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Here's my Jewish grandmother's recipe....no amount though...... You can understand..   Beef chuck roast cut into 1/2" pieces  and dredged in seasoned flour Large cut carrots, onions, potatoes, beets, large diced green cabbage water catsup lemon juice brown sugar dry mustard salt/ black pepper tomato sauce diced tomatoes   Cooked on the stove for hours as I recall.
Borscht is simply peasant food and to that end ingredients vary depending on location. Is there are TRUE recipe?  I doubt it.   In my family we had it hot with meat and boiled potato on the side (Polish style) or ate it as a vegetarian variety with sour cream
NAMES......TITLES        I guess they make everybody feel good about themselves.
tweakz.............   "Also, when you are paid cash under the table, you are, in effect, cheating the government of taxes. Happens all the time. Is this right?"   I don't recognize anything that I said that makes me on the moral high ground. Just telling it like it is.  And I would add to YOUR example by simply pointing out the only about half of our country's population pays their taxes as well.   Yes tweakz, you are correct in your other examples as well, but,...
In our little neck of the woods we have business owners who tabulate your overtime hours during the summer months, and save this overtime money to pay you in the winter slow months. One owner I know will take this OT money and pay the person at regular wages only. Highly illegal.   Also, when you are paid cash under the table, you are, in effect, cheating the government of taxes. Happens all the time. Is this right?
Here is a perfect example of what I am talking about. I am in a position as Chef to correct this situation.I will not judge HOW the sauce is made, only that it should be correct and stableLearning to use an immersion blender to make hollandaise is all fine and good if you understand emulsions.If not, then we're looking at your example of the sauce breaking on the way to the table
Timing is key. A few too many minutes in the oven and it overcooks and does not ooze. Try it again but bake it less time. Your home oven vs. the recipe temps. Very common
 To quote an old German Chef I used to work with...in a very thick accent.... "You guys...you sit, you fart around, you get nothing done....the honeymoon is over!"
As someone who has seen both sides, I have to agree with Cheflayne on this one. But.....to add this... In my years working in kitchens with both formerly trained cooks/Chefs and the school of hard knocks theory guys and ladies, I'll tell you this;   Using SpoiledBroth's example, the un-schooled line cook may very well make a sauce that would hold its' own against any other cooks, but would that line person know why the eggs, and butter created that...
When I worked for corporate America it seemed like management was always looking for some one to screw up. With unions added to this situation it would turn into a daily battle pitting management against union employee. I spent more time with verbal warnings, written warnings, paperwork, and such that I can understand the mentality of the workers and their angst against the suits.
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