Everyone responds to life's adventures differently. I think it's great that you will get some valuable experience on the line. Good Luck to you.
I have a Chef's Choice hand held blade sharpener that looks like a pizza cutter with 2 blades that will fit on either side of the mandolin blade.I bought it on Amazon.com
Been using a madolin for many years....with lots of cuts to prove it.   The wire mesh gloves IMHO are useless as they are not sanitary, carry lots of germs, and get stuck in the blades of the mandolin. I see people using the tool with a wire mesh glove and a latex glove over that......Do I want shredded pieces of latex in my food????   Having to ruffle cut 2 50# bags of carrots teaches you how to use the cutter correctly.   MillionKnives is right on the money. Keep...
BrianShaw....you hit the nail on the head.As I read the posts I was waiting for someone to mention milk.The milk is the ingredient that makes the crust. I make an upside-down apple pie with walnuts and icing. I heat a small amount of milk and brown sugar in a pan until dissolved, than add the confectioners sugar. Once poured and spread, the icing hardens to a crisp consistency.
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