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Your per plate cost should include all the heavy work needed to complete the job.
Micromanage......how I hate the word. So you were hired as a Pastry Chef and you work FOR the Chef. Your opinion, however it may be as professional as you say, does not matter here. It is your place to offer suggestions but that's it. He's Chef. He calls the shots right or wrong in your opinion.. Do your job and look for a new one if you don't like it there. Perhaps he's jealous.
[IMG]http://www.cheftalk.com/content/type/61/id/91349/width/200/height/400[/IMGdom 1998 ....and And a 96 Lafite Rothschild Pauillac I got a sip of each. How cool
 In your opinion is there a clear career progression for chefs?   Yes and No.  People interested in the culinary arts who are in the industry are doing just that. When one enters the industry, they start out on the lowest rung and work their way up. Chefs are managers and boss's already so, I fail to understand where you are going with this. Chef's always are trying to progess.     What level is the most common for chef to leave the industry?   Again.....as a Chef...
Yes I read that also, but again, their board hasn't yet decided what to do.
May I firstly thank you for your service to our country and tell you how proud I am that you are safe and back at home trying to go on with your life.Kids will always be kids...nothing to be done about that.What has been said above is true.Either the young ones will get on board or they will drown. I am concerned with the comment about having to get up and leave the classroom.Could this be a symptom of a much different problem?Wellbutrin is medication to treat Attention...
I don't know about that. Darden Group...the owners of Red Lobster, Olive Garden, etc....is doing well and making big $$$$$.At least according to industry periodicals.
Corporation restaurants these days CAN include fine dining as well. Aramark, Marriott, Hyatt, all have sections for fine dining whether private VIP dining or regular customer based places .   Since the word "fine dining" is so ambiguous it can mean anything these days. But from my experiences, fine dining is no more difficult, no less involved, and just as necessary for the line cook to pay attention to as for corporate Mom and Pop and all other venues.   Perhaps...
When I serve artichokes I cut off the stem and immediately rub the bottom with a lemon slice. Sometimes I toothpick the lemon slice to the artichokes bottom before and while cooking. I also clip the points so people don't get cut on them. These too brown on contact with the air, so getting them into the cooking pot as fast as possible is best   I don't cook mine in a full pot of acidulated water  I use a combo or chicken stock and white wine and only a 1" to an 1...
"WELL, to sum up, I apply garlic wherever I can. With the exception of a few desserts."   What? No garlic Ice Cream?????
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