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 "NO, I'm not saying "Look at me ... look how wonderful and creative I am. Yipieee!" NO. I'm not saying that. I'm saying that I have very little creativity at all. I said before that I look at and read other recipes all the time. I just seem to get things done. Maybe, from the point where I stand ... who knows?"   Hey Iceman......anyone who can open a food pantry truck, look at what's inside and "CREATE" a menu, is, to me, creativity.....NO? YES?  
"Just ask any "Chef", that is, anyone who is charge of a kitchen.  They can tell you what their food cost is for that day, what their labour cost is for that day, what it was yesterday, what it was last week, and what it was last year.  They can also tell you how many points their costs have to go up before their hiney's are canned.  A chef lives by his food and labour costs, and any employer will draw a clear line in the sand before hiring, telling the Chef :"If you go...
The "Top Notch" restaurants to which you refer, are few and far between. I would think that the more intense the menu, the more prep is involved, thereby needing more hands. It would be a generality to say that very few NON TOP NOTCH restaurant kitchens do "from scratch" cooking, but the kind of food prep in those places are usually not of the quality found in better places.   Still....we haven't found a compromise here. Quality kitchens need dedicated Chefs to run...
"It's never too late to be what you could have been."
OHHHHH to be a fly on the wall to watch this go down.I can see it now....Bobby boy coming in to the kitchen  in the morning only to see 40 BEO's for the day on the clip boards....and he goes  screaming in to the night.......(SIGH!)
I take it you want to mince a lot  and hold it.Simplest advice is to mince what you need, as you need it, rather then mince a bunch and have it oxidize in the fridge.As it ages, garlic loses strength.
Old Post, I know....just wanted to add:   I find it very ironic that the cooking trade has no certifications or licensing needed to go into business, as do electricians, plumbers, and hairstylists, yet Chefs have been elevated to a near godlike status, simply because they took someone else’s recipe, or execution style, or art form, tweaked it, and now called it their own. For this, they receive money, ratings, and their own television show.   You don’t see...
When I cold smoke fish, the interior of the smokehouse can not get any higher then 80 degrees. I don't have a clue about cheese however; but I would think it is the same kind of idea.
If I may add......   When going to interview for a job, try to do some homework about the place. Formulate some questions of your own to ask. This way you'll be better prepared to understand the place you are trying to work at BEFORE you get there.
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