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Line your sheet pans with parchment paper and grease the pan sides very well. After baking and cooling, turn the entire pan out unto a table, peel back the parchment paper and cut your bars.
 May I ask why you can't have any stuff that makes gas bubbles? 
If it's a corporate place they may have a food and beverage director. They order the food with the Chef''s input and they control costs.K.M. is more about the day to day so yes......they would schedule. Hiring and all the paperwork that goes with it would be handled by Human Resources....if it was a corporate place
Not at all. I'm with you on this.
KM is a title that corporations use instead of Sous Chef. NOT!!!   Corporations are about making money and to that end use professional language and do everything "by the book" even if they don't know what the 'book' is.   Kitchen managers are more of a Chef than a Sous.  As a comparison, the Sous might translate to Assistant KM.
StuartDouglas how is your idea any different then websites I can go to and punch in ingredients I DO have as opposed to ingredients I don't care for? How will your be different?
Hi Fohr and welcome to ChefTalk.   I believe you may be misunderstanding just what a personal Chef does.   Personal Chefs meet with multiple clients to work out menus and pricing. The Chef shops for the menus and cooks the food in the clients home kitchen.   It is then packaged and placed in the fridge, and re-heating instructions are left for the clients. Personal Chefs usually don't serve the food.   Pricing includes both the cost of the food and your time to...
Hi Totte.....The word Sushi means "sour rice"   Sushi rice is made by rinsing and soaking the rice, then cooking on low to allow it to absorb the water slowly.   A mixture of rice wine vinegar, Sake, and/or Mirin (Sweet rice wine), and sugar are heated to dissolve the sugar, then added to the already cooked rice and fluffed.   Sushi rice with fish is called "Nigiri Sushi) Fish alone is called Sashimi   The fish is not "cooked" or made safe by the vinegar.
Ground lamb and Z'atar spice. Chicken with Mole' Shrimp with Saffron Roasted Vegetables with that cumin yogurt sauce
Also know that there are just some things you can't bake in a convection oven because of the moving air.   Creme Puffs and eclairs come to mind right away. They end up looking like they were blown to one side or the other. Other items include anything that has had whipped egg whites added to it. Sponge, Genoise, Souffle's. Cakes and cookies must be watched and turned to insure even baking.    Convection baking is more useful for proteins and quick baking. I have had...
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