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Like any large corporation you're going to have to jump through hoops.   I worked for Compass Group many years ago.   Been there. Done that.   The skills test is something that, if you already know your way around the kitchen, you will do fine.   The rest of the tests will leave you frustrated. There are no correct answers. There is no rhyme nor reason to the questions and they will be asked 3-4 times but with the wording changed to throw you off. Those tests...
Not all parts of the country are going to assimilate a personal Chef business the same. What might work in Orange county California might not work in some other place.   Even Personal Cheffing is all about location location location.   Also know that there are a lot of people out there who run businesses from their home illegally. They will cook food and transport, without any thought to liabilities or consequences. If you intend to start a Personal Chef business, I...
Well said....plus...you can't cook by time especially meats. Cook by temperature and they will come out the same each time
I just realized that I forgot the word "not" for using capon. It's not a good choice......me bad
I have to chuckle when I hear people say that catering is boring. I guess I got to experience catering from a standpoint where it was an extra load added on to an already full docket of restaurant work. Having to work on a line, plus prepping food to be catered off premise, was just about as nerve racking and frustrating as anything. I worked in DC at the time and we catered to large corporations. We used refrigerated semi-trucks to transfer food to locations. The...
A castrated rooster is called a capon in these parts, but the bird is huge and takes a long time to cook. Probably that's why it's a good choice for Coq au Vin.
I use Julia Child's recipe from her 2 volume set on French Cooking. It is a tried and true recipe. I have been using it for decades.
Welcome Satartia.   If you are planning this as a business for income your going to have to have a business license, as well as liability insurance.   You'll have to cook in a place that is approved by the city where you live. Also you'll have to be certified in sanitation. And this is just the beginning.   People can bring food made at home to the elderly where they are but you can not if you are running this as a business. Good luck and let us know what happens.
When I'm working on my weekly menus, I usually make a handwritten grocery list to take shopping. I categorize meats, seafood, poultry, then dairy, then fruits and veggies, and lastly miscellaneous.
As a professional, we tend to come into contact with a wide variety of humans. Not all of our experiences are stellar.   As we move from location to location in our career, we find co-workers who have different styles, different work ethics, and different attitudes about what they do and why they do it.   Sometimes those goals, attitudes, and styles don't jive with our own style.   We either have to assimilate or abandon our style and attitude to conform.   If we...
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