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Time is irrelevant.Be patient.What is important is YOUR experience and YOUR work ethic.Never mind everybody else.Don't compare yourself to others.As you grow in experiences and adventures, your knowledge will too. In Europe some kitchens have their apprentices in positions for years. 
Agreed.Cross training is always the best way to go.Not many places believe in this policy but it works out well when "life" happens.
I'm always amazed when people try fresh vegetables for the first time. To us (cooks), these are everyday items that we always use. 
Your posted recipe looks like it has too much cornmeal. Would this be because you used a finer grade product?     Most recipes for this have a ratio of 1 1/4 cups flour to 3/4 cup cornmeal.   Exchanging vegetable oil for melted butter will aid in the moistness.   I use corn that I cut from the cob and scrap the milk as well. I place this in a food processor and do a few quick taps to cream the corn a bit.   I place the butter from the recipe in a saute pan and...
Mimi....turnover in a kitchen is a poor excuse to promote someone without the knowledge and experience to back it up.Happens so much.
Funny how the more things change the more they stay the same. I went to culinary school, then 2 colleges and that was  35+ years ago. I was saying the same things that have been brought up here on this thread. I do realize that within the semester, the teacher has so many things to go over, that it's nearly impossible to focus on certain culinary processes within the given timeline.   To that end I feel that the student should have a job during the school year to go...
"So, how long did it take anyone who started at dish to get the promotion to cook?"   As long as it takes for the powers that be to notice hard work and commitment to the craft. Its different for everyone.
150 portions in an 8 hour period is nothing for French fryers.Most restaurants keep their fryers going from open to close.If the oil is clean and fresh, you should have no problem. As for the sticking, have you tried holding the piece of chicken in the oil for a moment or two before you drop it in?This forms a crust upon contact with the oil...then a few shakes during cooking might help insure less sticking.
We grow potatoes here on our farm. Reds and Yukon Golds.We spray the plants to keep the potato bugs off. That's it. How do you douse a potato that grows underground?
I understand and feel your frustration........but..........YOU LEFT INSTRUCTIONS???? If your crew is that inexperienced, perhaps YOU should have been there, if for no other reason, then to point out the pastrami.
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