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The filtering action of this process gets rid of the coffee tannins that make the undesirable bitter taste
My clients dislike sweet in their savory but in some things, it is an important part of the flavor profile, ie: Teriyaki, sweet and sour, etc... I too don't care for fruit and nuts in my salad. I simply believed that this is what's new and done in the industry, but it is great to know I am not alone.  
We talk about this all the time at work.   Can you imagine being that first person who smashed an oyster open on a rock and slurped it? Or lazing under a palm tree and a coconut falls at your feet and you figure out how to open it, drink the milk and enjoy the chew.   How about octopus, or vanilla bean.   This is where to history of food began.
I realize that this is now 3 months later, but I just saw this and had to comment. Your words have resonated among the many professional that acquaint themselves with this website. We hear that old adage...."There are no stupid questions"....and to that end I offer bluntly....that it is you fstrdy that has the mindset that since you had to learn by trial and error ie....the school of hard knocks.......you feel that your knowledge and experience is yours to hold on to...
40 years here and ditto my friend....except I'm not retired just yet.
Interesting take on this issue. Christmas gift giving is supposed to be a genuine reflection of how you feel towards the individual.If a boss receives a Christmas gift from an employee it is a personal communication between them and should have no effect on others.If this gift exchange IS a personal thing then it is done in a private situation where others will not see it so thereby no attitude. I think what you do for your employees is commendable, but Christmas gift...
You can freeze the "cooked soufflé base" thaw it, add the whipped eggs whites then continue.
I think the first step to take is to change your thought process. You say you dislike baking (hate is a very strong word) so I'm thinking your subconscious is interfering with your abilities.   Baking is a science of mathematics where ingredients are measured and calculated together with time and technique. If you are used to cooking without using measurements and believe that baking is the same, you're going to have problems.   Time and patience are key in...
I buy a fresh Amish turkey each year. There is a ball of ice on the inside. Butcher says the turkeys are placed in a very cold warehouse where ice can form in the area that they are held is cooler than the rest of the room. It happens.
Trying to dry age a piece of meat at home without the proper temperature/moisture conditions is a recipe for disaster. Your nose knows. Smell is a great way of telling if something is not right, however; contaminated food doesn't always smell.   45 degrees is in the danger zone and bacteria has grown on that meat for 4 days. And not the good bacteria...... Do you really want to continue this knowing that?
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