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3 or 4 am? More like 2:00 am to 12 pm most days.
Cooking wild game is all about temperatures. You either cook it rare to medium rare ( elk, deer, wild boar,bison,) or you braise it in liquid, low and slow for hours.  ANYTHING in between these modes will make the meat tough and chewy.
Still in the works.
We speak a lot here on ChefTalk about what constitutes good food and service. It is very important that we in the culinary community, put our money where our mouths are and take this subject seriously.   Still though, there are still those places that are still stuck in a rut they can't get out of. They cant seem to unlearn old, bad, out of date, habits and re-establish themselves and evolve with the times.   This past weekend I found myself in a small town American...
The salt brine with ice makes the sliced potatoes "open" up thereby making them cook faster as more surface area is exposed. CRchef, I peel mine as well.
From someone who made these by the thousands for banquets:   After peeling and slicing, place them in a bath of salted water with ice for an hour before baking. The water should be as salty as sea water. Rinse the potatoes after soaking in several changes of water. Dry as best you can. Drizzle with olive oil/ butter then season. The potatoes will bake faster (about 30 minutes at 450 convect) and have a crispier skin (I assume you baste). Try it....
As far a processed food is concerned, I would think that trans-fat is just the tip of the iceberg.   What's next?
This is nothing new. I have found that since titles are thrown around so much in the industry I don't place a lot of value in them and use my eyes and brain instead to see what the line cook can do.   I have an issue as well. If these guys really WERE Sous Chefs then they should have a lot of knowledge, comparably to the Chef they worked for. The "bad habits" thing makes you wonder doesn't it?   On the other hand, it is quite possible that the former Sous knew they...
Welcome to ChefTalk first. Whitefish filets come in different sizes, so I am assuming you portion them.   If you are portioning them by weight I think your Chef was thinking the side that should have been cut off for sandwiches would have been the other side.This way the customer sees the tail.
You are 22 years old and you have been cooking for 4 months. How are you able to access those around you and make the determination that they are incompetent?   By the cafeteria cooking is a respectable accomplishment. Congrats, good luck and keep on cooking>
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