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The dog won't let me use mine. It has sat in the closet for 6 years now.
  Welcome to ChefTalk...Try brushing the rim of your pizza dough with olive oil to help crisp it 500 degrees on the oven will help also. You have to experiment.
So right Pete. People go gaga over Filet Mignon and I think as you do. I would rather have a bone-in Ribeye before I would filet. Too bad about the tenderloin. Dog food now????
I learned a trick from a butcher long ago.   If you have multiple dyes with varying hole sizes, match a propeller blade for each one. This way each time you use them you'll only be using them for the coarseness you're grinding. Large, medium, and small all have their own blade. Works great. 15 years now, and have never had to sharpen anything.
Think about a 1.75 ML bottle of red that has been stored at 57 degrees.Now it's decanted into a leaded glass decanter at around 6:00 pm and allowed to breathe, open up and come to a warmer temperature within two hours. All of the above my friend.
I found your recipe: http://cooking.nytimes.com/recipes/1017699-miso-chicken If you want a nice brown crust, baking in the oven is not the best way to go about it. Try browning your chicken on the stovetop in a saute pan first, then finish them in the oven. You'll have a better product
Great commentary here.   At work, we take the reds out about 2 hours before service, open and decant. Whites are kept in the cooler until service then transferred to a insulated wine holder. We don't serve the whites ultra-cold and the reds are still cool.   I am very familiar with the tastes of warmer wines. White is awful but red is a little more forgiving.
I'm a Jack Daniel's man but I do love single malt scotches from Isle Islay.
I hear Rocco's still around. He may be a douche but he's a douche with a heavy bank account.....
Some bakeries make what is called "Pullman loaves" in which the bread is sliced horizontally. The crusts are much easier to cut off.
New Posts  All Forums: