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Our profession takes in all kinds of people. It is a timely topic though in any workplace, not just a kitchen.   I am from a time when the cooks would work these things out amongst themselves.   I know that these actions today would land a cook in trouble with personnel, but I would simply follow her into the walk-in, grab her by the collar and lift her off the floor and threaten her life, put her down and walk out of the cooler with a smile and then deny...
All of the aforementioned  ideas are all spot on, but none of your answers recalled the OP's comment about not being able to affect change as the Chef is set in his ways and won't. What needs to be done and what will be done are two different things. The OP has not commented yet because we are unable to give them advice they can use.  Move on nothing to see here
It would seem almost as if these people do not understand that ordering a whole lobster is an adventure and challenge and is fun. If you have arthritic hands then either call ahead to the restaurant and order your lobster broken down and fork ready.....or don't order whole lobsters.
No offense taken.You're preaching to the choir Meez and I would never agree to cater a party for 15 people as it is not economical, but we are here to help and give advice.We don't know anything about the particulars here other than the menu.Really?Half the cost of the food as profit to cater a small event such as this for 15 people.What would YOU charge?
I have a baking soda dumpling with fruit filling that I make.   It's the usual, milk, butter or shortening,flour, egg, baking powder and salt.   I make it almost spoon bread consistency.   I spoon a small amount of dough onto a greased pan, use my floured thumb to make a well, place my fruit in that well and spoon a little more dough on top to close it.   I have a large wide pot of simmering water going and slide these babies into the simmering water a few at a...
......Yes and a possibly dangerous too because you are not cooking the eggs at all. Pots d Crème would be better as the custard is cooked in a water bath. Just sayin
I live in Michigan's UP and know all about the Pasty.   The Finnish people brought the pasty here. It was a quick easy healthy item the miners could take to work each day.   If you were to set up a pasty making facility you'd need:   Large mixer to make the dough. Assorted knives for cutting, chopping, and slicing Stovetop for cooking the ingredients and making gravy   The dough, you would have to research. If you are planning on re-thinking that pasty you may...
15 people is really quite small but I would suggest charging them the cost of the food and half again as much for your services.
So a 4-top comes in and orders whole Maine Lobster. They send it back to the kitchen for us to break them down. Fair enough....elderly have a hard time cracking claws. We send it out again . They send it back cause it was cold. We heat it back in the oven, and send it out a 3rd time. They send it back to be packed to go. SHEESH!!! Why go to a restaurant and order something like this and put yourself through this? Why?
Oh yes!!!
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