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Drop Biscuits are very popular in these parts. A server walks around the dining room with a small tray of these beauties and with tongs offers them up to everyone. They are well made, moist, and warm. They too, are served with regular and honey butters.
That's a great attribute, I do the same but we're talking about recipes others will read and try.With no amounts and sketchy directions many people would be at a loss.
In most cases the chicken breast should be patted as dry as possible and then after the dredging, go directly into the hot pan.If you might be dredging the breast and allowing it to sit, it will get a bit slimy.
At work our starter is over 23 years old. It was made from grape juice. Every month I feed it a beer.
Welcome to Cheftalk.   #1 Spelling #2 all ingredients should be listed first. . Do not introduce ingredients in the instructions.
When you say you followed the recipe exactly, that phrase itself is ambiguous.   Measuring flour seems to be what the problem is here. ChefTalk forums have a lot to say about this.   If the recipe calls for x cups of flour and you find you have to add a little more to get the desired consistency, so what? Recipes are just guidelines and with practice, you will find this out. There are so many variables with regard to baking; the temperature of your kitchen,...
Now THAT'S a show I'd enjoy watching cheflayne....
Welcome to Cheftalk.   If you will be opening a business that serves the public, you have guidelines to follow about your dry and cold storage. The containers you use must be approved for this storage. Yes, one of those flour containers on wheels can cost upwards of $500.00 This is the way it is.   You may be able to find used storage containers through restaurant or bakery auctions in your area as well as used items from restaurant supply stores.
Please keep tabs on your old place to see what sexy and unique looks like....
No one has mentioned anything about that injury the OP. How can he be so sure he will be scared?   When I was 20 years old and going to culinary school my French Chef purposely bumped me while I was carrying several sheet pans with hot chicken grease one each. The hot grease splashed down my legs and arms. I had 2nd degree burns as well.................BUT they healed and there were no scars.   Since he never sought help for his injury how can the OP be certain he...
New Posts  All Forums: