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Also...........there are many dialects of Spanish, so a word can mean several things depending where the person came from.   Firstly, you need to learn about food terms then common words for things in the kitchen. I suggest a English/Spanish dictionary
I use lettuce leaves to line my steamer sections. Cabbage would be too thick (unless you are using Napa cabbage)   Many of them come with 3-sections. You can fill each section and steam everything at once....(pot stickers, small rolled items,etc...) Steam is much hotter than boiling water so things cook very quickly. You don't need to cover anything while steaming.
I don't understand what you mean by "the butter breaks" when you cool it in between folds.   If you evenly distributed the butter in the dough from the beginning, it should not do this. As far as proofing goes, the croissants will leak the butter but absorb it again when baked.   After you cut the triangles are you stretching them a bit? You pictures elude to that fact that your dough seems a bit thick. Correctly made croissants should have 7 folds and yours look to...
Since this IS the professional catering thread and you ARE a professional caterer, might I reiterate to you that a canape, by definition crust-less slice of bread, toasted or not topped with various items.   Do you really want to make those the night before for a "wow" factor?.   What you really mean perhaps are small hors d oeuvres that can be made a head of time and held til service in the fridge......
  I grow cucumbers on our farm at work. When they lie on the ground and are exposed to too much time, they over ripen and turn a yellow hue. Bitter bitter bitter......Yikes
Panini........He did........8pm to 12am.   After the dinner hour. People will graze, not dive in August you didn't mention where you are but August is usually pretty warm in much of the US and people tend to eat less when it is warm.   It's only 100 people and it's a buffet. Your staff of three plus yourself and 2 wait staff is enough. If you make the buffet 2 sided you'll push them through faster.   Your menu reads more like a dinner than anything else. 8:00...
I believe you are misunderstanding just what steam does to bread and baked goods. The steam creates a crustier loaf of bread. I understand your concerns with using non gluten products. I would suggest you do some more research as this type of baking is fairly new, and I'm not sure if the technology is understood yet by the oven manufacturers.
You say that a lot these days IceMan..
Sorry...but if the food has been sitting out for 4 hours, you really wouldn't want to serve it to anybody...not even staff. Microwaving will not kill food born pathogens. Your Chef is right.
Yes many culinary schools touch on the FOH service, but unfortunately it only gets a skimming.I remember learning the different styles of service in school as well. I had to wait tables, and also host and learn to run the register  (long before POS came along). Foodpump, yes we have hashed this out time and time again. There are some Chefs out there who would be very upset if standardization came along, simply because they don't feel it should be.  Organizing this theory...
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