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I really loved it when I went in 2000. I got to take a tour of the kitchen and shake hands with Chef Keller. I didn't understand the TV's in the kitchen and was told that every table has a camera focused on it, so the kitchen can time the courses. Really? Smile you're on candid camera.
After making the dough, did you let it rest in the fridge for a while? After rolling out the dough and placing it in the pan and weighting it place it in the freezer for at least 1 hour before baking in a preheated oven. Your shrinkage will be a lot less.
You're my hero Pete...
I watch the Food network channel occasionally just to see who the next celebrity Chef is going to sell him/herself out to. Last week I found Aaron Sanchez has a show on. I didn't think he would sell himself out for ratings. A few years back a peer of mine that I went to college with, who is now a popular Napa Valley Chef, has done the same. When I asked he why, her reply was to get her name out there. I said her food should be the thing that does that, not some...
HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM...   Here's one that I realized some time ago......   Being rich doesn't make you smart. Going to college doesn't give you common sense either....
Remember too that many recipes still cling to the old way of thinking that pork MUST be cooked well done.
One more bit of information would be to blanch the tubes first. If you stuff them whole and go to cook them they will seize up and all the filling will come out. I make a mixture of fresh breadcrumbs, ricotta cheese minced garlic and shallots, fresh herbs and grated Parmesan. I hold it together with an egg add salt and pepper. The tubes are then braised in tomato sauce.
jblade you subject line read "Tube pan" but your message read "Bundt pan" They are 2 different things.
WAIT WAIT WAIT!!!   Let's see.....cabbage and salt.......allow to sit for a few weeks. Every day remove the weight, the cheesecloth, wash and rinse the cheesecloth, replace.. MOLD????? Whats up with that? Just wash and rinse the cheesecloth and replace.
New Posts  All Forums: