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I have found that these days, WHO you worked for is less important than WHAT you did when you worked.   I found myself in a telephone interview not to long ago and happened to mention that I helped cook a presidential Ball and cooked for the Queen and King of Thailand.  I was told flat out that this kind of thing is unnecessary as it doesn't say anything about my abilities or experiences.
Welcome to Cheftalk.   A dehydrator is only one of many ways you can dry pasta. There are many articles out there, but the point is that if you want to dry your excess pasta, simply tossing it with a little flour and allowing it to dry on a pan in a cool dry part of your kitchen will do just fine.   After the pasta is dry, you can place it in a covered plastic container and put it in your cabinet until needed again.   There is also nothing WRONG with freezing the...
Welcome to Cheftalk   Please be aware that you have asked a question that has been asked repeatedly on this forum. So many time this has happened that a archive of your very same question can be found simply by using the forum search engine. I implore you to utilize this service for yourself.. You will find much more information than any one person can tell you here.
European Imports out of Chicago may have what you're looking for.
Chef, I think they may cook a roast to medium rare, then slice into portions to freeze. They take out what they need for each order.    Jacuzzo, Welcome to ChefTalk. I don't know your kitchen.Would you happen to have a stove nearby with a burner you could devote to a simmering pot of Au Jus?That way, the grill is now freed for you to grill the sourdough. When an order comes up, pull the portioned meat from the freezer and place in the simmering Jus. It should only take...
What irks me is when the kid spends his parents hard earned money to go the culinary school, and the kid sleeps through most of it, graduates, and is as ignorant as all beegesus. I may as well take any Joe off the street, cause this kid is dumber than a box of rocks..., Sorry... bad memory from years gone by
 Sorry but upscale casual eatery with a cafeteria line??????Can you say "oxymoron....?"
 Kuan...there is a time limit with which this will work. As they start to age, they become more and more difficult to peel, as you can imagine.
Royal pain too.   And my Chef had me scrape out the gills as well, before they were blanched, patted dry and filled with whatever...... As for the fluting....that's almost a lost art.....Took me many weeks to get the hand co-ordination to do it right.
A crisp Sauvignon Blanc. Pinto Noir, or a juicey Zinfandel.
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