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If I may add......   When going to interview for a job, try to do some homework about the place. Formulate some questions of your own to ask. This way you'll be better prepared to understand the place you are trying to work at BEFORE you get there.
That's a SAECO Espresso/Cappuccino Machine from Italy.Yes I read her articles when she first posted them. Should go back again for a visit.
Well, unlike many parts of the country, here in Michigan's UP we had more than our fair share of rain. Right now we are experiencing monsoon type of weather, as it's been raining non-stop now 3 days, with 5 more on the way. Needless to say our gardens were heavy with produce of all kinds but simply no warm sun to ripen stuff. Radishes did well as they always do in cool weather, but our tomato crop suffered big time. We lost at least 2-3 bushels due to rot and...
  Firstly Julius....you are correct in everything you mentioned.I might site that here in the USA our HAACP laws are not as regulated and enforced en mass as yours might be in Canada. Most places have no clue about this and it is fairly common to see servers unknowingly walk behind the cooking line.I have even seen workers bring their small children to work with them and seen them behind the line.Unfortunate but commonplace.
I've always loved cooking breakfast. Nicko. glad you're back in the saddle again.
Look it up!!
 Welcome to America.We wouldn't have to do that if eggs weren't washed first.Washing the eggs, destroys the eggs' natural defenses.
I used to watch his shows, but after it was discovered he falsified his resume I no longer have any respect for him.He may be a great cook but I have lost all credibility for him. 
Best advice so far....Been there and done that.I have always been a firm believer that EVERYONE get what's coming to them in the end.Always!!!
Pooled means cracking a whole lot of fresh eggs and mixing them together. The thought here is if one of those eggs is contaminated, it spoils the whole batch.
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