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Recky....I hear ya.   There are still some people in the world who demand the REAL thing.   Prosciutto MUST be from Parma, Truffles from France, and Feta Cheese from Greece by way of Gibraltar.    The USA labels many things made here with names of foreign products. Champagne comes to mind firstly. We still call it that even though it is sparkling wine here.   But back to the original situation here, I did find the exact product on Amazon.com, but they were out of...
Steak tartar is a menu item that could potentially be a health and safety concern. The raw beef and raw egg yolk (if you're going that route) is the concerns. It would probably be best to make it to order every time.
Thanks everyone for your help, however making the Bundnerfleisch from Bresola is not an option. Also, I found a site that sells it, but it's made in "New York City"   WDF???
We are a fan of that Swiss air-dried cured beef called Bundnerfleisch. We used to get it from European Imports but they don't carry it any more. Looked it up and found out that for some reason it is not available unless you purchase it from Uruguay?   Can anybody shed some light on this? We love it and miss it....
uline.com  over 29,000 products for packaging   4imprint.com   down as low as $.08 a bag   alibaba.com  plastic baguette bags as low as $.01   discountmugs.com   24/7 production and free shipping
When I worked in DC for a Marriott account we used Knorr Swiss products and they DID have a Demi-Glace in powder form. Just add water and heat.   I too see no true Demi-glace as well. It's difficult in my rural area to get veal bones, so when I do, I will indulge and make a batch of demi-glace. It takes 3-4 days for me to make 1 gallon. I portion it in small plastic bag lined muffin tins, freeze them solid, pop them out and twist tie the bags. I keep these in the...
Pork sirloin can be made into different cuts. It is very lean like buba said.   Our butcher here makes these small steaks that are approx. 1/2" thick and 6" oval shaped. They are great to flour, egg wash, and Panko, then sauté in butter and olive oil.   Also pounded flat, they make a great Pork Oscar or Paupiette,   They require less cooking time then a loin and about the same as for the tenderloin.   To me, grinding it up would be sacrilegious.
Perhaps prime rib bones. About 2" thick bone, kinda flattened? They boil the hell out of them then cover them with sauce.
I have always had an issue with passion. Ever look up the definition?   "An unpredictable intense emotion."   Now, why would anyone want to work side by side with someone who has unpredictable emotions, especially with all the sharp knives and other dangerous equipment around?   Just sayin'
Before you go out and organize yourself in the manner that jcmochef suggested, you may want to consider the following.   You will be doing the actual cooking in their home, and not delivering it from another site kitchen. This makes you fall into more of a Private Chef category.   Sanitation and hygiene and health codes aside for just a minute....you will be exposed to how a family keeps their fridge, pantry and freezers.   It is not always going to be by...
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