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Welcome to ChefTalk. More often than not, you are going to find some pretty rough language where ever you go. This is not endemic to the restaurant culture alone.   Best advice is to grow some thicker skin.   You are there to do a job.   Small talk that goes on in the kitchen is almost always ego driven. If you ignore the talk, you are labeled.    If you join in, that makes you the same as them.   Finding a happy medium will take time. 2 months is too short a...
I store my garlic finely minced in a jar. Just enough to get me through the next couple a days.   The flavor breaks down as time goes on. I used to use the already peeled stuff in containers. That was great for large volume cooking, because in the next few days, it's used up. If it sits in the walk-in for weeks at a time, it starts to sprout and mold.   On another note....I shave garlic cloves on the mandoline very very thin, soak them in milk for an hour to help...
I see this very differently.   You accepted a position in management by agreement with HR.   You are now in a different category.   You are on a management team now.   You must start to think as a manager and not an employee.   You saw this sign and as management, you are supposed to alert those in charge.   That fact that you did not is why you have a mark now.   Now the choice is yours. Do you want to cook or do you want to manage people?   If you...
  PASSION.....an uncontrollable unpredictable intense emotion. WHOA!!!
Perhaps it is the roasting of the shells might be your problem. I make The French Laundry recipe for Creamy Maine Lobster broth. In it he (Thomas Keller) simply boils the shells with carrots, tomato and mirepoix It is reduced then cream and Cognac are added at the end.
If the banquet is a buffet, the kitchen is required by law to throw away anything that was out there for the public on the table and in the chaffers. Some places will bring in the food and allow employees to eat from it, but other than that the food must be trashed. Banquets are a different story. Over production on a plated banquet measn that some one is not doing their calculations right.
  All true, however; outside of the ACF in the un-organized, un-certified, and un-professional world of restaurants and other food related places, please realize that these are simply names handed out to make the employee feel important.Chef de Cuisine may be another name for the Sous Chef in some places, while the Executive Chef would probably be the one in charge of the whole picture as the boss.
I agree on the rice flour. I add an egg yolk but use ice cold beer for the liquid. Makes it very crisp. And even cold the crust is still crispy.
Commercially made pasta doesn't hold a candle to the real thing.   As for the settings on your machine, forget the instructions and go with what looks and tastes good.   I make pasta weekly. I have the ATLAS brand.  For linguine I set the machine at 5 because I like the mouth feel of the finished product. For Fettuccine I set the machine on 6-7 for the same reason. Spaghetti gets # 6 all the time.
Are you talking about Hellas? I love that place. They make their own Phyllo too.
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