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Nope I understood quite well.You're saying that restaurants are not a necessity.How about tanning parlors, tattoo stores, hair stylists?Necessity?  Perhaps.Certified and licensed....absolutely! Humblecook....sometimes people have to make sacrifices in order to make a living right?A 40 hour a week job cooking job that pays benefits and gives a descent living,may be better than working 70 hours a week at a restaurant job that leaves you exhausted, stressed, and frustrated.As...
 Sorry...but I'm with Foodpump on this one.  The restaurant industry as it stand in its' present form, is in a Renaissance period.I read countless industry periodicals that say that the present state of our industry needs to change in order for it to survive , but as was previously mentioned, the chains have taken over small town America. With so much competition for the customer dollar, the mom and pops have no chance to survive. My previous point was about creating a...
I would be very leery if the government got involved in any kind of certification process for the restaurant industry. Small town Mom and Pops would disappear. The food "police" would be at your door telling you how to cook, when to cook, and what to cook. This would be a giant can of worms.   By the way....you must leave teachers out of this. They work well beyond the 8-4:30 school day shift, and take their work home with them. They are under paid and never receive...
Hey Buba.......I'm in the U.P. of Michigan......the HOME of the Finnish Pasty. I agree that there are so many faux pasties out there....even here. Love your pictures and now I want one.  Thanks
Sounds like it's time to create one. Pie crusts are a delicate thing. If you overwork the dough the result is a mealy tasting crust. Usual pie dough recipes are nothing more than shortening, or butter, flour, salt, and ice water. The technique is important to create a flaky even dough.
 Grew up in Queens...been forty years though....and I'm sure that place has changed.  Brooklyn Dodgers? I remember them!!!
I enjoy nature walks with my two labs. I am a novice pianist and try to practice daily I work out either at home or at the gym 3-4 times a week I love to cook as a hobby I am an avid gardener and like to can and or freeze what I grow I used to raise birds to sell to pet stores and  had 87 birds in a 3 bedroom apt once. All I have left now are 4 to take care of .......they have been with me for over 24 years. I enjoy snow shoeing in winter too
In my opinion, after going to college for 6 years after high school while working In the industry the whole time, I would say this to you Brendan; Since you already know the how, the when, and the where, do you know the why? So...if the answer is no, not really, then grab and ring and go with it.    What I mean is experience is not the same thing as knowledge.... No one, and I mean no one, can say that they know it all, even after decades in the industry. I go on to...
 Experiment further with the gelatin ratio....perhaps 2 grams. The sugar might be your personal tastes. The amounts seem right.I never cared for the wafer shapes chocolate form. I have always placed my faith in the large bricks that I can cut what I want from. Some how they always melted better for me.
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