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......I agree with chefpeon. As for the cake doughnuts, you could have the batter in the reach-in at the ready. Could you have space for a dedicated table-top French Fryer? It takes only 2 minutes ++ to fry a cake doughnut.
From what I remember, the cone stays on the heat all day, albeit at a very low temperature. I recall that the cone was removed from the unit each evening, allowed to cool down, then into the walk-in it went
My location makes it difficult to get product. Veal bones are hard to come by here. Even Mediera is hard to find.
As a Chef and a cook, I can understand just where hookedcook is coming from.   The ACF certification process is for bettering one's self. You don't compete against others. You compete against yourself. What this does in the long run is develops your attitude and disposition about what you do. The ACF is not just for learning about food. You learn how to communicate with others, how to plan, direct, organize, market, yourself.   That being said, in my career, I too...
 So true.Thermometers are for spot checks while you learn to "see" the food. mimi   I totally disagree here.  We're not talking about a professional kitchen here.We are talking about a home cook. Guesstimating?????? Really??? Home cooks usually don't cook steaks or chops necessitating the need for using their senses to determine done-ness.A thermometer is a very useful tool for the home cook to insure consistency.
Yeah? Try cooking in French tin lined copper on electric.
Oh my Chef Brah:   Where do I start?   First, I must admit that as a Chef, I can not stand cooking programs. I could allow myself to watch but the sound has to be off. I didn't at first understand what "batting" a steak was until I watched the video. I call it pounding.   As to your question Brah, yes pounding a steak makes it cook faster, but technique is paramount to keep the steak from over cooking. Adding the steak to the sauce at the end coats the steak in the...
I am resurrecting this thread, as I just watched "Burnt" last evening.   I also believe that the movie perpetuates the stereotypical Chef.   To answer the OP's original question.....YES I have worked for someone like that in a country club I worked at in the 70's.   My Chef was an alcoholic who would meet me at the back door each morning reeking. Although he was unstable, he would create magnificent presentations for the times. He would slam pots, throw them at the...
I just did a Google search and looked at the images.When I did. I saw lots of cracks, and some webbing.I think you are  being too critical of yourself.
Cracks are normal. It happens when I bake gourges or cream puffs too.   It's the steam escaping. If they went flat, they may have been under cooked.
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