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 If you are on a hot line, there is always some sort of shelving below knee level where one could place a beverage.Open glasses and/or cups are frowned upon.Those water bottles or a sports cup with lid and straw work great while not getting the attention of the health inspector.
In kitchens I've used Vegelene" Horrible stuff. Even the name sounds like something better used in the bedroom.
This is the one I use to accompany vegetable spring rolls   1/2 cup Rice wine vinegar 2 tablespoons Soy Sauce 1 tablespoon Sugar 2 tablespoons Sambal Olek 2 tablespoons Water
Yes and with horrible results.The cookie dough stuck to the blades and the top part of the press. What a mess. Tried a second time with spraying the heck out of the dough press with pan release.Yup, the cookies didn't stick, but the knife blades had cookie dough all over them.We ended up taking the whole machine to the dock and sprayed it with high pressure hot water to clean. I would advise not using this idea however clever it is........
I do the same thing when I butcher a hog each fall. You need to visually evaluate how much fat is on that loin of yours, and determine if you need more fat.I do a ratio of 3;1 or three parts meat to one part fat.If you intend to mix it with ground beef, I'd choose chuck as it has more flavor. You may find you will have to reduce the pork fat if the beef is fattier. 80/20 ground chuck is best. I love stuffed peppers with the mix.
Quote: "Certainly not eggs. Does any professional actually use one of these?"   Quote:  "I tried to use one once in a restaurant. Too slow and inefficient and the eggs tended to stick. Probably fine at home but not when doing multiple orders in a timely fashion. "     Really? Yes CapeCodChef we do.   Chefwriter...buttering the egg cups is a necessary step not to be overlooked.   When I get an order for poached, I use the hot water from the coffee machine to get...
 Firstly, welcome to ChefTalk. You have gotten some pretty honest opinions here, slipp000.It sounds like you are looking for pats on the shoulder before you've earned it. One month on the job in any place you'd go is simply not enough time to evaluate your job and how you fit in the scheme of things. Chef hired YOU for a reason as he/she saw something in YOU.Now it's YOUR turn to see what YOU are made of.I capitalized YOU for a reason.Stop looking to others for kudos and...
Many people don't realize that PTSD (Post traumatic stress syndrome) isn't just something that affects soldiers in battle. The daily struggle to maintain high standards and Michelin stars is just as hard on the physchie as real combat can be.
Stay in business school and get a job in a restaurant. You'll learn just how much you love to cook or you'll learn just how much of a mistake you could have made. Cooking for friends and family is not the same as cooking on a line night after night.
That recipe would make my grandmother twist and turn in her grave.Food processor? OMG.The best chopped liver is made in a wooden bowl with a Mezzaluna by hand.
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