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I was a Cutco Cutlery rep in another life and I fell out of it simply because I did not care for them myself. I tried to get used to them but like was previously mentioned I didn't care for the handle either. How could I sell something to someone else that I didn't like or care about?   I still have 5 of the knives and a cleaver in my Chef's bag....and there they sit.
Spam Sushi is VERY popular in Hawaii.
This all depends on where you work. Each place is different. Some places have a simple ticket system where there's a wheel that the tickets clip on to. In this case, it is as you describe, working on tickets as they come in. Other places have a person in charge of all of that ( Expo ) who calls out the orders and you work on one ticket at a time accordingly.
There are some good positives about using the ACF for a goal. You will find like minded peers through the program. These ties become invaluable for things like job hunting, and other social media. You will make friends and business associations that can help you in your career. On the other hand there are those who see the ACF in other lights that are not as positive. The choice is yours.
In my years I have seen cooks use their tongs for everything from stirring food in a pot to pulling pans out of the hot oven NEVER once cleaning that tong at all. It stays in their back pants pocket along with their dirty rag hanging out like they were a mechanic at a garage.
This is going to be difficult. Here we have home cook, home cook, can't boil water, home cook, retired Chef (granted), other....... Humph!!!!   Your (collectively) comments come from a angle that is controversial. This is not easy to figure out.   There was a time when children were taught how to behave BEFORE they were allowed to appear in public.   Times have changed but not so the attitude of business. One side of me agrees with Chef Atchaz, but that does not...
Perhaps in the 1960's things were not as regulated as they are now.
A long time ago my boss worked in a Greek restaurant in Detroit. These guys were "right off the boat" Greeks.They added beef offal bits to their Aveglolemono.  Apparently this is something traditional After a visit from the health department they were told they could not do that anymore, then they switched to chopped chicken bits.They used Orzo as well.
I would like to step in here to help but the circumstances you describe make it difficult. You say you want to use fresh potatoes to make fries instead of frozen. Great idea but in order to get the best product from the ingredients it is necessary to be realistic about this as well.     With limited space you may find that making fries from fresh may not be possible.   The use of an oven for initially cooking the fries can be tricky. First they fresh cut fries need...
"You can take a chef out of the kitchen but you can't take the kitchen out of a chef."   Great quote....one that I use all the time....so true so true.....
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