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It may be that since you both are "salt haters" you seem to be able to detect the salt in ways others might not. Salt is a yeast raising inhibitor not the other way around. While salt plays an important part of the bread flavor, it could be reduced with no effect on the bread raising.
I find that sometimes, some brands of peanut butter tend to dry cakes out. If  your mother's recipe always came out moist, it may have been the ingredients or the technique.   Sour cream adds moisture to cake batters. Milk sometimes may dry a cake out too. Keep on practicing that recipe. It's hard to duplicate mom's recipes from memories. I too fail on many of my mom's goodies.
Most any fruit filling will work for your ravioli . I too use Wonton wraps. I egg wash them and dredge them in crushed Kellogg's Corn Flakes and cinnamon sugar before frying them. I serve them with Creme Anglaise or a thinned out Mascarpone sauce.
McDonalds makes their money from real estate. It's not about the food at all.
  "I think "protein" is a misleading word - it takes for granted that all protein comes from animals.  What would you call pasta e ceci, or lentils and bread, or beans and rice?  They're all strong protein dishes. maybe "animal protein" would be better, or just "meat or fish"."   Siduri...when we talk about proteins in this way, we are referring to the animal protein. The items you speak of would be referred to as starch. In our world the plate is broken...
I share my years of experience freely with anyone who needs help. I'm not going to justify anyone here on these forums who feels that what I have to offer is under scrutiny and judgement by them.  I don't feel I am any better nor any worse then anyone on here and I regret that some may feel this way. The school of hard knocks is no excuse to offend nor condescend to another peer. We are all here to learn and I can honestly say that I have learned quite a lot on...
Chef_Jacob...you now have 2 strikes against you having condescended to not one but two professional individuals who have more knowledge and more experience between them then you will ever know. There is no need to act this way and only reinforces the stereotype that Chefs are egotistical jerks.   I truly doubt weather Sous Vide will ever become the norm in restaurants and right now it is a fade. I have no doubt that this method produces some quality products and I...
This is curious Chef_Jacob....you have to admit that cooking a steak 3 times is a bit over the top. I'm sure the finished product is well worth the prep but still......It is a bit of a stretch for some of us  old timers.......
I call it "industrial espionage."  There is nothing wrong with doing it. You should not even give it another thought.
One idea would be to organize your grill as for a Mongolian BBQ. Choose between proteins and vegetables and utilize the flat top grill to combine the ingredients and also spices to make authentic Mongolian food.   The grill would work well for grilling flank steaks to make pita sandwiches. Sides could include healthy items such as hummus, tzadziki, scordahlia, shredded romaine all of which would be condiments for pita bread that you could grill as well.
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