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I just want to add this. You are a Chef. You have always been a Chef. In your heart, in your soul. Don't be terrified, Be optimistic. With your skills you can walk into ANY kitchen and simply "see" what needs to be done. All kitchens run pretty much the same no matter where you go. It's the unorganized, not planned, not directed places that need your help and insight. Go in there and do what you know needs to be done.
Very astute and wise words.Words that can only have come through experiences and life lessons.True that! One more thought here. I have read similar stories of Sous Chef's who work hard to hold up their Chef and make them look good while tackling the everyday issues of a restaurant. While some Chefs DO work on the line and manage, many do not.But what I wanted to point out is that although they are the boss of the kitchen, they are still human beings with needs and wants,...
Whenever  I hear the word "fine dining" with the word steak after it.....I am amused.   Steak and chops do no fine dining make, and to that end I wonder what people DO think fine dining is.   A medium rare steak is still a medium rare steak whether its in a casual high volume place or in an elegant white tablecloth and candle setting.   The steak still needs to be cooked right.   Your entry into the world of higher end cooking may teach you a few new things you...
No matter where you choose to work, you're going to learn something. An interview is just that. As you explain yourself to the manager, he or she will decide where your present talents will fit in the kitchen. You will probably start at a low position and through your motivation and work ethic will prove you can be brought up through the ranks.   If I was interviewing you I would tell you that cooking at home for friends is NOT the same as cooking in a high volume...
QUOTE......"IF the anecdote about French Laundry is true. You'd probably have to be a real chef in a real restaurant even to interview to be a commis at French Laundry. MANY chefs I know would be happy to be a pot washer there. I would if I could afford to do it.  If Keller (or you) wants to call a commis a chef in his kitchen, that's his (your) choice no matter what the rest of us say. But we have good intentions by giving you the advice we did. And a commis at French...
I have worked for both. They are, simply put.....food service company's. Sodexo is a subsidiary of Marriott. What's probably happening is that Aramark is in a bidding war with Sodexo at the place you work. You're just going to have to wait and see. If Aramark wins the bid, you may or may not be out of a job. Some contract negotiations are figured so that employees stay and join the new company. Some not so much. Good luck.
Have you been to Oshkosh for their yearly airshow Pete? It is awesome.
Do you REALLY want to go there?
How is all of this electronic stuff going to affect the servers' tips? That's going to be a whole issue soon enough too.
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