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Be very very careful, if you are going to attempt to make your own. Read up on it first. Have fun.
Fennel is the annual. I grow it here but have found that sometime they do re-seed themselves.
Have you thought about using Cambro's for coffee service? The coffee can be brewed hours before and kept hot for service. They are also easy to move around so the coffee could be made off premise, the Cambro loaded into a car or truck and moved to the site.
I find fruit ripeness to be questionable during the winter months. Hard to get really great ripe and sweet fruit during this time.   Personally, I would take it off the menu during these times.   Also the cost for this fruit plate should be high enough to compensate during the winter if it is on the menu.
After reading through these threads I am still with FoodPump on this. Things MAY be okay NOW, but experience, and the human equation have taught me countless times that, although things seem like they are going to be okay....they usually are not. I am glad that you are going to be looking anyway. You really won't learn or grow as long as you stay there.
Need more information.... Commercial smoker? Is it large enough to hold all of the larger cuts? What form will these smoked items take? For instance, will the chickens be whole to be broken down later for service? Is the pork shoulder to be pulled or served as slices?   The larger proteins will take longer to smoke and as you say may be started the night before. If you are going to go the fresh route each and every day then what will you do with...
It would be better to cook by temperature then time. Calculate a base time and use the temperature probe to take the meat to your desired doneness.
Do you mean Kolachke? The Polish kind we always ate was a sour cream, egg, flour (all purpose), and baking soda type cookie with fruit fillings like prune, apricot and bakers cheese,
I absolutely refuse to eat this way, and in some cases I get the manager over to insist the kitchen remake the entrée when I AM READY!!!!I find myself having to tell the server upfront that I am not in a hurry and want to take my time eating here.
Consistency of the batter? Too many eggs this batch? Opened the oven door during baking? Too many on one pan? Not baking long enough.   These can make them fall or not rise well.
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