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I thought baking soda was a no-no, as it causes vegetables to lose their vitamins and nutrients. I know it does for green veggies....
I think it was just a matter of getting over the phobia that soups must be hot to be good.
Cold soup is not a man's food? Rubbish!!   Let's see:   Vichyssoise Strawberry Beet Watercress Cucumber   All cold....all wonderful.   I simply think that most people have not been exposed to cold soup before. I know where I work, the first time I served a cold soup, it came back to me with one spoon missing only. Now the bowls come back empty.
What a great gig that would be though. What an experience.
@Chefross what do you mean though by "can be re-used?"    You may safely consume that which never made it to the chaffing dishes.   If you are catering a function for profit then you must adhere to the food safety rules. These rules state that any food that was on display for consumption can not be used or sold after the function and must be thrown away. That's why figuring the food cost for buffets includes that in the pricing. The client pays for all the...
When I was a Banquet Chef the place I worked offered these small themed buffets to small business groups of 50 or less.   The problem I had was that the menu offered 7-8 hot items as well as cold. Making: one 2" half pan of macaroni and cheese one 2" half pan of meatloaf one2" half pan of Swiss steak mashed potatoes green beans Almandine Yadda, yadda, yadda, You get the idea..... The sales office must have had a field day with this.......(SIGH)
There are a few factors that define how much food to prepare. I assume these events you speak of are buffet service. Factors like: time of day, weather, children? All of these affect outcome.   How much food to prepare is based on the above information.   As far as the unserved, untouched food goes, I know that if it has been out on the buffet it must be disposed of after the event and can not be used. If, however; the food was in a warmer and never made it out to...
You know I really hate it when you go to a hotel and they serve eggs that have been sitting in the steamtable for so long, they become one giant mass.
Firstly, welcome to ChefTalk.   Secondly, Personal Chefs and Private Chefs are 2 different things.   Private Chefs usually work for one client and no one else, usually in the clients home kitchen.   Personal Chefs may have multiple clients. They will also cook in the clients kitchen or have the means to cook elsewhere.   Personal Chefs make food ahead of time, sometimes for a few days in advance, package it, then leave. They may do this with several clients a...
The main problem with bases is the salt content. Many brands use too much sodium before you get the chicken flavor. I agree with Minor's as they really are the best of the brands.
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