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And please let this be a informative thread for those of you who go out interviewing.   Chef's coats are for wearing in the kitchen while working. Do not wear your coat anywhere else. If you need to be in a coat for show, then have a second one handy, cleaned and pressed.   It is very improper to wear a Chef's jacket anywhere but the kitchen.
Thanks....you lived in Forest Hills?  Wow......I was in Flushing Meadows on Utopia drive.
I'm remembering 1969-1970-ish?
That would be tiny particulate cleaning chemicals not fully rinsed out......
I had the same issue at work. Where I'm at I have 2 commercial convection ovens to deal with. I can not turn off the fans, and when using regular conventional oven there's still a fan on in the back of the oven but on very low.   I have had to experiment with shelf placement and temperature adjustment to get the results I used to get with my regular home oven.   You might have to do the same. Record your results until you are used to the ovens.
I washed sausage making equipment in the basement of the Waldorf Astoria in NY when I was 16 years old.
Most food service accounts deal with recipes that need to be followed for proper food costs. Benefits are a 40 hour week. You can have a life with a family and go places and do things. The downside is that you will never grow as a Chef in a place like that. If you could cuddle up to the manglement and get yourself in the kitchen that cooks for the VIP's then you'd have a chance for some real cooking.
The OP asked about what the wealthy ate years ago people, not now. If you research the menus of the Edwardian era, you'll find that the wealthy ate diets filled with meats, cheeses, lots of starches, and vegetables. Things like peacock, wildebeest, lion, aardvark, were not uncommon.     Check out the thread about the Titanic's menu.
Welcome to Chef Talk.   Welcome also to the reality of the kitchen world. Your eyes are open. Good for you. Welcome to the world of latex gloves. We have spoken of them here ad nauseum. People don't understand how to use them.   Welcome!
There ya go....you chased away the baking student on the first post. You didn't even say hello and welcome to ChefTalk.  Just sayin'
New Posts  All Forums: