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Dya think? French Laundry is # 44?Per Se is # 30?Eric Ripert's Le Bernardin #21?
The fact that we use French terms in American kitchens to delineate job titles, and French terms in American kitchen to tag kitchen preparation and culture, says a lot about us.
Is the camp kitchen Kosher? Do you have experience with preparing and serving Kosher food? Will the donated food be Kosher? Will there be a certified Kosher Rabbi or other supervisor there to make sure the Kashrut laws are followed? Sounds like a lot of logistics to work out first.
Oh Gene.....you hit the nail on the head. French cuisine, simply put is food prepared as simply and honestly as possible. Nothing more then that. I believe this may be the problem in a nutshell.   Americans don't understand food from other countries. They only know what restaurants cook and call international cuisine. Most countries food that we see in restaurants is peasant food that has been elevated to a higher status.   The comment about Italian, and Mexican...
Welcome to ChefTalk.   Does your reference to "Shabbat Style" mean the food is prepared and served Kosher? How many people will be attending? Do you have a menu in place?.   A little more information would be helpful.
Confused.   First you say Hors d oeuvres instead of sit down dinner. Then you say Poutine Bar, then BBQ and sandwiches.   I am getting that there is to be a drawn out celebration . After the wedding reception with the hors d oeuvres, 2 hours later then comes dinner? Yes?   Even if your caterer is a novice, they should have some kind of idea what they can do for you.   For instance... For Hors d oeuvres for 2 hours you should figure by the piece. How many...
I freeze basil, tarragon, marjoram, summer savory, chives, and sage. I use mini muffin tins with a tablespoon of each topped off with either water or stock. Dill bunches goes into small baggies, and frozen as is.
 Yes it does end badly....In this situation the reviewer is called and harassed and/or shammed into removing their critique.
I've learned a long time ago that just because nothing is said, doesn't necessarily mean everything was right. The repeat business is your answer..
I know owners who glean the "Trip Advisor" reviews online , then call out those that post negative reviews in order to have them retract them.
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