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Hi.  I am a cookbook fanatic.  Myrna Kornfeld in Voluptuous Vegan,p 240, has the best info I have seen re: agar-agar, kudzu and arrowroot. She suggests a more custardy effect comes from a combo of agar and kudzu, or arrowroot. There is about a page and 1/3 giving details on using flake, powder and bar agar...  Saved me from experimenting out another gloopy mess!
next word:  spaetzle 
Cakes Are Koeks Essentially Same 
Went to cooking school hoping to get definitive info.  Did not work.  I have almost 2 doz books now in my rented room, in less than a year!  Yes I have an addiction. I read a cookbook from cover to cover and flag the recipes I want to do with post-it notes cut up 5 times. What I haven't figured out is how to source a recipe I tabbed that I know that I want to try, but can't recall which book.This can be years later after first viewing! I sort my books by baking, ethnic...
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