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Happy Passover Everyone... May your Matzo Balls be light and airy and your Charoseth be sweet and bitter...( you can never have enough wine in it.) Shalom y'all
 I have to chime in Pete.You and I are perfect examples of the Midwest. You hailing from semi-rural Wisconsin, and I from very rural Michigan. Sous-vide is non-existent here and probably never will be.Sushi restaurants? Nope, although Sushi in grocery stores is availableIn fact fine up-scale dining is no where to be found within a radius of 200 miles or more where I live. Pete, on the other hand, has a few larger towns within an hours drive, that has all that I mentioned...
There are butters out there with higher fat content. Read the labels. Higher fat content does not make the butter any better. Taste is subjective. Do a taste test yourself and decide what butter tastes better to you.
Sorry...I just saw this. I realize this is 2 weeks old already.   Judging by the list, I would favor a deck oven.
A lot of what you will make in a restaurant kitchen will depend on the Chef and what he may want. If you go to work in a upscale patisserie.....same thing. How's your yeast products skills? I would brush up on this. Depending on where you end up, you will learn a lot. You don't need to buy anything. Just keep your mind open and willing to learn.
 I used US Foods for a while and my rep was everything one would want in a purveyor. He knew his product line. He knew my needs and didn't try to sell me something I would never use.If something didn't get loaded onto the truck, he would physically bring it to me himself using his own car.I believe it all boils down to the person. It's the salesperson that makes the good or bad name for a company. I've kicked Sysco out of some of my kitchens, but sometimes this was not...
I would be cautious with ravioli in sauce for any length of time, especially warm. The pasta will continue to absorb sauce and become a pasty mess.   I would package the pasta and sauce separately...   Or, if the travel time is short enough, you could place the raviolis in the sauce raw, cover with foil, transport with instructions to heat for so many minutes until cooked through.
I understand totally. Many people think those yellow sponge cakes that come 4 to a package are shortcakes.   There are people who prefer baking powder biscuits that you roll and cut, while others might prefer the spoon bread kind. Those store bought products are for those who don't or can't bake.
I have read that Extra Virgin olive oil is for eating, while regular olive oil is for cooking. No????
Welcome to Cheftalk.The best profit margins are attained from items that can be used for multiple purposes.When creating a menu it's always advisable to think about products that, even if pricey, can be used for other menu items.An example of this could be roast beef. This item can be utilized for sandwiches, entrees, soups, appetizers. Salads are always dependent on time of the year. Salad is going to be cheaper in the summer then it is in the winter. Iceberg lettuce even...
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