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Yup....but more like 70's...I always said it was "almost as good but not quite as good as sex cake"
Spot on!!! If a manager consistently looks over shoulders, opens lids to look inside, explains things that are already done that way, actually gets in the way and does more harm than help, THAT is micromanaging.
Never here. My winters here would kill the plant. I simply grew them indoors as a plant.
I've started plants many times. Stuck 3 toothpicks into the pit and placed it in glass of water with 3/4 of pit underwater. Take forever to split and start roots. After 3-4 months (yes months) finally made it to potting soil and the tree starts. Are Publix avocados different?
Beets are roasted, peeled then sliced on mandoline.Feta cheese is grated and mixed with a little cream, then sandwiched with the beet slices in a terrine mold lined with plastic.Chilled then un-molded and sliced.
The overtime game is played whether lawfully or not so much.   I worked for a place that was seasonal and it was quite common for the boss to save up all the overtime hours and pay them at regular pay during the off season.   Highly illegal but who's going to turn them in? 
  This would be a beet and feta cheese terrine with mixed greens and a citrus vinaigrette
In life.....you'll find that mix of people where some are hard working and care while others are just there to watch the clock and pick up a paycheck.   Many of us have been there before........we work hard, are diligent.  We get the top raise at raise time.   It is nobody's business what we make yet people have no problem walking up to us and saying they got only .008% raise, and they think it's unfair. When you watch them work, reality explains why..   (leeniek)...
"LOL about pitting cherries I can SO relate to eating them everyday but never cooking with them at home. What a hassle!"   Ah yes pitting cherries....as I look out onto the orchard and see 5 cherry trees filled with them. 
All good points.   On the other hand though, some Hispanic anthropology is in order here.   Women are well respected within Hispanic society.....but.....as mothers and wives, NOT in the work force. This mentality still exists.   Perhaps the situation you are experiencing is just that. Just sayin.... 
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