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SIGH!!!!!   My garden is still under 2 feet of snow.   Seriously? 1-3 inches of snow tonight and it's April 15th?????
Are these tests for people with OCD?   All these plates need is to simply push the food towards the center of the plate and they would be perfect.
 Looks like the ridge on my property. Unfortunately there's still 3 feet of now covering it all. 
This is a great thread but it brings up a slew of other things to think about. Since food is subjective, how can a Chef be sure and know that the customer will like their food? Here's an example..........   Recently I dined in what was supposed to be a German restaurant. It looked like a Bavarian Inn. Lots of beautiful cabinets filled with glass and china figurines. Wait staff wore period costumes, and German music played in the background.   The menu had both...
I have found that many people can not cook without a recipe in front of them. They can not conceive cooking without measuring ingredients just as written. 
Beastmasterflex I feel your pain.   After being in the industry for over 35 years and then making the change to the private sector I can tell you, without a doubt, that having someone tell you that they don't care for your food is exceptionally humbling, especially if said person knows something about how food should be cooked and or presented.   After going through this I have found that the relationship between your culinary prowess and personality are 2 totally...
Whenever I add an Espresso flavor to something, I use the ejected, used, pod of grounds that the machine puts out after making a cup. It is less harsh but still adds a nice flavor
There is nothing wrong with you. Remember why you are there in the first place, and NO...it's not to make friends. Take Vic's advice.....and chalk this up to another in a long line of life lessons.
2 Buck Chuck is now $6.00 in Chicago
I am very much the same boat as the OP, although in my case the boss has some restaurant experience under his belt, making him all that more dangerous. I concur with CStanford in that using your knowledge and experience as a base you might be able to make those Food Network recipes work at  your restaurant. Actually looking at the recipe and doing a little R&D will go along way. At least take a look at those recipes seriously and see what can be done.  Good luck and by...
New Posts  All Forums: