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That was me. Nobody touched my egg pans, not never, not ever...
As was previously noted, the pork chop goes on the heat as soon as the kitchen gets the order. If the guest has a salad and rolls to eat while it's cooking that's fine. Also 25+ minutes is not a long time in the world of fine dining. I would enjoy my wine and engage those around me in small talk while we wait. I don't see this as a problem at all.
All your points are valid, but the only person who can decide this is you. If you want to stay in the restaurant business, perhaps a food service job would fit you best. The hours are better and you'll have a life. If you do some homework, you might be able to find one of those jobs that will allow you to utilize your culinary knowledge, while still maintaining a descent life. Know that you are not alone. Know that this industry is NOT for everyone. If you are...
As you see by other responses, it IS THAT WAY in many places.I would offer that YOU are the lucky one to have worked in a place for 2 decades and not be exposed to this crap.
I just had Shakshuka for breakfast the other day. Delicious....
Now....if you added some crushed whole black peppercorns to this, it becomes Mignonette Sauce. Excellent!!!
I am not making this any less then it was, but........that which you wrote seems like typical kitchen life on a typical day. So?
If it's separating the flour fat ratio might be off.
Sorry but you are quite incorrect.The tiny little opening of the wine bottle does not allow for the wine to breathe at all. In fact, when you pour yourself a glass, it's best to leave it sit for a few minutes to allow it to breathe. Also....allowing wine to breathe has a set time.It reaches a maximum flavor profile after a short time and then the flavor starts to diminish from there. As an example....if you were to decant a 10 year old Bordeaux into a glass decanter, the...
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