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Love it..........I can just hear it....too.
Do they really still use that phrase?
I offer that was what I was trying to point out but Meez said it much better.  Thanks
When I worked for Marriott in DC we had very strict storeroom policies. The storeroom had posted hours of operation. You had to requisition everything and write it down on a form. That form was handed to storeroom guy the night before and your order appeared on a huge multi-shelved cart the next morning. The storeroom closed daily at 4:00. If you forgot something, you had to get a security officer to open the door and watch as you got what you needed, recorded it then...
It's not he alcohol. I make a Orange Gran Marnier Creme Brulee and never have a problem. Perhaps an extra egg yolk or whole egg.
From my favorite bakery instructor in college. Must be said in a thick German accent.   "You guys, you sit, you fahhht around you get nothings done Ze honeymoon ees oveh!"
Ah yes.......the recruitment agencies. As a cook in a restaurant kitchen, sometimes we develop a sense of entitlement and ego.  Now in walks this rent-a-cook. What a great chance to show off by belittling this guy, only to make me feel better about myself.   Even if the rent-a-cook were a culinary professional, they would still be picked on. Human nature.......but...imature
Yes we have "Masterchef" here.Sadly though, it is scripted for entertainment over showmanship.
With your knowledge and experience you could go anywhere. Your fine dining experience may make job hunting difficult as you will find yourself over qualified for anything less. You'll have to compromise what you want with what you can do.   The right fit is what you're looking for. If your experience is more restaurant and hotel, as you say, will you be happy working in a college food service kitchen or a  hospital setting, where you make ground beef and macaroni...
Awesome idea........
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