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Doesn't anybody cook their leg of lamb medium rare with a nice crispy charred outside?
"And the Chef falls in the soup!!!"
Unless you are a restaurant that serves roast beef right off the cutting board it is best to chill then slice.   This is because beef roasts, cooked the same day and placed on a slicer do not give you the nice slices that you need for service. The meat falls all over the place and a lot of the meat falls in between the slicing blade and the fender of the machine.   The meat is best sliced cold because most of the fat can be removed easier, as it is more visible (as in...
Great article.   Our housekeeper at work was stationed in Germany during WWII and SHE goes by this rule:   Prudent Proper Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance.
Been there and done that. I used to wrap the whole rare ribeyes in an oiled wrapping paper then into a slow oven to bring up to a warm temperature. Removed from the bag, turn up the heat and allow the roast to crisp again. Sounds weird but it worked out well.   OTOH.....whenever I have been in a situation where I was served a reheated prime rib......it had a distinct flavor that I will remember forever.   Once it's cooked, it will never reheat the same again. My...
Funny......I have been cooking for 45 years and still call myself a cook. I've always entertained the notion that one is a Chef when one has kitchen with a staff. The word Chef means the one in charge anyway
As a veteran baker and one who makes baguette at work daily, I applaud the job you've done. Great work. If all the methods you use to make that perfect baguette work for you, then that's great....  Kudos to you...
Absolutely. I love this I use them at  work to release fish eggs from their sacs for making caviar.
QUOTE...."~~@Chefross - exactly my point! Can you fault this particular chef for what he serves? There may be a million reasons why he is serving it this way (budget issues, skill of kitchen, etc) but if the place is busy and is profitable, does that make him less of a cook? Would I be happy with that type of preparation? No. But, if the public is buying it (hence, Olive Garden on a 2-hour wait!) does that make it ok?"       AAAHHHHHH The Olive Garden........   Used...
  I've got YOU beat on this..Nearest fast food, chain, or other is 70 miles away.The local places here are lovingly called "scarf and barf." That tells you a lot.To these people...opening a box of dehydrated potatoes and adding water is the closest thing they have to cooking.We do have what is called a fine dining place, but the menu is caught in a time warp, and the one in charge is not a Chef.
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