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Welcome Satartia.   If you are planning this as a business for income your going to have to have a business license, as well as liability insurance.   You'll have to cook in a place that is approved by the city where you live. Also you'll have to be certified in sanitation. And this is just the beginning.   People can bring food made at home to the elderly where they are but you can not if you are running this as a business. Good luck and let us know what happens.
When I'm working on my weekly menus, I usually make a handwritten grocery list to take shopping. I categorize meats, seafood, poultry, then dairy, then fruits and veggies, and lastly miscellaneous.
As a professional, we tend to come into contact with a wide variety of humans. Not all of our experiences are stellar.   As we move from location to location in our career, we find co-workers who have different styles, different work ethics, and different attitudes about what they do and why they do it.   Sometimes those goals, attitudes, and styles don't jive with our own style.   We either have to assimilate or abandon our style and attitude to conform.   If we...
Jason, I understand what you said in your original post, but sometimes recipes must be tweaked, to compensate when the texture and flavor need help.No recipe is written in stone.
"It rolled off the table and onto the floor, and then my poor meatball, rolled out the door."
Have you tried your local Walmart store?SS springform pans are very common.
Jason...would it possible instead of cubing the meat, to cut it into narrow strips? They would cook more evenly and quicker. That way you could use tenderloin or ribeye without worrying about overcooking and toughness of the meat.
Barry...Welcome to ChefTalk. Please understand that you've posted in a the professional catering forum. You've signed in as a professional but are asking rudimentary questions, that pro would already know.   We'll be happy to help but we'll need more information from you than just a taco and salad bar. Also know that ChefTalk has an extensive archives in the forums that might answer your questions. What else are you serving? What time of day? Kids? Inside?...
  Even this is re-inventing the wheel, as there are verification services already available to do that which you suggested.
Honestly??????   If you intend to keep on working as a baker you'll need to take the time off to heal.   As hard as that is to hear, it is your career we're talking about right? You'll need time to heal before you can go back...possibly even some rehab if necessary.   If you take the chance and try to heal while working you'll regret it later in life.   If the hamstring pull happened at work you can file for workman's compensation.   Good luck
New Posts  All Forums: