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47 years of cooking has gone by for me. 3 times during that time I was a Chef in charge of my own kitchen. I enjoyed the organized chaos.    For me, feeding 3,000 people on a Saturday night, in 4 different rooms, with 4 different menus,was a great challenge. When the last desserts went out, and the last of the wedding cakes sliced and boxed, it was a great feeling of accomplishment.  I always thanked my crews and bought them beer I took off my Chef coat and went into...
We're having an eclectic menu. Chili with cheddar, sour cream and chips, Swedish meatballs, shrimp with cocktail sauce. I'm bringing a peach cheese cake with peach compote in honor of Atlanta...(not a Boston fan here)
I am not amused by the advertisers who claim that this or that will help prevent cancer.   I just watched helplessly as my sister went through chemo, radiation, and a series of unfortunate problems only to secume to the disease this past was horiible!!!   All the doctors that we spoke to, all the therapists, the radiologists all say the same thing...."you can not prevent cancer."
I love this quote. I worked for a wine lover for 18 years. He has a huge wine cellar filled with French and American wines. Even he says that it costs about $7.00 to make a bottle of wine...all the rest is EGO!!! still insist on using the oven for the chicken breasts. WHY???   The client wants a 6 ox, breast cut in half and shingled on top of the pasta. The you wrote you have 10 ounce breasts. Chefwriter commented on NOT pounding them, however this would be a good thing to do.   You have 3'X3' grill. You can cook the potatoes in the oven but do the breasts on the grill, under cooking them, then place them in a chaffer until service.
I love these resurrected threads. I like to go back and read the OP and 3 year old posts to see how they evolved.   All of us work in a kitchen unlike any others. No 2 are alike. Kitchens are filled with an assortment of personalities. That's what this is all about anyway....a group of people trying to come together with a purpose, that being, cooking and preparing food. Societal differences exist in any group.   There is still going to be people out there that, for...
When interviewing, try to address your kitchen skills, your organization skills, and your need for speed. You'll need this to overcome the bias you may find because you worked making pizza.   This is very important
Love it....thanks
I think your Chef needs to rethink this whole doughnut issue.
Welcome to ChefTalk TazP.   First, I'm sorry this happened to you. It is not uncommon though.   IMO, you don't owe the place anything.   They are your recipes. The management is at fault here for not taking steps to insure the food quality and consistency. It should have been up to them way back in the beginning to validate the recipes and keep them on file for as long as the menu is in use.   If they fired you there's is no going back to show the new Chef. How...
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