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We recently moved to a new menu including an almond dacquoise garnish on a dessert. Chef is looking for a 2-3 inch long stick with approximately .25 inch diameter. I am having problems with getting the pieces off the parchment in one piece. Looking for advice/experience on working with this product
clean the kitchen top to bottom sweep pour soapy water down the line deck brush spray down with hose squeegee every night it is also one of the cleanest kitchens i've worked in
i have rabbits and they eat my plants so i figured i might as well eat some rabbit with home grown veggies at least where i live you can shoot a bb gun in city limits as long as the pellet doesn't leave your property so i set up a pile of grass and carrots to lure them in and shoot them as they come up.   you do have to pick them up after each one goes down other wise it will scare them off and you can't get anymore.
i'm not a fan if it gets knocked off onto the tile floor it would chip too easily and even though a steel knife could do the same you can take a steel knife to a stone. for your money you are better off buying steel knives and a set of sharpening stones
i personally have two cases one for work and one for school for school i have a victorinox breifcase style i don't like it at all its bulky hard to get closed and my knives cut the inserts that hold them in ruining those and dulling my knives.   for work i have a considerably smaller more streamlined kit with knives i care more about. it only needs to hold three knives a steel and a peeler. for this i have a henkels 8 slot roll it has worked well for everything i've...
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