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This is a red flag right here.Are you confident that those who will be providing you with the food to cook, know how much to buy and know the product?I would personally be very concerned about this.
Do you feel confident that you and one other can put this out? You and one other could do the prep but you will need help plating to get them out faster. Charge depends a lot on menu and how difficult/easy it is to prepare.
I've named mine Phranque the foolish polish. He's had many kids. All their names start with "Ph"
I can't say for sure, but I don't think Williams Sonoma is going to do anything for your career. It is a kitchenware store, not a restaurant or food service venue. If you are going to be starting J&W, it will become clear to you later on. This is something only you can answer.
My dough is not as loose as the one on his video. My dough can be scooped with a spoon and placed on the mold. I don't have  pan like his but individual little molds. They are a pain, but the product is wonderful and delicious.
Have you considered using commercial pots and pans on your commercial stove?
That was me. Nobody touched my egg pans, not never, not ever...
As was previously noted, the pork chop goes on the heat as soon as the kitchen gets the order. If the guest has a salad and rolls to eat while it's cooking that's fine. Also 25+ minutes is not a long time in the world of fine dining. I would enjoy my wine and engage those around me in small talk while we wait. I don't see this as a problem at all.
All your points are valid, but the only person who can decide this is you. If you want to stay in the restaurant business, perhaps a food service job would fit you best. The hours are better and you'll have a life. If you do some homework, you might be able to find one of those jobs that will allow you to utilize your culinary knowledge, while still maintaining a descent life. Know that you are not alone. Know that this industry is NOT for everyone. If you are...
As you see by other responses, it IS THAT WAY in many places.I would offer that YOU are the lucky one to have worked in a place for 2 decades and not be exposed to this crap.
New Posts  All Forums: