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 It screws up the grease compounds and shortens its' life.
Been there and done that, but only as an emergency. Sausage links too.  Ruins the grease though....
Many of us have countless experience baking sheet pan after sheet pan of bacon. The night before, we open a box of 18-22ct layer bacon and slip tow or three on a sheet pan, then a parchment then another pan. Repeat as necessary   I never gave a thought to flavor profile of the bacon after it was baked. . Recently at work, I was making Quiche Lorraine for a brunch, and, like I always baked the bacon. In my particular situation, this keeps the bacon grease from...
Welcome to ChefTalk.   Looks right and your description as well. The fact that your house is cooler will just mean the starter will lag a bit and will come around. Trust me......you'll know if it goes bad with one whiff.
Pete, I know that this is purely subjective and all depends on the work experiences of those involved. Back in the 50's-60'70's Chefs were a totally different breed.With the advent of culinary knowledge taking the forefront, and now everyone thinks they are a Chef with the least bit of knowledge under their belts.
http://news.nationalpost.com/2014/11/19/chefs-lift-the-lid-on-violence-in-french-kitchens-scalding-kicking-stabbing-and-slapping-in-the-face-with-wet-fish/   Sorry Allen but I highly doubt that signing a document changes a person from aggressive to non-violent. That's something best left to a psychiatrist or other mental health professional. Just sayin'
1. People eat fast food because it tastes really good and they just dont care that it is killing their health.   Really? I though people eat fast food because they want something fast and filling and cheap.     2. Restaurant food is NOT tastier than fast food, it is just healthier and kind of interesting - so good for snobs also and other people whose minds float in the clouds rather than in the real world.   Really? Take that same fast food and put in on a plate...
Paprika added to the batter will help give that color you like. Your recipe sounds good. The egg yolk helps with final crust and gives a richness to the batter. Try experimenting with the flour amounts. Add a little more for a thicker batter, then fry a piece and taste, adjust from there
Firstly, welcome to ChefTalk.     Secondly, are we talking pork TENDERLOIN or pork LOIN?   For 110 people, pork tenderloin, you're going to have to cook about 20-25 of them right.....that are smallish and you will get about 4 or maybe 5 orders out of 1. I wish you all the luck. Pork tenderloin will dry out and be overcooked by the time you get it to the venue.   If the pork tenderloin is to be "excellent" then it's best served medium rare to medium. It will be...
Culinary education in Europe far surpasses what we have here.Perhaps the 'old school' mentality still exists there?????
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