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I would be forever grateful if someone here could offer me a great fish supplier where I could get scampi. Not easy to find.
Interesting topic and timely too. Unless you're a fine dining venue where you cook from scratch, it's very difficult to create menus that are healthy and nutritious while using pre-made products. Many of the items used in fast food, chains, and even many "Mom and Pops" contains high levels of sodium, sugars, and preservatives, simply because these items are used to cut costs and simplify preparation. I'm not saying that healthy menu items can not be made with...
The haunch as you call it, can be divided into top round, bottom round, and the sirloin. Each of these can be prepared as steaks. Rare to medium rare is best. If you have some knowledge of butchering that would be the best way to go. If you don't have the resources or knowledge, then just grind it and mix it with some fatty ground pork in a 3:1 ratio.
The Atlas brand has an electric motor attachment to use instead of the crank. It has 2 speeds, and works well.
How about a non-potato side. I have enjoyed other alternatives to breakfast potatoes.   Here's on for instance; small diced zucchini with red onion, parsley and oregano, sautéed in garlic olive oil.
Can you be more specific than "just looking for one that works."   A basic Tuille recipe easily be converted to a chocolate one with the addition of cocoa.   Albeit melted chocolate may give you texture and consistency problems. Perhaps if you tell us more about the problems you are having, we can help.
....Sysco sucks Been my mantra for years. Even when I was in Chicago as a Banquet Chef, I stayed away from them as bet I could.
As an inked Chef, myself, my personal feelings are that what you do with your body is your business, but, and I say this very carefully, that while tattoos are being accepted more and more, there is still a mindset where these beautiful creations should not be displayed for the guest or public to see. As foodpump pointed out there is only one reason why people have clearly visible tattoos.   If a server comes to a table and has multiple piercings and tattoos, it can be...
There's a Russian dish called Koulibiaca...(pardon the spelling) It has seasoned rice, hard cooked egg and a binder sandwiched between to sides of salmon filets, skinned and pin boned. A pastry like Pate Brisee but not puff pastry is wrapped around this and egg washed then baked. We figured up to 25 orders from one piece. The sides were large. You'd need 12 -15 of these depending on their size to accommodate 300.
Firstly, welcome to Cheftalk. Meez is right here.   This is a timely topic at the moment here on the threads.   It is very disconcerting when someone else purchases the food for an event you have been hired to cook and serve. How can you know that the quantities will be correct? How can you be certain of its quality?   Your reputation is going to ride on all that you do here If you run out of food, that would be terrible. Ultimately you are in charge and you are...
New Posts  All Forums: