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Back to Foodsaver...... I defrosted an elk rump roast from 2005... same thing....lurking in the back of the freezer. Slow braised with onions, potatoes and garlic......it was delicious....and no freezer burn at all nor did it taste like the freezer.
Heaven Terry..... I enjoy sliced tomatoes with basil and olive oil.I make fresh tomato basil soup or roasted garlic, tomato and dill soup.
I had the unfortunate challenge you described  happen to me when I worked for Marriott.   Marriott got a contract for a college food service for a bid over another company.   Contract included having to accept the last companies employees.   I was morning Sous and had to evaluate everyone.   I had a middle age woman working salad bar that would not conform and I had to go through the documentation process and all that went with it. When I had to fire her she...
Those are beautiful pieces and yes you can use them. I recognize several of your pieces that I have hanging in the pantry at work.  I use French tin lined copper pans, bowls, colanders, and dutch ovens all the time.   The main thing I enjoy about them is they distribute the heat so well you don't need to use the high setting on the stove.  The downside is that they must be polished regularly to maintain their shine.   As for identifying them, obviously you looked...
Kitchen Bouquet.....
 Remember those egg pans from years ago that we stashed in our lockers so no one would screw with them?We cleaned them with a simple wipe of the towel, and we seasoned them with salt and oil and elbow grease.Nothing stuck to those babies. For Kuan.....I can not stand brown on my omelets.
Scraping the the gills DOES serve a purpose.The gills can impart a bitter flavor when cooked.That's why some of us scrape them.Also note that mushrooms absorb huge amounts of oil or butter so go easy...you can always brush them with a little more while grilling them.
True dat, but at the end of the shift I had to open the grill drip tray and count the eggs that trashed.You know.....that little thing called food cost?
24-carot gold on food as "foo-foo."
  ....And I might add that Pete still has time to moderate and add to this site in addition to his work schedule of 7 days a week now since October. I tip my toque to you sir.
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