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At work we have an Espresso machine from Italy. I think the name is Saeco. It has 2 options for frothing milk. It has the wand apparatus but also a milk island. It's a separate attachment whereby I place a special container filled with milk over the plate and the steam comes up through the bottom of the glass container and froths the milk that way. Pretty cool but still not as efficient as the wand action.
Most of my experience with ostrich has been with what is called "the oyster" a rather large saucer shaped roast. It is very lean and I cook it like flank steak and slice it medium rare on a bias.
I have mixed feelings about them.   In the late 80's I worked in a Marriott kitchen and was serving a plated lobster dinner. I was short by 2 plates and had to think quickly. I had the thawed lobsters, so I split them open and pulled out the meat. I opened the meat so as to be how it would be presented, coated them with lemon juice and butter, wrapped them in a paper towel and placed them in the microwave.  I know they work in different power levels, so I started...
There's a YouTube video of French Laundry Chef Thomas Keller trussing a chicken with string and nothing else. He makes it look so simple and easy. Check it out.
Hello and welcome to Cheftalk. I am not going to steer you in the wrong direction but I am going to give you a reality slap in the face FarahLynn.    "I got offered a dream job at a local small bakery and had to turn it down due to the pay and lack of insurance benefits.  If I could afford to cut my salary in half and have no health insurance, then believe me, I would have done it."   After an education, after the money spent, after the time away from home and...
It's hard to rate these shows because you find yourself having to separate the drama from the actual cooking. The shows expose us to new and different ingredients but technique is most always left off camera, so we don't always get to see the prep what goes on behind the scenes.
I am confused by this thread. I don't understand the premise. Are you implying that people with disabilities, the bad and ugly should be barred from fine dining establishments?   I can't imagine the concept.   Those deaf people were simply communicating.  I agree the FOH needs more training.
Iceman..........for some people a 10-14 ounce lobster tail IS a lot of meat. I have the same thing at work.   I split them down the natural divide remove the meat from the shell, and skewer them. I 'll butter and lemon the skewers then grill them over maple wood. My Friday menu this week calls for Lobster Egg Foo Young with Chinese Fried Rice.
The comment was made about pre-breading the calamari. Obviously this is not your way but if you were to consider that option you may find less crumb in the oil. The refrigeration does help make the crumb stick better. Since you sell so many orders it may work.
I remember being invited to a Canadian Thanksgiving dinner and after dinner the food that didn't fit in the fridge was wrapped up and left on the kitchen table all night. I watched family picking from the platters on the counter the next morning and thought how wrong it was. They, of course, had been doing this way for many many years.
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