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What you have experienced is the problem everybody has with the understanding of how a turkey cooks. Sure the BREAST was perfectly cooked but it is the dark meat of the bird that dictates when it's done. The 165 you seek must come from the dark meat....(thigh area where it meets the drumstick.) It could have been that your bird wasn't completely thawed yet but my money is with you procedures.
Hey Cornelius.......you do that word association game with me and I'd answer "a nap." Nothing more decadent then that to me these days   :)
It might be your recipe and/or method. I don't hang mine but dry it on floured pans and I toss the pasta lightly with some of the flour. I cover it with plastic but not tightly....just draped over the top. A few days later when it's time to cook the pasta, I bring a pot of salted water to a running boil and add the pasta. I use a spoon or tongs to gently stir the individual strands so they release from each other and start to cook. It only takes few minutes,...
Really??? Restaurants in New York will refuse to cook food for me because I order it done in a way that offends their food philosophy? What happened to the customers pays for and gets what they want? Has it really come to that?
My solution to that has always been "NOT" to cover the pan while in transit. The plastic covering or Cambro can leave you with that result. Depending on how far you're traveling, don't cover the broccoli.
Yes Mario has a place in Traverse City Michigan. I saw him shopping in the downtown area once a few years back with a crowd of people around him trying to get autographs. The Traverse City area is home to several award winning wineries. The most well know up here is Chateau Grand Traverse. Their Riesling varietals are really great.
I don't know about me but my brother was dropped off by alien visitors and my parents had to take him in. How else can I explain his strange behavior???
Don't Canadian stores close in October for your Thanksgiving???
Cheftux......I want to add thatI many managers give out those titles without realizing what the true definition of  that titles infers. Example being Sous Chef. You see that title requires much the same responsibilities as the Executive Chef him/herself. The Sous is the Chef's right hand man. They are closer in many cases than a husband and wife. The Sous can take over any situation should it arise. The Sous Chef fills in when the Executive Chef is out of the...
If I may???? You  have mentioned more than once that you use a pan of boiling water under the cheesecake in the oven. Have you ever considered placing the cheesecake pan in a larger pan filled 2/3 with hot water and cooking the cheesecake in that water bath? Cooking it that way will ensure a constant temperature. Also the cracking you are experiencing is because you are cooking it at too high a heat and for too long. Consider turing the oven down to 300 or 325...
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