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I know owners who glean the "Trip Advisor" reviews online , then call out those that post negative reviews in order to have them retract them.
Awesome on fish.......
Skirt steak is one of my favorite breakfast meats. Here is the USA, many diners serve it with eggs, hash browns, and toast.
This is not an issue as they are removed before the cake is served.   My pastry Chef always did the sugar paste flowers and secured them with the floral wire. She kept the already made flowers in a drawer lined with paper towels. I watched her make a scaffold on which she attached the flowers. This went on the cake, then she hid the wiring with frosting. When it was time to serve, she simply lifted the scaffolding away, removed the flowers and put them back in the...
I like to dehydrate citrus peel (limes, lemons, oranges, grapefruit). I pulverize into powder and use this to add flavor to seafood and poultry.
Kitchen managers is the industries way of saving money. Chefs cost more money, so why not just have a kitchen manager to run things? Unfortunately I am going to have to side with the rest. Your idea of pay scale is not real. 
We feel your pain and you can vent here anytime. But given the facts that you gave us, it would seem that training is what you're going to have to do repeatedly until you can trust your staff to do what you need them to do. As an executive Chef that's what you do, despite the inexperience of your crew, no?
On another note, flavor comes from searing, and to that end a frozen piece of meat will not impart its flavor in this way. Say, you have a chuck roast and it is thawed. You place it on a screaming hot pan and it sizzles, creating the fond you need to make a sauce. If it is frozen you cannot do this.
"P.s. I've never seen any chef work harder then a dishwasher. More hours?; sure of course, but not harder."   Unless, of course, the Chef is in the dish pit, at the end of a long day, helping the crew, creating a team like setting, and encouraging the help to work faster and more organized.
I understand now what you mean.But here's thing.... We all work in this industry for varying reasons. Some are here to make money and think of it as just a job.Some are here because they are dedicated to the food business and want to leave their mark. From the stand point of job motivation, willingness to do the job, I see no difference in the 2 examples. You are at a job to work and make money both for yourself and the company you work for.It doesn't matter what industry...
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