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At work the other day I made my own Pierogi dough and all. I made 3 kinds, Sauerkraut, Potato and Cheddar, and Sauerkraut with shredded pot roast mixed. After blanching them, I presented them by cooking them gently in some stock and butter, and simply with chopped parsley on top. I was told that the only true way to enjoy them would be to fry them until they are crispy brown all over.   I had never enjoyed them that way, as by the time I got to eating them they...
I can remember all the hard work bending, stretching, carrying hot pots and pans, cutting myself, burning myself. As the years went on, I became almost immune to getting those small cuts, and wouldn't even notice them until after I got home, had taken a  shower and noticed my skin was torn in several places. To this day, my hands are covered with callouses and I have very little if any feeling in the tips,and  I can still handle hot pans without pads.     After a...
I was taught by a French Chef that the addition of baking soda to the water creates a chemical reaction that removes some of the minerals and vitamins from the vegetables being blanched. Salt added to the water, on the other hand, adds in keeping those vitamins locked in.
DevelopingTaste....think of it this way: Not all Chefs have practical knowledge of baking. Some places can't afford a pastry Chef and the boss does that work. As with other forms of convenience foods cake mixes can and do play their part.
How "Retro" I was doing that for banquets back in the 70's for lunches. It's great recipe to share    thanks...
Really? Tzatziki is used extensively here as an accompaniment to Greek Gyros. Yes it is served by itself as meze in Greek restaurants as well.
I'd like to share bu this is a family website.
Just curious......why no cucumber? Seeds? Gas?
I too have Diverticulitis (12 years)  and as has been said previously, it affects everybody differently. The main thing here is that you want to have as much fiber as possible. The fiber is what helps your waste travel through the colon faster and easier with less discomfort. The fiber bulks up your waste so less of it will get caught in those pockets, degrade and cause infection.   I suggest your sister re up on all the new stuff being discovered about the...
Prairie Chef:  I took your advice 14 years ago and have never looked back. All my best..
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