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Teamfat, I was just going to say that I have never seen a 5# tenderloin. That must be a hog on steroids.........
Welcome to Cheftalk freshbaked.   You have a long road ahead of you.   Firstly, know you are not a Sous Chef freshly graduated from culinary school.   I hate to say that your current workplace has given you a name...pure and simple. You are going to have to grow into that name through hard work and respect.   I can't tell you what to say or do to earn the respect of your peers. That's something that is either part of your personality or not and only you can figure...
 Best words I've heard in a long time. Great words, great attitude. I hope that avez heeds your words, but I fear he has his mind set on leaving instead.
If it is too moist, try adding a little more corn flour to stiffen it up. Your corn may have given off more liquid then you needed. You may want to consider straining the corn before you add the dry ingredients. That way you control the liquid and can add more it need be.
My boss went to Chinatown once to shop for Japanese bowls, plates and serving dishes. The lady behind the counter got real anxious as she saw my boss choosing high end tablewares. When it came time to select the right chopsticks, the lady pushed these hand painted ones with gold on black that were, in her words, "Lacquer one thousand time."  They come in their own case with velvet lining......Paleeessseee!!!
QUOTE:  What was the last thing that made you grateful to be cooking instead of doing something else?   Knowing I still have my job to return to tomorrow.   No...Seriously.....in my world the simpler the better. Sauteed mushrooms on toast...nothing more simple about that.   But when the customer tastes it and is sent back to their childhood memories in Paris and ends up licking the plate clean....to me....THAT is the best reward I can have....... Last night.
Hormones can screw with the brain big time. I'm with y'all.Too sensitive...
Hello and welcome to Cheftalk.   What happens to the patients food after it is plated now?  How is it kept warm now. How do you keep the food hot as it is being carried out to the rooms now?
Hello and welcome to Cheftalk.   Your best bet would be to blanch them as you've mentioned.   Rolling them and placing them on a cornstarch lined pan is good for only a few hours. Plastic wrap can cause them to weep and the skins get sticky. Alternately another idea is to freeze them after rolling. Doing it this way would require extra time cooking to make sure it is hot all the way through
...But only after the third sneeze.....before that you say "Salude."
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