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You have a great item here. Tin lined copper is great to work with. Jus keep an eye on that tin lining though as it can scratch exposing the copper. If that happens you can send them out to be re-tinned.
....or ice water to 0 degrees C
Sure but that still doesn't get rid of the human factor.Alaminute, I feel your pain.I left the mad inhuman noise 15 years ago and have never looked back.
A-1 steak sauce.
I've never had any luck making bacon from the duck breast. Prosciutto though worked well.
Interesting topic, but perhaps the title should have been..."When people don't understand about good food."   I make hand made Dim Sum. Time consuming and putzy. Delicious though right? The customers' plate comes back with all the dough removed and laid neatly on the side of the plate. Only the fillings were eaten.   Make Bolognaise sauce and it simmers all day on low flame. Customer says to the server that it's too bad the Chef has to buy bottled spaghetti...
Now you made me go back and take a better look.   Those aren't 2 separate paddles.....more like a base piece with a carved out groove that the other part fits in. Plus it looks as if it has a metal pin that's bent to keep the 2 together for whatever purpose.   I spoke too soon.
As to your query about alternatives to boiling the jars, I don't believe you have many options without resorting to chemical additives for preserving the product. Generally speaking it's the acidity of the food being processed that's the key.   Two schools of thought here.   Many home cooks simply simmer the jars, and lids, have the product hot, fill the jars, wipe clean, place the lid and ring, tighten and Viola.   While this may work, it is not a guarantee that...
And Ishbel takes home the prize. You are correct. They are butter paddles.
 I might point out that you, yourself admit that when the child gets annoyed or doesn't get what he wants, you need to remove him outside or to the bathroom until he calms down.Excuse me but this IS the very thing that other guests don't need to see or be subjected  to. And certainly not when you are paying a lot of money for the food and ambience of a restaurant.Also you mentioned that you veered away from the white tablecloth places....so your comment makes no sense. We...
New Posts  All Forums: