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Here's my take on Hawaiian Poke done with Yellowtail. Citrus Creme Fraiche, Napa Cabbage Slaw and fried wonton crisps.
So when you make Coq au Vin or Carbonnades a la Flammande you are not copying someone's recipe? Whenever you open a recipe cookbook you are automatically making someone else s idea. Where does it stop being theirs and becomes your?  As soon as you change one part of a recipe it becomes new and yours.
It's the guys 1st post. You nit picked his punctuation and sentence structure. He came here for advice seeking information and perhaps some empathy and all the thread answers were about none of it. I doubt you made a good impression of his 1st post on Cheftalk.com You guys are way over the top.   I noticed the one big paragraph but had no problem reading it....   Taylor, perhaps a restructuring of the pass through making it larger might help. If you are in a...
There is an edible decal available through Kopykake.com. Epson or Cannon printers are available that use food coloring instead of printer ink on glucose decals. They come in different shapes and sizes. Using your scanner and printer you can create anything you want, print it up, It's a decal, so all you do is peel and stick them on your cookies.
WAIT!!!! Don't the shells contain minerals that cause the microwave to arch inside?  Never tried it cause of that fear.
Perhaps this something done locally only. All of the research I looked into says the opposite of what your are claiming here. Most oysters build up toxic bacteria within a few days or so. From my experiences personally the opened older oysters are dried out and sickly looking.
Hey Mike....I think your buddy was pulling your chain. This is so wrong in every way. Have YOU personally ever aged an oyster?Don't believe everything you hear and only half of what you see.... Boy... now THAT should have gone in the thread of famous Chef quotes......
Pocket thermometer????
I worked in hospital dining myself, as a cook. I was amused at the variety of ways one can make beef noodle casserole for the various diets.
Switch out some of the butter for mayonnaise and you will have a moist product.
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