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A long time ago my boss worked in a Greek restaurant in Detroit. These guys were "right off the boat" Greeks.They added beef offal bits to their Aveglolemono.  Apparently this is something traditional After a visit from the health department they were told they could not do that anymore, then they switched to chopped chicken bits.They used Orzo as well.
I would like to step in here to help but the circumstances you describe make it difficult. You say you want to use fresh potatoes to make fries instead of frozen. Great idea but in order to get the best product from the ingredients it is necessary to be realistic about this as well.     With limited space you may find that making fries from fresh may not be possible.   The use of an oven for initially cooking the fries can be tricky. First they fresh cut fries need...
"You can take a chef out of the kitchen but you can't take the kitchen out of a chef."   Great quote....one that I use all the time....so true so true.....
That video was stupid. The reasons given for those 10 items sighted were pretty petty and slim. Cheese fondue? Seriously? Garlic? Really Man I love brussel sprouts.......... Tofu.....well maybe not so much, but it is tasty with teriyaki sauce
First off welcome to Cheftalk........ You may find the answer to your question in the forum file search engine......but......   If you choose to go the route of fresh fries but you have limited space and fryers the best way to achieve a great product would be to flash fry your fries earlier in the day during prep and hold them for service so when an order comes up, simply drop the order in the fryer to finish and crisp them up.
Getting a Michelin encompasses more than just you and your skills. It takes the entire staff that works with and or under you to make that happen. If you are looking to be the next Michelin starred restaurant, you're going to have to align yourself with like minded people, who can share your vision. This might take a while........
Chocolate Genoise or sponge would be your best bet.
I have that stuff called "Tartuffo Bianci (sp). It degrades after time right in the bottle as I found out. Opened a brand new bottle that was sitting in my pantry for a year, and all the flavor had dissipated.
    A week ago with our famous maple syrup
I go every other year. This year, I'll be there for 3 days instead of the usual 2. I'm taking in a few seminars and also the wine and spirits show on Sunday. Chicago is such a vibrant city and I enjoy visiting......lived there for 20 years. Now it's culture shock when I go back. I live in rural America with no stop lights, no trains, no noise pollution, so I park the car and taxi where I need to go.
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