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Income as a server is erratic and depends on business. Sushi job is reliable and the pay is even all the time
The main issue here is how to put a price on the labor needed to make the product.   Customers look at something like this and brush it off without realizing the work involved. Then they complain about the price.
Would it be possible to change the duck sauce to a fruited one?Then a Bordelaise would be fine with the Wellington, or perhaps a mushroom ragout.
I find myself envisioning the plate from the beginning. I have seen, in my years, that what the plate will look like is the very last thing the line does just before plating.Chef makes the first plate for all to see, then gets the line moving.Never understood this.
Chefmomma welcome to ChefTalk.   Organizing a plated function means you have to have all the food ready at a specific time and kept hot through out the plating process. You don't provide enough information to help with specifics.  For instance, where is the function? Is there a kitchen at the location? Do you have servers attending to the 200? What is you menu?   Plating a dinner means organization.  On your line you will need at least 4 people for plating unless...
Cooking steaks and roasts by temperature and not time will always give you the same results. Yes, a room tempered steak will cook faster then one right out of the cooler. Resting a roast or steak allows for the temperature increase but, carry over depends on the temperature of the oven and time it was in.   Again cooking steaks and roasts by time is not as efficient as by temperature.
I worked for some Italians once that made what they called a "Country Ragu." It had fennel seed ground up and sauteed with onion and garlic. I remember a white wine reduction, then tomatoes, herbs and spices added. Italian sausage was hand pinched into the simmering sauce/ Cream and a large amount of butter added at the end to finish.
Welcome to Chef Talk.   Personally, for me, it is an accident waiting to happen. I realize that these companies are creating a style, but I don't think they realize the complications.
Truer words have never  been spoken.It takes a lot of intestinal fortitude as an individual who sees all of the above examples but still rises above it all
Ed...wouldn't you say that cooking from this book would be a labor of love, not to be taken lightly?The idea of spending large amounts of time and energy to re-create a dish is not something many find appealing.I believe that the book serves that purpose for those who wish to
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