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What's fair is fair???? Carl Sagan the Astrophysicist once said "If you want to make a pie from scratch, first you must create the universe. So how far do we take this? So the flour used to make the pie crust is not grown, harvested, and processed? The butter is not hand churned from the morning's milking? I too live in small town America and have been asked to judge one of those dessert contests and can tell you first hand the concoctions people come up with can be...
As have I.  Mother's Day brunch 5,000 people eggs Benedict on the line. Could not keep up with them.Poached and shocked 500 eggs the night before.Made Hollandaise several times throughout the brunch. I too have never used a blender to make the sauce. Not sure. wouldn't take the chance.
Been there and done that as well. We used a system that sent a colored ticket to the guest in the mail after they RSVP'ed. They brought that ticket with them to the event. Of course that didn't work either as guests would leave them at home as well as change their minds once there anyway.   Best course of action for this is once you get your counts add 2% over that to prepare....just in case..... other than that, I can see no other recourse as the human element gets...
While I admire those places that put Hollandaise on the menu, it is difficult to keep during service so many places make the fake stuff. If I am having Eggs Benedict and the price is $9.95 I know the sauce is fake. If I ask the server if they make their sauce from scratch and they say yes, then I'll order it....even then it may not be the real thing. Why bother to even have it on the menu of it is not the REAL thing. 
.....and I am amused by the people who won't eat veal because of the way they are raised and slaughtered. Things that make you go Hmmmmmmmm!
Sounds like you just got off of yet another shift of:"Standard Operating Procedures"STOPI feel ya!
Don't know where you are but here in the USA all crab is cooked on the ships that catch them before they come to dry dock and are frozen right then and there. Wow how cool it would be to have fresh uncooked crab. I envy you.
I hear ya........   If it were just about cooking that would be great.......   I too left the industry because of the drama and found a dream job as a private Chef. I get to create and cook anything I want. The clients is happy and that leaves me fulfilled.   You might want to look into private or personal Cheffing yourself.
I just did a quick Google search and found a site where you could contact the health department in Utah and ask your question online.   www.servsafe.com/ss/Regulatory/rr_state_juris_summ.aspx?st=Utah  
Although there are many restaurants out there that utilize certified Chefs, it is still something that many Chefs do for personal growth. The competitions help teach a multitude of useful skills that one can use to enrich their careers but.....again....I maintain that the ACF is not for everybody. This is something that is dependent on what you wish to achieve in your career.   Kuan asked you how many people you supervise for a reason.   ACF is all about sharing and...
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