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That scenario played out in a restaurant I was Chef at.Made Italian Country gravy from scratch, and a customer commented that it was too bad the Chef uses canned spaghetti sauce.
  Very good point that I never considered.As I said, there is no difference, to me, in the quality of the finished product using copper over something else, however I do choose some pots over others depending on what I'm cooking.Pasta, for instance, does not cook well in LeCreuset,  and I must watch the heat very carefully with copper.
As I cook with French tin lined copper pans and Le Creuset at work I can tell you that the food created is no better then that which is cooked in cast iron or Calphalon.   It's not the equipment.....it's what Queequeg mentioned...that being the ability of the cook to utilize what they have,where they are.
  Nicely said..... I am getting ready for Passover and am making my own Gefilte Fish.I had some Northern Pike frozen and just got some fresh Whitefish and will be starting on this later today.I too have my mother's original pot for simmering those babies in, and the platter she cooled them on sitting in the window sill with the window open a wee bit to help cool them. Memories are all we have when all is said and done.
True dat.....I forgot about scaling the dough....Me bad.
Mine is the same, (except for amounts) but I add shallots and I don't use the food processor.
No one has mentioned this as yet, I think, but not weighing ingredients could simply mean that the bakers already know from many years experience that 1 bag of mix to so much yeast and water will produce the dough they need. Even taking this a bit further in that this same experience can leave you with the ability to throw ingredients together scratch-wise and have the product come out fine.
Bacon wrapped anything is almost always overcooked and rubbery. Bad choice.   Cold would be the way to go for seafood and or fish.   Served, passed, or buffet?
Hard to find places these days that make desserts from scratch. Pretty much boxed, and or frozen in many places. When I go out, I always ask if they have any desserts that are made in house.   Cheesecake has got to be the easiest to make and the public loves it. Yes it may be dated, but you see it on many menus still.
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