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Do you mean Kolachke? The Polish kind we always ate was a sour cream, egg, flour (all purpose), and baking soda type cookie with fruit fillings like prune, apricot and bakers cheese,
I absolutely refuse to eat this way, and in some cases I get the manager over to insist the kitchen remake the entrée when I AM READY!!!!I find myself having to tell the server upfront that I am not in a hurry and want to take my time eating here.
Consistency of the batter? Too many eggs this batch? Opened the oven door during baking? Too many on one pan? Not baking long enough.   These can make them fall or not rise well.
It's your food and your recipes that are making the company grow right?   So it stands to reason that in order to keep all your places consistently making the same product from Texas to New York, they need your insight, your knowledge, and your presence to keep it as such.   Somehow you need to convince them of this. Dollar signs in the eyes always gets in the way, but I say spend a little money to train and the rest happens.
Thank you for explaining that.   If you're doing that alone then I'd say that's pretty good. Do you prep during the day then?
Fill a small dish with 1/2 cup vinegar. Tightly wrap it with plastic wrap stretching the wrap to make a tight drum seal on top. Toothpick holes all over the top and place this dish next to the Levain. Replace daily.
First off welcome to ChefTalk. We can only reply to the information you give us.With only 3 months under your wing, and you run dinner service alone is great.What you don't say paints a different picture so we can only assume or guess.The way you describe your ticket times and the examples you gave could be taken as if those items were convenience products simply deep fried. You don't say if you scratch cook.Can you give us a little more information please?
It's all very true. Even here the wait staff have to instruct the customers how to obtain the internet password so they can use their devices while dining.   I guess what I don't get is how the customer can claim that service times are slower even though they are the reason for it.   They take their time ordering because they want to text or take "selfies."  They stare into their phones throughout the meal and rarely talk to each other. As soon as the kitchen gets...
We are still waiting for warm weather. We haven't had but one 80 + day yet this summer.Everything in the garden looks beautiful and healthy, but is just growing really slow.Here it is going on the last week in July, and still no cukes, very few zucchini, and just flowers on the beans. It's going to be crazy when everything ripens at once.....if it does that is.
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