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What is this "what's ever left" that you speak of.There's never any wine left.......
 Agreed. Used to work in commercial bakeries where I made the Choux and held it in 5 gallon buckets for as long as a week.Plastic wrap on the surface will help with oxidation.
Well Pepper Grind, you've just been introduced to a new life experience.   Not all recipes are created equal.  There are a multitude of cookbooks out there that shouldn't be.   As professionals, we see this all the time in recipes.   I agree that marinating the proteins separately is the way to go about the recipe.
When I have access to fresh Canadian geese. I usually just bone out the breasts and grill them rare to medium rare with a red wine sauce.The legs/things I confit.Roasting a whole goose has never turned out to my liking.
I realize now the beef wellington is no longer the choice but please re-consider.   The two different temps can be easily done by cooking the more well done one more before placing it in the pastry.   I'll take rpooley's suggestion and spread the duxelle and pate on the pastry before enclosing the meat but spread the mixture over the entire pastry sheet not just 1/2.   As to the OP's question......you'll need (2)  7-up PSMO's for 14 adults.   If you've never made...
Curious that through out all of these threads no mention was made about grated onion being the culprit that makes the coleslaw runny,more then the salt.
FUNNY!!!!!I go through this all the time at work.They want some up and some down.
Beet Borscht...
Yes I did....spelling spelling
Unbleached All purpose.Using fresh yeast is pretty easy. Dissolve the cake in water, then add the dry ingredients and knead. Personally I really like using fresh instead of granulated, but can't find any here at the stores. No bakeries here either........and the few that are....use granulated.
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