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As many as 36 years ago in culinary school, there was always a emphasis on maintenance management. To make sure that equipment and surroundings were always kept in tip top shape.   I worked in several places that had,in place, maintenance plans, where records were kept. Such things as walk-in cooler and freezer temps, steam table wells, fryers, and ovens were all recorded as to their maintenance and upkeep. When some piece of equipment went down, a phone call brought...
GFS makes a great degreaser that I use on the French Fryers.
I agreed with some on the comments that appeared at the end. I'm not sure I agree wholehearted with this either.
Welcome to Chefalk.   Are the empanadas the only item you're featuring? Freezing anything decreases its quality. If there is a way for you to calculate a par stock each day so that you can ovoid freezing the empanadas that would be ideal. Is the dough freshly made as well? The dough is going to be your problem as far as quality is concerned. Freezing evaporates moisture and will take its toll on whatever pastry dough you use....even puff pastry
Think of it this way French Fries with time and more burns and cuts, you'll be able to reach into a hot oven and pull out a pan with your bare hands before the heat sensation reaches your brain.
Welcome to the world of attitudes and politics. I have to agree with nothing more than you already have.   Will the outside audit cause a shut down of the facility much like a health department audit can?   Make sure that the audit does not reflect badly on you as you inherited the kitchen just recently
Cockroaches?Cockroaches? Did someone say cockroaches? Tasty tasty little buggers....yum!
Welcome to ChefTalk tcatering.   Say to the client what you just said to us..   Your original agreement was for 8-10 people, that you budgeted and planned for 8-10. Now that there is only 6, it becomes less financially feasible to do this function. If you stay with the original intent of $50.00 a head, you'll know have $300.00 to work with.
sweet potatoes
As Chef and cooks....we are at the mercy of history. Cooks and Chefs historically work long hours and are very physically challenged, for want of any other way of putting it, it's the way it's always been.   The fact that a talented cook, could and does make money for the restaurant by doing his or her job to the best of their abilities often times equals higher guest receipts and loyalty means nothing.   But it should. Most places are just happy to be open and...
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