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Tempura fried.... Yum!
 Like you kuan, I created quantity list of all the soups, sauces, proteins, starches and veggies.The list had three columns the item, the amount, and a space for the person who prepped it to sign their initials It's called "CYA" for a reason.
I've been able to rotisserie pork back ribs with a really hot fire in 45 minutes. I usually do not sauce them for my boss's as they don't care for the sweetness of bbq sauce. I make my own rubs that simulate Cajun or Western barbeque, even Asian with Chinese five-spice.   For Ribs I will usually braise them covered for an hour plus plus before placing them on the grill. Somehow bbq sauce seems better on beef. Just me.
When you cover a roast you are basically steaming it.   The lid provides conditions where the inside temperature of the pot is higher then the outside temperature. (steam is hotter then water)   This is not roasting, this is braising.   You could combine both so as to cook your roast with the lid on for so long then finish roasting with the lid off to crisp up the finished surface area.
  Love it..........Working with Spanish people is a tutorial in anthropology, isn't it.Very hard working people with strong family ties and are offended easily by stupid Americans.
  Welcome to ChefTalk. It would seem that your 27 years were filled with lots of experiences, which unfortunately left you with some pretty bad scars.Many of you complaint points seem based on a circumstances with regard to locations, as not all places are flooded with immigrants.As for the women thing....again it looks as though you had some experiences that were, not always the norm.A lot of what you point out is true but again, it has a lot to do with the quality of...
 "...outrageously gratuitous and somewhat unbecoming" though it may sound. is truth on a platter my friend  Ohhhhh if it were only about cooking the food.
Ahhhhhh memories.....Mine was red bliss potatoes for 400 people....poor souls did not want to count out 800 red potatoes plus 2% over.Serving time comes and Chef is not happy........really 20 orders off?????
I've been in your shoes before, and, like you, decided to hold on, because I thought it was a great job, but I ended up learning that this type of behavior will not stop and the person will hit the bottom eventually.   No matter how much you love this place, you MUST make the mental decision to get out as soon as possible.   Cheflayne is 100% correct, and others, who have been around the block, can see.   I know this will be difficult but consider that conditions...
.....And if they don't know what a BEO is..........run like hell.....
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