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Wow.   All I can say is....such drama. Sometimes, you just got to step back and look at the situation from a realistic side. You (collectively) are merely cooks in a restaurant. You (collectively) are not CEO'S, nor are you any kind of celebrity that makes you think you are more special then anyone else.   If this situation continues, it's time to find a place where you can grow and learn. I believe you know what you need to do.
I remember reading somewhere that tuna used in sushi is frozen first to kill any possible  parasites. Would this be true for all fish used in making sushi?
I'll add some canned tomato paste to the salsa to thicken it. 6 hours is a bit extreme.
Plated or buffet?      
Nature of the beast. How about adding a small container of extra sauce with the to go order?
How unfortunate that your line mates can't get their heads out of their asses and realize that you are all part of a team.
Great thread. We have several varieties in our orchard. Sweet Sixteens, Northern Spies, Macs and Red Beauties.   Some of it goes to making apple cider. We take a bushel or 2 over to the elementary school and do a "show and tell" with our cider press for the kids. The kids take turns pressing the apples and using the hand crank. Afterwards, everyone gets to try the cider.   I make apple pie filling and can that. It takes 2 quart jars to make 1 pie. I add cinnamon,...
It's been one heck of a harvest this year. 60 tomato plants, and now I have over 125 quarts of product made.   One thing that took me by surprise this year was the gourds. I have never seen such beauties as big and strange looking as these. I had to share:  
I remember using that Knorr stuff at one place I worked. I believe I added the powder to melted butter or margarine.
Sounds like a "cultural" issue with the disrespect for the women. This guy sounds like a piece of work.   Etherial, aren't you just a bit concerned that any of your co-workers may be lurking on this site, reading your every word?
New Posts  All Forums: