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Welcome to Cheftalk.   You're on the right track. You are correct in that you are working with the saddle. "B" is edible too so don't throw it away. I've always left it on when I removed the loins and used it to wrap around them for cooking. "A" is the loin and has a small amount of silverskin to remove.   Also....if you are going to braise this for "a couple hours" in stock and wine, you will have mush when done. Rabbit cooks like chicken....bout an hour. 325 is...
Mike....I did just what you explained 2 summer's a go in Port Angeles. The critter that came up was about a foot and half long, but my friends showed me that as it is curled up that way and when extended fully, was more then 6 feet long....... It was difficult to harvest but it was sweet and delicious.
Sit down with the client and ask them these questions.
Run your knife under hot water for a moment....wipe dry and slice. Do this for each slice. Works like a charm.
Very unique recipe. It is not French though. It has it's origins in New York in the mid 20th century but was more famous at the Whitehall Hotel in Chicago. Pretty much sautéed shallots with Worcestershire sauce poured over a thinly sliced and pounded strip steak. Usually done tableside.   Many bastardizations of the recipe over the years.   Horror movie icon Vincent Price made it famous in his recipe collections.
Try looking into magazines from the culinary world:   Sante" Professional Hospitality Art Culinaire Food and Wine   Just to name a few.
As a Chef.....say, in a restaurant that cooks for hundreds of people, you are responsible for the entire operation. As a private or personal Chef, you are cooking for a lot fewer but you are still responsible for the entire operation.   All this comes at a price, no?   Say, a restaurant Chef makes $35,000 a year for those responsibilities. Now a private Chef still has many of the same responsibilities, like ordering food, maintaining quality and sanitation, and...
Fresh sausages?  3-5 days maximum in the cooler. Wrap and freeze?
You can still make your own from store bought tarragon, no?
Do not use any ammonia based cleaners on it (409 is the worst) This eats away at the marble. Use a cleaner specifically made for cleaning granite or marble.
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