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Sorry that this happened to you but without anything in writing, you don't have much to stand on.   This may sound cruel but I wouldn't be a bit surprised if they let you go after this. They got what they wanted and needed from you. Now they want some one cheaper to take over. You've just had a life lesson handed to you.
5.) Don't ever try and put bad food in the window. If something isn't made properly, tell the expo you have to refire. My chef may get upset when people make k stakes, but he respects the fact that we take pride in every plate we put into the window. He is much less forgiving if I people knowingly try and pass off bad food.     I can't believe how many times I have been through this. You tell the line that if you wouldn't eat it don't expect someone else to. You know...
Everybody rolls their eyes and screams inside when a customer asks for well done.   The first emotion, is to "kill the beast".... get an attitude...... "That stupid so and so.....I'll show him/her...."   But it really is a challenge to cook a steak well done and keep it from drying out. It can be done, but so few cooks take the time to understand. Ego and temper get in the way.
Don't you find it curious that whenever a new Chef comes into a kitchen, he/she will still see things "wrong" even if these things were standard operating procedure (stop) before?
Most of the cinnamon you buy at the grocery store is Cassia bark. It has less flavor then say....Ceylon. As to the OP. True that a few spices can make you sick if eaten in large quantity. Ginger root, Nutmeg, and cinnamon are but a few.  Ginger root supposedly calms the stomach, and nutmeg helps get rid of headaches, but in larger doses can, in some cases, be fatal.
Very touchy subject. At least you have one thing going for you, and that is the Chef realizes that you have more experience and knowledge than he. I'll bottom line this for you. You were brought in for a reason. Watch and learn. If you see something, mention it in private to the Chef and work it out WITH him, not behind him. Trust me, if you do not, there will be friction.
...And the pasta doesn't absorb that extra sauce as well?
Sounds like it's time for a trip to the walk-in cooler for a attitude adjustment.Walk away, deny everything, and see what happens
As in the female Sous Chef???? Love it!!!
  Firstly, know that you have so much yet to learn.Be humble. Be honest, Be sincere.You will be constantly in a learning mode.It is never wrong to not know a thing.But it IS wrong to make a decision and carry out a plan if you do not have all the experience and knowledge to back it up.
New Posts  All Forums: