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Not necessarily shouting but beatings will continue until moral improves.
"If you pay me more I'll work harder......"
Touchy subject. This is going on right now at my boss' place. They just lost their Pastry Chef and she took her recipes with her.   The company is saying that by law, anything conceived and written down as a recipe for an item served in the restaurant is restaurant property, and she is subject to prosecution for theft if she does not return them.   You need to strike a compromise with Chef.
  First off I want to welcome you to ChefTalk and then thank you for your unique perspective of corporate chain restaurants. Chains have kitchen managers instead of Chefs.Why would there be a need for a Chef when everything is convenience products that needs to be opened and heated? (Tongue in cheek here) Your observations simply proved my previous points that the kitchen doesn't understand the role of R&D in the production of their menus.Do you really believe that...
Rest assured this system is awesome. Think about a banquet for 200 people with Filet Mignon, a twice baked potato, and green beans. Simple enough plate...... The day before your banquet, or better yet, the morning of your banquet, 2 guys come in to prep. One guy marks off all the filets on the grill, and preps and green beans, while the other guys makes the twice baked potatoes all the way to the point of finished except to fire them to re-heat.   The 2 guys then...
I'm surprised no one has mentioned cooking that pork loin by temperature and not time. This is the determining factor in dry versus moist meat.
The kind of pants you wear does not define who you are nor does it make or break you as a cook.   Those who do not accept anything but the hounds tooth cooks pants are the ones who have the problem. 
If you use any kind of dairy, then it's Sherbet. Use a Sorbet recipe and add cream.
Many of the basic recipes are nothing more than bananas, sugar or honey, and lemon juice. Food processor and then into the ice cream machine.
Yeah....just did it for my trip to WA. No problems at all. Checked? Yes? Carry on NO!!
New Posts  All Forums: