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I don't understand this, as most anchovies come packaged and if one needs just 2-3 filets, one must reseal the can or package, again any ways. The tube offers the same ingredient but you can use what you need and replace the rest....kinda like toothpaste. It lasts a long time.
I use the pickle juice in things like Bloody Mary's, tartar sauce, Remoulade, and the like. I will pickle my garden zucchini and yellow squash in the brine. I'll thin slice cucumbers and onions and use the pickle juice on them. Pickle juice gives a nice spin on things like green beans, or pole beans, even beets Cabbage, Celery, and even root veggies, like carrots, turnips and rutabaga. Imagination.......
Do you line the dough with aluminum foil and some rice or beans to weigh it down when you blind bake? If not give it a try and turn the oven temperature down as well. Recipes are merely guidelines and you have to balance it (recipe) with your ovens and your timing.
  Excuse me, but who better than the people in the industry to get the best information from? And.....You just did the same thing by citing cooks from other restaurants and their line cook wages. The restaurants that you site are all what would be considered "finer dining" but that is not what this thread is ONLY about. There are people who work on the lines of Red Lobsters, Olive Garden, Ruby Tuesday, Hardee's, you name it.These are the people that have to work 2 jobs...
Chains are even worse about pay. Explains why they are suffering as well.
And the winner of this month's challenge is:   Koukouvagia with eggplant and pasta timbale.   Thanks again and congratulations.
 Sounds like you may be one of the lucky ones. Interesting topic and timely too. Just read a Nations Restaurant News article about this very topic.Basically people can't make a living on the line cooks job.Cooks who work in NYC have to find a place to live else where and commute because the rents are so high in the city and burbs. Kinda ironic in that it is the cooks that create the Chef's visions but are paid so little by the owners.
Thanks to all who participated in this month's challenge.       And the winner is.............   TBA
 The newest information coming out about cooking pasta debunks your theory.Harold McGee is the author of Keys to good cooking http://www.seriouseats.com/2010/05/how-to-cook-pasta-salt-water-boiling-tips-the-food-lab.html
  As everyone has told you the crumbs should be thrown out. But no one explained why.The bacteria in the chicken will contaminate the bread crumbs and so to be safe, it is best to throw the crumbs away.If you do save them and use them again to bread something else, there's a possibility of contamination.
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