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I am a graduate of the 4 year Baking and Pastry program at the Providence J&W campus and it was the best career move you can make.  The Providence campus is the center of the school and that goes to the quality of the Chef's and equipment, not saying that the others are slighted but it was a big difference from when I went.  Going to J&W gives you a chance to experiment with techniques and ingredients that some Chef's who have been in the field all their lives have never...
When I was a student at Johnson & Wales in the Baking and Pastry Program (An amazing program), I received a James Beard Scholarship. 
Hello,   If you have not sold the copy of That is Sugar, how much would you like for it?  Please e-mail me at   Thanks,   Alex
Being an Alum. of the J&W 4 year program I have to say that it is top notch.  Before I decided I looked at both schools and I thought that CIA may be a bit stronger for Culinary but in Baking & Pastry J&W had them beat.  At that time J & W had much more lab time than classroom time and the best way to learn is by doing.   J&W has 3 campuses each with their own strengths but I have to say that since the University is based in RI many of the best Chef's are there.  I...
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