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I make a great Smoked Salmon omelette with Mornay sauce
This all brings me to a question for ThatIrishGuy.........You are here on these forums as an at home cook. You posted in your own words that you have never been in a professional kitchen nor have you ever taken any culinary courses What in the world made you think to even accept an offer in a professional atmosphere when you knew you were not capable? ChefBillyB, I agree with you in that a new hire green behind the ears could be developed through time but there's no...
Agreed, that you don't have to know how to cook as much as you need to know how to run a business and make money.   This all brings us back full circle to the original OP.   If you run a kitchen, make money for the place, but can't really cook all that well.....are you still "Chef?"
Be more gentle when you pick them up to place them in the water. If they are deflating, they may be over proofed too.
The ACF in its present form, would not work to be a governing universal entity.   The ACF does not teach you how to cook.   The ACF does not create, plan, organize, or develop teaching methods to instruct or correct.   What the ACF does do is to allow the person to develop the above attributes by involving themselves in programs such as the certification process, and this is done at ones own pace.    During these processes you are textbook learning while also...
You CAN salvage the dough by allowing it to warm up on the counter then remixing it with a small amount of water. Having said that, I WILL tell you that this will affect the finished product. The over mixing MAY result in a chewy not flaky crust.
Really??? Wow. I have a few friends that are and even one that is a Master Chef in accordance with the ACF program.
Exactly Foodpump, but, but, but.......... Plumbers, electricians, carpenters, and their ilk are looked at as a far cry from the world of cooking. The evolution of cooking came about as totally different than any other trade.      "Whoever heard of a professional Chef?" Who would pay $80.00 per hour to have someone cook for them?   (All tongue in cheek here,,,,,)
Been there and done that.......Worked in the basement of a huge skyscraper in downtown Chicago. Started at 2:00 and worked until 11:00.Here I am standing over a fryer filled with very hot grease plopping cake doughnuts from a hand cranked machine. I have 2 very long chopsticks with which to turn them.I literally am falling asleep while standing there.  The job didn't last long....
"Would a nation wide or world wide standard be possible?"   Never..............in our lifetime.   We have discussed this as well a few times.   Setting standards with rules to abide by would cause many places to shut down.   We all know a restaurant that shouldn't be open and running. So all of a sudden the "Food Nazis" are at their back door ready to close them down because the cook made the Bearnaise Sauce wrong.   People, this goes far beyond a health...
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