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It's a knack...I can do it on a limited basis with bread and muffins.....sometimes a cake but more often then not....it is just a "sense" of how flour egg and sugar and butter can make a cake in your mind's eye.
I like this recipe. Mine is a Lebanese variation that doesn't have potatoes. The meat sauce is made from lamb only and has cinnamon and allspice as the leading flavors. Probably the recipe alludes to the strong flavor of lamb....hence the heavy spices.   Very nicely done Chris....thanks
II brine my own, so I guess I don't how a piece of meat can over brine unless the processed stuff uses too much salt. Mine brines for over a month, yet the meat is not overly salty.I have always braised. Cabbage and potatoes cooked separately.
So I ask....why would you want to soak your corned beef in water?  Too much salt for your tastes probably?Corned beef can be boiled, roasted, braised, or dry baked. My take on braising is that it will help keep the meat more moist.Dry baking or roasting leaves tough stringy ends that make it difficult to slice the meat thinly.
If I may please.............Cooking a pork loin by a recipe almost always ends up with the loin being overcooked. Many recipes still adhere to the "pork must be cooked well done." If you do this the meat will be dry. Cook by temperature and not by time. If you pull your pork loin from the oven at 140 degrees internal temperature, your loin will be juicy and tender.   Now, as to your recipe, you can use the braising liquids as the gravy by straining it and thickening it...
Sorry to hear that your parents don't recognize the Culinary world as a "real" job. So indicative of what we discuss here daily.
Curious.....When you called, did you tell her what you told us?
I agree with you.Surveys and the like are always extrapolated, so one really doesn't get the real facts anyway.
So sad. Places like you describe exist everywhere.
They ask those questions to get a better idea of the type of person taking the survey.Accordingly people who have a higher income are usually more educated about things.....healthy eating etc...... I love plain yogurt and eat it daily. The types they offered in the survey all had extra sugar and or fruit.......Why eat yogurt for it's health properties if it's going to contain all that extra stuff?
New Posts  All Forums: