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I believe you are misunderstanding just what steam does to bread and baked goods. The steam creates a crustier loaf of bread. I understand your concerns with using non gluten products. I would suggest you do some more research as this type of baking is fairly new, and I'm not sure if the technology is understood yet by the oven manufacturers.
You say that a lot these days IceMan..
Sorry...but if the food has been sitting out for 4 hours, you really wouldn't want to serve it to anybody...not even staff. Microwaving will not kill food born pathogens. Your Chef is right.
Yes many culinary schools touch on the FOH service, but unfortunately it only gets a skimming.I remember learning the different styles of service in school as well. I had to wait tables, and also host and learn to run the register  (long before POS came along). Foodpump, yes we have hashed this out time and time again. There are some Chefs out there who would be very upset if standardization came along, simply because they don't feel it should be.  Organizing this theory...
Many corporate restaurant chains really try to focus on customer satisfaction. The FOH is educated to meet the needs of the customer. The mom and pops are the ones most often fitting what is described above.   I see the restaurant owner allowing his 15 year old daughter to hostess with her cleavage proudly hanging over her tight dress.   Or a very pregnant server waiting tables with her 8 month old son strapped to he chest.   (by the way...I noticed a sign up around...
Agreed. This type of behavior is typical of people that have low self esteem and can not accept the fact.   This is not about you KK, it's about this guy.   It's not going to change or get better, even with management involvement.   Time to consider yourself, Ever think about going to nights only so you can work with a Chef that respects you?
Mario, welcome to Cheftalk.I hope my colleagues didn't chase you away with their humor. You didn't provide us with much to go on.Are you a line cook? Yes prawns can be overcooked. They become rubbery to the mouth.
A Chef friend turned me on to "Schmoo." At least that's what HE called it.   Equal parts Dijon mustard and smashed roasted garlic in the food processor.   I make a large batch and put it in plastic in the cooler. It has a great shelf life. Now....as to its' use. Smear it all over a chicken and roast it uncovered. Smear it on a inside round and roast. Smear it on a Steamship Round of beef and roast. It's great on steaks, whole roasted beef tenderloin, even tossed...
When I worked in Banquets on hot summer days, the kitchen easily reached 115. The Mexicans would peel and slice cucumbers, squeeze fresh lime juice over them and sprinkle heavily with cayenne pepper. It takes getting used to but it is refreshing and helps cool you off.
ChefBillyB QUOTE:   "I posted this not for people to agree or disagree with what I posted. I think it's a good discussion typic on how each Chef will look at their own kitchen or business. In this business labor cost control has always been a big factor. I feel the min wage increase will make every operator to rethink again how their kitchen will operate. To take this a bit farther just think of how fast-food chains will approach this. It's going to be interesting on how...
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