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Interesting topic.  I'm hoping that this minimum wage increase will create standardization in our industry. If I, as an owner or Chef want to get the most out of my labor force, I'm going to make sure that they are competent, motivated and able to multi-task. That being said, hiring only certified cooks and Chefs would weed out the has beens and wanna bee's.   I realize that this would turn our industry on its' ear but, it would certainly solve a lot of problems with...
The days of leaving the kids at home until they are old enough the conduct themselves properly, is long gone.   In those days parents had a different way of teaching kids manners and patience.    Today we'd call it child abuse, but it was very effective back then...
I love that line. Cooks and Chefs are very guilty of this. Many think they are the best thing since sliced bread, but all they do is microwave cook or flip burgers. Not to say this behavior is just in the food service
This is a great topic.   Places all have a different way to go about heating the buns. Some places use a heating drawer which is lined with a damp towel. Others might use a warmer to keep them in during service. Still others zap each and every order in the oven before servicing the table.   But.....   Never use a microwave to heat buns please. Worst thing ever.
Welcome to ChefTalk. It sounds like you are expediting. You have a very important position. Good for you.Here's a few tips. When calling out the tickets, have the guys on the line repeat it back to you.Example:  "Ordering 1 filet medium, 2 strips one well, one rare"The broiler guys repeats same back to you. You control the way the food comes up. If you know there's a well done strip steak on table 37 you're going to know how to pace that table with the rest of the...
I am trying to understand this.   If a $35,000.00 per year executive Chef works more than 40 hours in a week, he is entitled to overtime pay. What owner in their right mind is going to raise the salary of this position to $47K from $35K so that they don't have to pay overtime?   I was under the impression that so many hours of that week must be separated into management work and employee work.   An executive Chef has to claim so many hours of his or her work week...
Oh I totally agree with you.But with this system......Who do I tip again?
We used to make a large Brassieur pan of roux almost every day. We didn't always use it up. At the end of the day we covered the pan with plastic so it was resting on the roux's surface, and left it on the counter overnight. We never put roux in the fridge mainly because it never lasted long enough to do so almost.
Welcome to Cheftalk Dana. Firstly, please stop calling yourself a Chef, because you are not. Secondly, what you are going through is perfectly normal.Get your organization hat on and start getting it right.Good luck.
What about those new POS systems at the tables. You place your order on a tablet from your table. No server comes to take your order. Anyone from the kitchen can deliver your food. No servers.....so easy even a robot could do it.
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