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Great for you....... convection ovens for sheet cakes works woderful.   There are some down sides to convection in that the air movement plays havoc on light items, like muffins or Pate Choux, but cookies, bread and cakes work great.   Every oven has its' own personality so giving you tips will be meaningless until you get to know your oven.   Generally speaking the convection oven is 50 degrees hotter then a conventional oven set at the same temperature. The oven...
First welcome to ChefTalk.   There are many people who have asked your question already in the past. Using the the search engine at the top of the page to look for threads on this very topic will help you. The most important things you can do now is to do your homework. You will find answers to many of your questions here.   If you are planning on making anything from your home, you'll need a license.   Please explain "Cottage Food Law"
Growing up in the city in the 60's was all about new foods. Birdseye frozen vegetables, Banquet TV dinners,. Our family relied on a budget so Mom planned the weekly meals and shopped accordingly. We knew what was for dinner every day of every week. Thursdays were organ meats, and Sunday was always waffles.   I grew up in a religious home and Friday's were always the big cooking and baking day to get ready for Sabbath.   A dish, that I still remember was called...
My question to you is why is surgery a last resort? The surgery prep time takes longer than the surgery itself and takes care of the problem. I had it done 6 years ago and am doing just fine now.
A bit of advice....Some recipes simply can not be converted. You may find that you can only increase a recipe by 2 times, and then you'll have to make that recipe several times to get the volume you want.
I agree with this, and have interviewed with Aramark myself. They don't get many high marks for their food.
The tongue "skin" you are referring to is peeled away after cooking and discarded. I doubt there would be much to gain from saving it for stock.
I did not infer that the salt makes the dough flat. I was just commenting that it was a lot for that recipe, in a separate thought. Sorry to confuse.
You gotta keep up dude.....
It wasn't the cocoa powder that deflated your meringue. Did you fold in the sifted powder correctly without losing the air? What temperature did you bake the meringue and for how long? This might have affected the outcome.
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