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Everybody is right about the confit, then smoke.  If you try to use the duck as is, it will be to tough to chew, especially if you are planning on using the thigh and leg meat.
I used Sambal Olek strained to get out the chili pieces, red wine vinegar and a little sugar for my "zippiness" Dessert was a simple mixed berry sherbert. I let the boss oogle over the camera. She took the pictures....I was too busy getting this all right for them.   Meez........whenever I used puff pastry the inside of the crust next to the meat is always soggy. The underside of the crust is as well. I can never get a crispy dry crust when using puff pastry. Never!!!
I thought I'd share my little adventure of the other day in which I prepared and old favorite for the boss'. Since my boss is an avid Gourmet I thought it'd be cool to let him in the kitchen for a little one on one collaboration.   Here's the menu followed by a little insight to all the varied steps:     Tempura Oysters With Zesty Dipping Sauce   Sourdouigh Baguette   wood Grilled Romaine  Balsamic Vinaigrette   Classic Beef...
Great idea Petals.   I make cheesecakes in half sheet pans. After making the crumb crust and evenly spreading it into the pan, I'll use a large can or heavy bottle to push the crust down and flatten it. I will bake this for about 7-10 minutes to set, remove from oven to cool for a moment before I pour in the cheesecake batter. The baking time for such a pan is relatively short in comparison to the spring form pans.   Also if you use the mini muffin tins.....many...
Your problem seems more about the dough consistency than your method.   Are you working with chilled dough?   Aluminum foil or parchment...it does not matter...neither of them should stick in any instance.   Use more flour to roll out the crust. It should not be sticky at all.   I pre-bake my quiche crusts with foil and beans for about 7-8 minutes at 425. I open the oven, remove the foil and beans, then pour in my ingredients.   Small trick...
I have worked Christmas Eve and Day for the past 35 years. Get used to it, or get out of the kitchen. No offense given.....but what were you expecting?
Also remember that you are a part of a team. The Chef and his Sous's run the kitchen with your input, as well as those of your peers. The Chefs collective knowledge and experience may out weigh what you have presented to them. It takes all of you (the collective "you") to run that kitchen. Continue to create, trial and error, and learn from the flops as well as the success.
Yeah and I used to cook flies with my magnifying glass when I was a kid....... They're mice.....as in rodents.........disease............bacteria...... fleas........sorry, but I can't feel sorry for them. 
I live in a big old farm house and naturally there are mice. It is what it is. I use the sticky traps as I have pets and worry about the poisons in D-Con. In the kitchen and upstairs I use those electronic devices you plug in that create a high frequency sound that drives those critters crazy. It works. Period!!!
What we call "yams" here in America are, in fact, sweet potatoes. Yams are not sweet potatoes. Similar but still 2 different things. Yams are indigenous to the Carribean and the African and Asian continents.   In the Southern states, they may call the sweet potato a yam, but they are not. And to add to the confusion, the cooked, canned sweet potatoes are also not yams, even though it says so on the can label.        
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