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Ecolab chemicals are more than twice what I am paying now. I did a lease to own on my machine. I own my machine now by about 5 years. I buy whatever chems I want with no penalties. If Ecolab knocks on your door with a contract, read every damn line and don't sign until you understand it. Watch for minimum usage clauses, bundling of cleaning purchases, etc. I am a chef/owner, not a fan of ecolab
I am a shell of a human today. No show staff, multiple parties on Saturday erasing prep time for us. Insane customers. But we did it and we did it well. How was your mother's day?
I am chef owner. I own my property and business. I used the real estate as bargaining tool. I have a private investor that holds the mortgage on real estate. Second much smaller mortgage on the business. I make monthly payments and that's it. No input from partners etc. It makes decision making very quick and easy, no committee to hash things out with. Not sure how partnering deals like you mentioned get done. I just know that I don't want to answer to anyone. At the same...
Buy screen replacement for doors from home depot. Comes in different materials and comes in rolls. Line a perforated bus tub with screen so water drains but spices are trapped. Rinse in bus tub. When done, lift out screen and toss spices, put screen through dishwasher. Not sure how big your sink is.
Lets keep this thread to professionals working in food service please.
I have good results with portioned vac pack fish cooked sous vide from frozen. Leaving meat to thaw room temp overnight? No.
Great post.Yes, alone in the restaurant, only the dining room music playing, middle of the night. There is a melancholy mixed with hope. It's a strange feeling but one that I have come to enjoy as a right of passage to the new year.Thanks for posting that. This not something that one would ever find in a textbook or on the food network.My NYE was smooth. A little under booked but still a profitable and smooth night. I was proud of the food we put out.Happy new year to all.
If you know you have salmon and beef, decide how you want to prepare them with 2 or 3 alternate ideas. Then have a list of possible starches and their preparations that fall under the same category. Same with veg and sauce, garnish etc. For instance, for root veg, think of a preparation that would work for most root veg. Organize your preparations to keep all of the variables from rolling around in your head too much.
Busiest easter we've had in 17 years. I am fried today. Between the prep, lack of dishwashers and slow as hell kitchen crew we just barely got it done, but we got it done. The rest of the week before easter was slow.
It is 2:15 am as I read this after a Loooooong weekend. I literally laughed out loud. Oh the pain.
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