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I am resurrecting this thread, as I just watched "Burnt" last evening.   I also believe that the movie perpetuates the stereotypical Chef.   To answer the OP's original question.....YES I have worked for someone like that in a country club I worked at in the 70's.   My Chef was an alcoholic who would meet me at the back door each morning reeking. Although he was unstable, he would create magnificent presentations for the times. He would slam pots, throw them at the...
I just did a Google search and looked at the images.When I did. I saw lots of cracks, and some webbing.I think you are  being too critical of yourself.
Cracks are normal. It happens when I bake gourges or cream puffs too.   It's the steam escaping. If they went flat, they may have been under cooked.
From the pictures it looks like a little of the meat under the belly was left on the ribs and they were cut lower down.
Curiuos.... What about the chemicals getting lodged in the small crevices of the bone?How would you dry them then?
I don't know where you are getting your information from.Eclairs, made correctly, and filled, will, in fact, be shelf stable for up to 3 days or more.Been there and done that.The issue is the filling in that it will cause moisture leaking into the shell making for a limp product.The crust on the shell if baked correctly will hold the pastry creme well. And, I might add, that unfilled eclairs can be frozen for up to a month, defrosted and filled.
the wolf:   I agree with ChefBillyB in that you are practical and one of those people who has a clear vision of what you want.   Unfortunately culinary schools are structured to educate the clueless, so when someone like yourself comes along, the course work become boring.   Being placed in a group setting where each member must produce a product to combine with others, can be a test in patience. While your skills may be adequate for the job, others may struggle....
ChefBillyB and panini, while you may be right, this is a situation that is very common throughout the restaurant and food service industry.   While the Chef might teach food safety and sanitation to his crew, and a FOH manager would do the same with respect to service, I find that not everyone is on board all the time.   If I tried to do that in the small community where I live, there'd be no place to dine out.   The waitress who doesn't wash her hands after a...
I agree, but perhaps my concern was more for the health and safety end of it.The salmon is sealed and vacuumed in a pouch, then Sous Vide to medium rare.If said portion is removed from the package and left out, would this be a concern, now that it is under cooked and subject to bacterial growth?.
How true..... The cross contamination issue was only one thing. Who knows what else is going on back there.
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