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I put all of my All-Clad stainless through the dishwasher, that's why I bought it. I have BKF, and I've used it once or twice in ten years.
CHEFED I'm sure good use was made of your Hobart attachments. What's that one with the wide slicing blade do?
acid - go for the lemon juice
In the south and midwest, the church ladies usually take care of this. Since you've been asked, it's not likely you'll be criticized. The last one I did had: Mini Sandwiches - 2 ounces of filing on artisanal dinner rolls, with four or five flavored mayos or spreads. Pasta Salad with Pesto and Shrimp Potato and Haricots Verts Salad Fresh Cut Fruit Finger Tarts, Cookies, Brownies and Fruit Bars I've done the same thing as a brunch, adding breakfast...
I would plan on a couple of sides at least, refreshing the first one before it looks cartoon-esque. Or, you could show up drunk and swear a lot.
"Our value proposition has never been based on price, but on quality." Or you could show up drunk and swear a lot.
Be ready for a pre-pubescent path of destruction - with everyone's approval. Arm yourself with chicken fingers and dart-guns of Ritalin!
Cash only, no credit card fees. One question - do you want to be known for $800 weddings? That's the kind of word of mouth that comes from these events.
Bags suck, trust me, too much labor. The best is a 3-comp box - sandwich or main, side, dessert. We buy 1.5 ounce cookie pucks and bake them or we buy clementines, baby apples and grape clusters. Check out these boxes make from bagasse (how sexy) it's sugar cane fiber and it's compostable and sustainable. Pretty it ain't, but we use that as a selling point. Arrow Tableware - 103CHCB 10 Inch 3-Compartment Clamshell Boxes I also love this company, they are my new...
Lay out your buffet with starches and veg first, then proteins. Guests will fill their plate up before they get to the main.
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