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Ed...wouldn't you say that cooking from this book would be a labor of love, not to be taken lightly?The idea of spending large amounts of time and energy to re-create a dish is not something many find appealing.I believe that the book serves that purpose for those who wish to partake......no?
You might find that you'll need more bones than just the one duck to get the gelatin you need. And you might need a little Knox....just to give it a bit more ooomph!
The trick is to remove the ginger root from the freezer and grate it while frozen. Works great.
Tart shells usually come with a bottom and the ring like a miniature spring form pan. These sound like they might be English Muffin rings?   Yet....they might be something new. To that end, you may need a non-stick material like Silpat to place the rings on. Depending on the size of Silpat you may be able to get as many as 8-9 tart rings on it. Prepare and roll your dough as per usual and place, crimp and adjust in the rings as they are on the sheet.
Hot Bacon dressing as for spinach salad.   Cooked bacon is drained of fat. Saute sweet onion and bell pepper in bacon drippings, add vinegar, water, sugar, salt. Bring to a simmer and thicken slightly with cornstarch slurry. Add chopped bacon and you are ready to go. Hard boiled egg slices, mushrooms sliced and red onion rings complete the salad. Maybe a ripe tomato wedge as well.
 From a baker with more than a couple decades experience working with bread dough everyday, I know that recipes are mere guidelines. I know that making bread at home is no where the same as it is commercially, and that recipe writers offer tips and other preparation techniques in order for the home baker to turn out bakery style or hearth baked loaves. To that end, there ARE some dough that need to be handled carefully as to not deflate those wonderful bubbles, but I also...
The recipes of yesterday told us to cook the tomato sauce for a long time. These days tomatoes are not as acidic as they once were, so prolonged cooking of a sauce is no longer necessary.   Your addition of brown sugar has me wondering if it is necessary? That would explain the sweetness as your sauce reduces.   Some Chefs would use a pinch of baking soda to combat the acidity too. Red wine in Bolognese as helps curb the acidity.
I am amazed that no one has t courage to offer up the microwave as an alternative heat source. Wrapped in a wet paper towel and cooked in the microwave gives corn on the cob some pretty descent results. Never thought I'd say that in a million years, until I tried it. Love it.   But my favorite way to prepare corn is to pull back the corn husk and remove the silk then replace the husk and tie with string. I soak the corn for about an hour or more, then they go right in...
The problem is no problem at all.The air bubbles are normal from fermentation, but you must punch down the dough and be forceful with it as you form the loaf.As you shape the dough you must use the lower part of the palm of your hand to punch air bubbles out and form the dough into the loaf.shape you want. Simply put.....you need to work on your shaping and forming skills.
How about plant based sweeteners such as Stevia?
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