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This evening there were guests in from Lebanon. As to honor their country I made a traditional Kibbeh Nayye and served it as the appetizer with handmade pita bread. The woman matriarch of the family came into the kichen and grabbed my hand. With tears streaming down her eyes she told me the Kibbeh I prepared reminded her of the stuff she grew up with but has never been able to duplicate. She bent my head forward to kiss my forehead and then returned to the dining room. WOW!
Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Shoemakers................they're everywhere and anywhere, not just in the restaurant business. Apparently the line cooks have the Chef right where they want him.How else can you explain why the line cooks have been there so long? While I admire your enthusiasm to get in there and relief the Chef of some of his burdens, you may need to get the big picture first.Since we don't know anything other than what you have posted, it would be difficult to give you...
Wanna bet?
My suggestion would be to play around with the sugar ratio of the recipe. I have had the same issue and found out through experimenting that less sugar will change Gelato consistency.
I second the motion.Quick, easy, and foolproof
Not always true Phatch..... The one shown above is one of the better ones. The ones that are problematic are the re-chargeable ones. Battery operated work well. Depends on the brand. We use automatic pepper mills on the tables but have Sea Salt in small Limoge saucers
I liked reading about the experiments with the avocado pit in the guacamole.....The difference in plastics is amazing.
What's fair is fair???? Carl Sagan the Astrophysicist once said "If you want to make a pie from scratch, first you must create the universe. So how far do we take this? So the flour used to make the pie crust is not grown, harvested, and processed? The butter is not hand churned from the morning's milking? I too live in small town America and have been asked to judge one of those dessert contests and can tell you first hand the concoctions people come up with can be...
As have I.  Mother's Day brunch 5,000 people eggs Benedict on the line. Could not keep up with them.Poached and shocked 500 eggs the night before.Made Hollandaise several times throughout the brunch. I too have never used a blender to make the sauce. Not sure. wouldn't take the chance.
Been there and done that as well. We used a system that sent a colored ticket to the guest in the mail after they RSVP'ed. They brought that ticket with them to the event. Of course that didn't work either as guests would leave them at home as well as change their minds once there anyway.   Best course of action for this is once you get your counts add 2% over that to prepare....just in case..... other than that, I can see no other recourse as the human element gets...
New Posts  All Forums: