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Very good question.   For starters a stand alone restaurant is just that. One freestanding business. It's survival depends upon its' product and service.   In a hotel the restaurant may be one of many "satellites" within. Each one may have a different theme and menu but they still come under the one roof of the hotel. Some restaurants have contracts where they their place is within the hotel complex but pay rent and therefore are separate and apart from the hotel...
But wait.....................there's more. I get a phone call this morning from another restaurant here on the island asking me if I know anything about a 20# box of Alaskan Crab legs.   It was on their invoice and they would never order anything like that but know that I would so took the chance to call.   "Wow"....... is all I can say.   The crab now stays in the freezer until the 2nd of August anyways.
 Surprisingly we were able to reschedule to August 2nd.Hopefully   (hopefully) Sysco will have what I need by then.I have no other choices as Gordon Foods, US Foods or Rhinehart won't make the trip to our island.
Very frustrating day today. Perhaps if you moderators would review your rules to include all people who wish to ask and contribute, this would alleviate any problems.   Have a afternoon crab boil this Sunday. King crab lgs... 20# box about $360.00 Mussels Clams Corn on the cob New Red Potatoes Etc... Went to meet the Sysco driver and my seafood was not on the truck. Mind you these items were ordered 2 weeks ago. These items are 2 weeks out as Sysco calls it. You wanna...
I would rather have simple well made food over highly decorated but mediocre food.
Boy do I admire this one.I like it when someone sees the whole picture of their life ahead and takes action. Chef Reginald you are going to be subjected to a whole different adventure.The production of food is all relative whether it be cafeteria style or sit down white tablecloth.I'm sure you are well aware of the differences, but suffice to say your biggest challenge will be organization of your personnel.My best advise would be to simply watch and learn for a while. See...
You have a great item here. Tin lined copper is great to work with. Jus keep an eye on that tin lining though as it can scratch exposing the copper. If that happens you can send them out to be re-tinned.
....or ice water to 0 degrees C
Sure but that still doesn't get rid of the human factor.Alaminute, I feel your pain.I left the mad inhuman noise 15 years ago and have never looked back.
A-1 steak sauce.
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