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Someday, you have come upon a situation that is prevalent in our industry.    Today's culinary schools stress the importance of learning and remembering and the actual workings of a kitchen, while those already entrenched in the industry look at this as being weak and useless. The fact of the matter is that our industry is still in the age when the heirarchy of the kitchen is more important than the love for the craft and the food that is created.    Brinnstarr...
The longer knead times are necessary in some cases to develop the gluten. 5 minutes into kneading you will see the dough still has some texture issues. The dough is more stiff and wraps around the hook. After the 5 minutes you will start to notice that the dough gets more relaxed and starts to become smoother. At work I allow a full 15 minutes to knead my sourdough baguette.
Here ya go:
Our garden has finally taken off and I have been harvesting like crazy these past few days.   Yesterday I picked zucchini blossoms, filled them with garlic and ricotta cheese, then dipped them in tempura batter, fried them and served with tomato basil.   The pea pods are getting fatter and I started to pick pea pods too. The radishes are all gone for now but we will replant another batch later in the summer. (radishes don't like hot weather). I have been...
It's apparent that you have never interviewed for a place just opening up. All your questions are justified but not answerable. I have been in that situation before and I'll tell you it's not easy. You have no idea what your getting into because nothing has been established yet. This could also be a good thing as YOU will put your mark on the place. I can't offer much in the way of advice. This type of thing is a crap shoot at best. I know that the interview is...
Up in these parts Sysco Grand Rapids carries duck fat in 5# tubs....
What am I missing here? I make royal icing flowers, allow them to dry and place them on cakes all the time. I mix and match colors too, but I have never piped royal icing directly onto the cake...is this what you are talking about....the fact that piped icing may bleed?
And might I add ChefEd, that if the pickers had done their job correctly the night before your delivery, there would be no rotten melons delivered in the first place. It all trickles down the line doesn't it?    
Yes you're right.....what a perfect way to see what a perspective applicant can do.  
I see both points, however a lazy and unorganized Chef who regularly sends staff to the grocery store for forgotten items is a recipe for high food cost at the month's end.
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