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The recipe sounds amazing.....thanks for sharing.......The thickness of the salmon will dictate cooking time too.......Really nice.
chefrandy......... ChefLayne was quite clear.   We do not make a habit of helping students such as yourself. You must organize, plan, and direct yourself in this case. Chef was referring to the things you'd miss by taking the easy way out to interview one of us. Remember the whole idea behind your project is for you to learn something from it.
If I may..........You seem to have the qualities that make for a good Chef....and this is something that is either in you from birth or comes by way of experiences in life. Your son, of course, won't have those same experiences to mold and guide him. You as father can shape him and guide him only so far, The rest is up to him.  At 10 years, you can probably pretty accept that he will change his mind many times before he decides.  I'm thinking that time will solve this...
The cod had beautiful markings on them. It was almost a shame to filet them. I filet, portioned, wrapped, vacuum sealed and froze them for later use. same with the salmon, although I did dig out the cheeks, scraped the bones of all the flesh for tartar, then planted what was left in my garden as compost.
Well.....I have to tell you all that the box finally arrived at around 2:00 in the afternoon on Saturday. The fish were just fine....in fact they were still so cold I had to stop cleaning and pin boning every few minutes to let my hands warm up.   The issue was not with Sysco but with this sea to table company. The billing goes through the Sysco system but the other company does all the leg work. I was pleasantly surprised.
Wanted to share this with you.....     I was on Mackinac island here in Michigan  last week for a Sysco food show. They have this new line of seafood called "Sea-to-table where you can purchase multiple species of seafood or fish from docks on both sides of the USA and have it delivered within hours of catching right to your door. It's billed through Sysco but is delivered separately. I thought....cool...I'll put an order together. I ordered Pacific Salmon (15#)...
Yes times they are a changing. It's difficult to explain without offending, but my take on this subject is pretty straight forward. You, as parents are responsible for that child until it's old enough to understand table manners, politeness as well as self control. Until that time, I feel parents should not expose their children to restaurants, shopping malls, or any public venue. 
It's best to clean them as soon as possible but you can keep them in the cooler in the box they came in with moist (not soaking wet) paper toweling over them. You may get as much as 3-4 days out of them.....and I do say MAY.....
I put together a Lebanese menu for guests last evening. Dolmades, Fattoush, Kibbeh, and sauteed Snapper with Rice Pilaf and a Tahini sauce.  I made a Lebanese version of Baklava for dessert. I even made my own pita bread...... I had to sub romaine leaves for grape in the Dolmades.  Enjoy the pics
    You proved my point FF....   In the "Food Lover's Companion" Flan is listed as Spanish in origin, and also calls "Creme Caramel" the same thing. I am re-creating a Lebanese dinner menu for tonight. A good friend of the boss wrote a cookbook back in the 80's and in the recipes I found.........wait for it..........Creme Caramel. Mexico has flan, although my lady friend from the southern region would argue with you about no egg yolks in the recipe. Her recipe uses goat...
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