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Also....If I may....Try this recipe on for size. It might make a better cake for you: 5 eggs 5 oz. sugar 4.5 oz. sifted cake flour 1/2 oz. melted butter   Combine the eggs and sugar and whip on high speed for 8 minutes or until triple in size. remove from machine and sift cake flour right into the mix and pour in the butter all at once. Use a folding gesture to incorporate all the flour and butter. Pour unto your pan and bake 400-425 until browned and it...
Look......sponge or Genoise is by its' nature are dry. The filling makes the yule log moist and edible. I made one just a week ago at work. I used Nuetella for the interior flavored with Ameretto. I used a chocolate buttercream plain and simple for the outside. Other things I've done for the center were pastry cream lightened with whipped cream, or flavored whipped cream with gelatin added to stablize.
This is where I may take umbrage. Using the definition we have hammered out before, the Chef is the boss.....period. A boss need not be able to perform the intended job, but be able to motivate a groups of peers in the performance of the jobs duties. Sure it would be nice in a real world situation where the person giving the orders knows what they are talking about, but as has been my experiences, this is not always the case.
It's difficult to give you an answer. You asked for a classic Tiramisu recipe but you are already changing it by substituting. Ladyfingers, mascarpone, coffee liquer and rum are the "classic" features of the dessert. It's all good if you want to change it....but please don't call it classic then....
AHHHHHHH two buck chuck!!!!!!
Siduri......many recipes that call for beaten egg white or baking soda do come out quite crispy and puffy but after just a few minutes sitting time they go south. These types of fried things need to be eaten asap.
Those condiment containers on tables are potentially dangerous and can be pretty gross when not cared for. I had a cigarette butt come out of a catsup bottle once and when I told the server she told the manager who accused me of putting it in there to get a free meal.
I just got through Google-ing the subject and found nothing about what you describe. Most recipes call for some kind of acid in the marinating process so I doubt it is the cranberry acid. Was the product frozen prior to cooking or was it fresh? It could have been something not under your control.                                                                                                                          
 A while back someone turned me on to this stuff called "No Crack." You can find it at the Vermont Country Store website. It comes in scented and non scented day use forms. I swear by it. Every winter my hands are so chapped and dry they literally hurt. I also might add that I use it on my poor feet and glob it on after a shower, then put on a pair of socks before bed. In the morning all the dry rough and calloused skin feels smooth and great again. I highly recommend...
Plus a fractured vertebrae, and bulging disk doesn't bode well in a busy kitchen lifting, squatting, pushing, bending over etc....Think about that too. The physical attributes of the job are like many other laboring ones as well.
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