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While I agree with your statement....it pre-supposes that the customer is intelligent enough to know the difference
Soup 4 you....or The soup bowl.
Something happened at work today that made me go "HMMMMMM."   I think that this thread is a good place to put it because it is right up the alley.   The guest who has no restaurant etiquette and is ignorant of food. I wish these people would just stay home, or at least, get a darn clue.   Today I had a luncheon for 15 guests. I served wood grilled bistro steaks on a crouton with Napa Cabbage Slaw and French Fries. I used a strip loin devoid of all fat and...
There's not much you can do if the boss wants the beef sliced ahead of time. Most places that serve a sliced beef, leave the roast whole and slice off orders as they come in.  Try to explain this to boss?
Meez....In this day and age you have to be strict. How else are you going to get passed the Baloney applicants shell out at interviews.  If you talk the talk....you had better know how to walk the walk.....as they say.
With the skill set that you have just explained, you should have no problem finding a position.   What I find is so terribly frustrating is that so many skilled and educated young people are being passed up for the no experience but cheaper people. Therein lies so many problems.
I'm sorry I didn't see this thread sooner   Today is our Thanksgiving at work. The boss treats all of the employees each year. The boss does the stuffing and bird, while I do the rest. Many are the family favorites, like putting walnuts, orange juice and Grand Marnier in the cranberries. They also do a sausage stuffing that is heavy on the sage and poultry seasoning. I make sweet potatoes with maple syrup and butter, mashed potatoes, and brussel sprouts all...
Bake them later. You'll have a better product.
Been there and done that many times. I've learned quite a few life lessons on that very subject.   Brought an applicant in on a slow night to see how he'd react on the line. Sure...it was 115 degrees in the kitchen, but that doesn't mean you should faint on the line, have to excuse yourself and then simply leave.   I also learned that being in the business for 30 years doesn't mean you can cook.   Brought in an applicant with years of experience and asked...
Are you aware that Bouchon and French Laundry are all in the family? Bouchon is owned by the brother of French Laundry Thomas Keller. Their cooking methods reflect that as well. If you are looking to refine your culinary skills, both books will offer some good ideas.
New Posts  All Forums: