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Prairie Chef:  I took your advice 14 years ago and have never looked back. All my best..
The FOH vs. BOH debacle is always going to be. Personalities on both sides of the line make it what it is. Each groups believes they are more important to the functioning of the place then the other and act that way. The BOH and FOH are really 2 teams with the same goal. Training is the key. Nipping the "attitude" right in the butt as soon as it happens and is noticed is a solution. Far from that though, it is difficult to un-learn and re-learn.
Oh Petals, I have a friend who likes to remove his own "ocular prosthesis" and wave it in front of me while saying...."I see you....."
I guess I want to know about the "etc" part of the lobsters, crabs, and shrimp....... As part of my job working for an avid hunter I have had my share of animals to process, and even had to dispatch a few "leftovers" that were not taken by the hunter camp.  Being squeemish about dropping a live lobster in boiling water, or lopping off the head of a soft shell crab is one thing. Taking the life of an animal by jabbing a knife in it's heart or banging its head...
This year I am taking a 5-day weekend (that's all I can afford) to stay in a B&B on an island in Lake Champlain (North Hero Island, VT.) The place is quaint and I have a fireplace and jacuzzi, and a patio over looking the lake. I will be within driving distance of Montreal, Quebec and hope to make a day trip there. I want to see where Ben and Jerry's ice cream is made and maybe even take in the Vermont Country Store.  May can't get here fast enough.
IPad technology is the wave of the future. Many of the industry newspapers and articles are extolling the virtues of paperless order taking. Some places even have the menu on a hand held device that the customer simply inputs information on. No server needed to take the order. Any exceptions, additions, and substitutions can be typed into the pad.    The paperless kitchen is something what will soon be the norm. 
It may be that since you both are "salt haters" you seem to be able to detect the salt in ways others might not. Salt is a yeast raising inhibitor not the other way around. While salt plays an important part of the bread flavor, it could be reduced with no effect on the bread raising.
I find that sometimes, some brands of peanut butter tend to dry cakes out. If  your mother's recipe always came out moist, it may have been the ingredients or the technique.   Sour cream adds moisture to cake batters. Milk sometimes may dry a cake out too. Keep on practicing that recipe. It's hard to duplicate mom's recipes from memories. I too fail on many of my mom's goodies.
Most any fruit filling will work for your ravioli . I too use Wonton wraps. I egg wash them and dredge them in crushed Kellogg's Corn Flakes and cinnamon sugar before frying them. I serve them with Creme Anglaise or a thinned out Mascarpone sauce.
McDonalds makes their money from real estate. It's not about the food at all.
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